Show #261 - #280

January 28, 2019

Friday 273

A Happy Winter Friday to All
Lets get started with a singer named Kail Baxley with Boy Got It Bad.
Going back to simpler younger days for this cut. Always a favorite artist of mine, this is Nick Drake with Riverman.
From the great bassist Marcus Miller, this is Detroit.
Next up, Candy Dulfer with a live version of My Funk.
Lets wrap it up by kickin' it up with Fantastic Negrito with Plastic Hamburgers.

Well there you have it!
Have a kick ass Friday!

January 11, 2019

Friday 272

Good Morning My Music Friends!
First let me say hello to some new listeners Jim Ellison, Danny Llitaras, Tom McCarthy and Gary Faraci. Welcome aboard. Also thanks to my brilliant nephew Collin McCormack we will soon have a new look for Friday Music! I'm totally stoked for this to happen, but until then lets jump in with a backward look at a piece from Julie London that for the time was a risky cut.
This is Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast.
This is from a great album by Taj Mahal titled Senor Blues with the titled cut.
This is Speedometer featuring James Junior titled Troubled Land.
Finally a group that makes my feel good groove, this is The Greyboy Allstars with Still Waiting.
Get Your Friday Groove On My Friends!

January 4, 2019

Friday 271

Yep first Friday Music of the New Year! So how about some new music for me. From my friend, the very talented musician Stef Murphy. He posted about an Irish folk group that he loves and because I respect his musical insights so much I checked them out and I really liked what I heard. This is Lankum with Cold Old Fire.
This here is The Revivalist live with Upright.
In town last Saturday and they kicked ass all night long! Particularly liked this piece. This is If I Ever Fell Asleep, by Turkuaz from Brooklyn NY.
And finally Mark Knophler live with Sailing To Philadelphia. And what a wonderful guitarist!.
Have a grand Friday!

December 28, 2018

Friday 270

Happy Last Friday Music of 2018!
Yep, we're there! So let's get started. My only reference for a better 2019 is in this first song sung by Bonnie Bramlett. This is A Change Gonna Come.
Here is an interesting rendition of the Beach Boys In My Room by Jacob Collier.
I've been digging on this country artists for several years and I played this sometime back, but this came up in my spotify rotation the other day so I thought I'd share it will you all again. This is Robert Ellis doing a great rendition of George Jones's Grand Tour.
I wait patiently for this young woman's first album. Soon I'm told. Lots of 20 feet from other stardom for her, but here's a taste of her up front.
Allen Stone covering live Somebody That I Used To Know.
Finally my buddy Pokey LaFarge with Sadie Green.
Happy New Year my friends!

December 21, 2018

Friday 269

Merry Pre Christmas!
So it's time for Christmas songs! No, I don't think so! There's enough of those floating across our ears as it is, so I'm starting out with a song send to me by my brother Sean along with a great story. When you see him have him tell you the 1977 Winter story. Anyways the song he shared was by Queen. Perhaps one of the rawest sexual songs of the time. This is Get Down Make Love.
And now a wee bit softer with no need of a smoke after that last cut. This is Jeff Lynne from ELO doing Stormy Weather.
This is Big Head Todd & The Monsters with Hey Delila
For fun this is Lemon Jelly with The Staunton Lick
Finally from The Revivalist a group I've been digging for several years this is the Bee Gee's done live in Jaminthevan. This is To Love Somebody.
Merry Christmas my friends!

December 14, 2018

Friday 268

Happy Friday:
Let me point out up front that I am a huge fan of Tom Waits and last Friday should have been his day for his 69th birthday. So I'm making up for it today with Friday Music dedicated to him. This is extremely difficulty because there are so many great songs by him, but I'll do my best to give you some great ones today. I'm gonna try to post as many live songs as I can that feature his trade mark rough gruff voice. So here we go with a Happy Birthday to Tom Waits!
So there you have it!
Have an awesome Friday!

December 7, 2018

Friday 267

Damn It's December!
So first thing I want to play was sent to me by my friend and fellow Friday Music Member Jerry Gelb.It is a rather different take on celebrating Chanukah.This is Bohemian Chanukah. Enjoy and Happy Chanukah!
Next up is an Ed Sheeran song done by 2CELLOS. This is Perfect.
This little ditty live in studio is by The Cordovas titled This Town's A Drag.
Finally, we finish up with a Neil Young song to remember his recent 73 birthday.A favorite of mine, Harvest Moon.
I want to wish you all a happy Friday.

