Show #201 - #220

December 8, 2017

Friday 220

Good Morning Music Lovers!
As per last week we will start off with a song of the Season! This is King & Country tearing up The Little Drummer Boy!
This is Larkin Poe from JamInTheVan with Might As Well Be Me!
Here's an under appreciated album by Thomas Dolby. Album is Aliens Ate My Buick, cur is Budapest By A Blimp.
Finally, the great story telling Texan rocker Joe Ely. This is Gallo Del Cielo.
Have a grand Friday!

December 1, 2017

Friday 219

Gonna try something different this Christmas Season by including one song each week with my other choices. Todays song is one sent to me by my nephew Collin McCormack from a group I played several weeks ago, VULFPECK with Christmas In LA.
A band I rather like. This is Cake with Dime.
This is a fun looping piece of Radiohead & The Police by Elise Troux.
This is a band my middle daughter Oona turned me on to several years ago. They sound just a wee bit like The Beatles.
This is Tame Impala with It Fell Like We Only Go Backwards.
And just for fun, this is Kids React To Music.
Happy December All!

November 24, 2017

Friday 218

Howdy Partners!
I'm feeling a wee bit like sorta folk & country today. But first I want to welcome an old friend from many years ago back into my life and onto Friday music, Tommy Giambrone! We say each other yesterday fro the first time in 45 years, and picked back up like we hadn't missed a beat! That said I'm gonna jump right in now with a group I don't think I've ever shared. Like them alot! Great chops both on their instruments and vocals! The is Ollabelle with Blue Northern Lights from Riverside Battle Songs.
Here's a second piece by Johnson. I say this in real time at around 6:45 in the morning on Imus In The Morning and he blew me away with this rendition of a song we all know! This is Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
This is a sweet rendition of Cowboys To Girls by Chris Gaffney & Lucinda Williams.
Finally from The Subdudes, this is Need Somebody. They were unplugged when unplugged wasn't cool!
Kindly have a post turkey great day!

November 17, 2017

Friday 217

Top Of The Mornin' All!
Rather liked doing the something old, something new thing last week, lets have at it again shall we?
First up will be a favorite of mine by Louie Armstrong. This is St James Infirmary.
New will be served up to us by JD McPherson from his recently released Undivided Heart & Soul.
Borrowed is something I picked up from FaceBook. Too sweet to pass up!
This is Dad & Claire with You Got A Friend In Me. Break My Heart! Oh, Claire is 4 years old!
And finally Something Blue will be laid on us by Allen Stone from Live @ Daryl's House with a killer live rendition of Unaware!
Hey! Have a kind & sweet Friday!

November 10, 2017

Friday 216

Mornin' Everyone!
So last Friday as I was driving and doing my medical route I was ruminating on this weeks choices for Friday Music and I had abstractly decided to do a Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something New set, when as I listened to World Café Talia Schlanger had Robert Plant on taking about his new album and that one of his earliest influences was Hollin' Wolfe. And I went, Boom, there's your start!
So for something old I'm doing the song Plant said was a huge influence on him. This is Fourty-Four.
This is from Carry Fire & the cut is The May Queen.
I'm adding this group as something new because, well their new and getting a good deal of attention. There are three brothers in this group and the average age is nineteen! Oh, and eerily sound just a tad like Led Zepplin! This is Greta Van Fleet with Highway Tune.
For something borrowed, this comes from my fine nephew Collin McCormack way too far away in San Jose California! This is the live sweet sound of Vulfpeck, with We Rock Together! Sweet sweet tune!
Finally something blue is being provided by Roomful Of Blues with the great Duke Robillard on lead guitar & vocals with Turn It On Turn It Up! And our last cut is by the sweet sounds of Jon Cleary from New Orleans with Frenchman Street Blues.
Decima canción del disco "Turn It On! Turn It Up!"

Have yourselves a soulful & kind Friday!