November 30, 2018

Friday 266

Good Morning From Upstate NY!
For those of you that are fans we have new music from Mumford & Son. This cut is Forever from Delta.
I have been looking up a great deal of music from the Civil War and I could do and entire Friday Music on this subject alone. And I may in the future, but for right now this is Jamey Johnson from Divided & United with Rebel Soldier.
Wednesday evening after a really long difficult day I went to hear Mailli's acapella group sing at an evening of choral music st Brighton High School. During the evening an elite group of all girls sang a piece titled Miniwanka. Their incredibly talented and innovative musical director said it was a sound scape piece from Native American transcription. There is no recognizable music charting that any of us would recognize and she gave an example of sound scaping as listening to the sounds of nature or the noise of the city and recognizing than when all those sounds are put together it is a form of music. It stunned me hearing these young girls sing it and I wanted to share it with you all. I can only image how difficult this was to learn. I hope you enjoy it! Luckly I found a live rendition so you can see how complicated it is to sing.
Gonna finish up by kickin' it up with these young white dudes called The California Honeydrops with When It Was Wrong.
Have a grand Friday!

November 23, 2018

Friday 265

Happy Belated Turkey Day!
I want to go back to a album I included last week because I love this cut. From Small Town Big Sound this is Bob Dylan's Serve Somebody sung by Jamie Johnson, Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton and Lee Ann Womack.
From Brother BB King along with Bobby "Blue" Bland from 1973 this is I'm Sorry
A taste of Boz Scagg's Memphis album this is his killer rendition of Corrina Corrina.
Finally from Luciano Pavarotti, his beautiful voice singing Nessun Dorma.
Have a great day after Thanksgiving!

November 9, 2018

Friday 264

What Up!
Today is all about funkafizing your soul. These are some funk groups you may not know, but I have been groovin' to of late.
So lets jump in with Lettuce.Those of you that know me know I love a group with horns This is Lettuce live from my favorite radio show World Café. This is cut is Phyllis.
Up next is Orgone live with Sabi.
This fine funk is by Mingo Fishtrap with Movin'.
Here's a taste of Haggis Horns with Way of The Haggis.
This hot track is by Tim Atkins & The Smoking Section with Uptown Funk.
Next up is Vulfpeck with It Gets Funkier.
Finally we finish up with Lucky Chops and Without You (4 Tonight).
Funk your Friday!

November 2, 2018

Friday 263

Good Mornin' All!
So first Friday Music since the Northeast Star Trek Con, and again there will be no space music! Great weekend and two of my friends from the Con are now new members of Friday Music. Welcome aboard Bob & Jeff!
This first piece came up on my Stopify account as I drove home to Rochester and it seemed like poetic justice to be the first song up today. This is Home by Marc Broussard.
Tis next cut was sent to me by my brother Mike from LA. This is an artist from New Orleans that I love and yet didn't know this cut or the video. This is Don't Stop by Jon Batiste.
I got to see my middle daughter Oona last night after she finished shooting a video here in Rochester and then back to Cornell. She said she likes listening to this cut as she walks across campus. This is a Japineese pop singer named Miki J with Playing Games. I like it!
Finally from me and a smokin' hot funk band named EMEFE, this is a cut of BBB. Mercy!
Have a kick ass Friday!

October 26, 2018

Friday 262

By the time you get this I will be well on my way to Albany NY for the Northeast Star Trek Con as a guest of the producers.So space music today? No, interesting covers of different songs Friday!
Let jump in with this sweet cover by bassist Rob Wasserman & Aaron Neville.This is Stardust.
Next up is Ricki Lee Jones with a disturbingly good cover of The Rolling Stone's Sympathy For The Devil.
This is the amazing guitarist Bill Frisell with his take on the Beatles In My Life,
I know I played this before, but this rendition is a live video, I love it and I think you will too. This is Liana Caroll’s cover of Tom Waits Picture In A Frame. I saw this performance at The Rochester International Jazz Festival. Stunning live!
Have a great weekend, I know I will!

October 12, 2018

Friday 261

Good Day My Friends:
I've decided that today would be the day for some seldom hear jazz artists, both vocal and instrumental.
First up is Art Van Damme with Smoke Rings.
TThe Singers Unlimited: Emily this cut is by the beautiful vocal stylings of Singers Unlimited with Emily.
A favorite artists of mine is Toots Thieleman playing in concert with the song Bluesette.
This is The Real Group with Pas Me The Jazz.
Finally from The New York Voices this beauty that I actually used in a production with a group of teens and I sang with them and it was a most difficult song to get the harmonies right, but what a beautiful song. This is Silence of Time.
Hope you all have a great Friday!