November 3, 2017

Friday 215

Yep, It's Friday Again!
Was feeling like a little funk & blues today and although this may not be a clear cut funk piece, it's pretty funky! First up is Joe Bonamassa with Tina Guo wailing on Woke Up Dreaming.
This is St. Paul & The Broken Bones live from Amsterdam with Grass Is Greener.
From 1967, this is The Johnny Otis Shoe live at Monterey with Little Phillips singing Little Ester's Blues
From their 40 Anniversary celebration at The Fillmore West this is Tower Of Power with As Surely As I Stand Here. Larry Braggs just tears up the vocals & the Horns, well, there are none better!
Here's a cut from Doc Kupks's of TOP off his own Strokeland Label. This is The Strokeland Superband off of Kick It Up A Step, featuring Heuy Louis with Funky White Blood.
Finally from a fav album of mine by the great Ray Charles off Genius + Soul = Jazz
Alrighty! Have a kind, kind Friday!

October 27, 2017

Friday 214

Top Of The Mornin'!
Before we begin I'd like to welcome aboard one of my oldest friends that I had lost contact with for 42 years! Tim Craig! Nice to have you back in my life and I look forward to reforging our friendship!
Today we will give a listen to some music from the Emerald Isle.. These pieces are inspired by the first one up today that Michael Norton, an amazing musician and friend HIMSELF, shared on Face Book recently. This is Nightwish with a live performance of Last Of The Wilds.
This is one of my favorite song. So much so that I have part of its lyrics on my right are wrapped around a cracked glass of Guinness with a tear sliding down the glass. Its says " I'll Gently Rise And Softly Call, Good night And Joy Be With You All." This is The High Kings live with The Parting Glass.
This young lady did a lot of work with Damien Rice. FYI, I'm told that he's kinda of dick to work with! Here's Lisa Hannigan in a pub in Dingle Ireland singing I Don't Know.
One of my favorite artists. Stef Murphy, formally of The Might Stef. This is from his latest effort performing as Count Vaseline, this is from Yo No Soy Marinero, the cut is Kurt Cobain #1.
Can't resist one more by Stef as The Might Stef! This, as Stef knows is one of my personal favorites. This is If You Can't Give Me Everything.
Finally the now departed John Martyn with a song that constantly speaks to me. This is He Got All The Whiskey with Eddi Reader.
Have a grand Friday filled with Kindness.............

October 20, 2017

Friday 213

Good Mornin' All!
Hey, It's Ladies Day! Yep, thought I'd focus on a few women artists that trip my trigger musically! I believe I may have shared one or two of these before. but they are worthy of another listen, and besides we have many new Friday Music Friends that may not have heard them.
Gonna start off with an obvious one. Adele. Yep, we all like her and she can transfix you musically, but here's one some of you may not have heard. It's a tribute to the great Bonnie Raitt. The tune is I Can't Make You Love Me, live at The Royal Albert Hall.
This is Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive with What Am I Doing Here.
This sweet sound is made by Alabama Shakes with Brittany Howard on lead vocals. From Live for Musical Chairs, this is This Feeling.
Finally, and I really love this cut by Emily King! Stunning build with great harmonics. Also live, this is Georgia.
Have a great Friday! Hopefully with some great women inspiring you!

October 14, 2017

Friday 212

Good Morning!
Had a glitch this morning, so I've had to redo Friday Music on the fly! What a pain in the ass!
This weeks music had to do with my personal reaction to Ken Burns documentary on Viet Nam. It was a stunning piece of historical remembrance of a time many of us on Friday Music personally remember. It rekindled for me old memories and wounds. Many of us lost friends & family to that War and I've chosen to plays some cut I feel are appropriate to the era.
Up first is an iconic piece from Country Joe & The Fish titled The Viet Nam Song.
From Buffalo Springfield, this is For What It's Worth.
Video of Australian and American troops in Vietnam clips from other videos thanks to all the people that have pu... This is Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with Ohio
This seems completely relevant to the time. Marvin Gaye with What's Going On.
And finally from an album from the early nineties, an album titles Peace Sign, this is War with Homeless Hero.
Sadly this shit is cyclical & unending. For all our brothers & sisters that we lost may you never be forgotten. And for the ones still dying in useless wars are hearts go with you.
As always remember to be kind to each other.

October 6, 2017

Friday 211

Good Morning All:
Sadly we have two iconic loses to focus on today. The first may not be as familiar to some of you, but his music and artistry were fierce, the other we are all aware of.... So I shall begin with the lesser know Charles Bradley and then Tom Petty.
This for me, says it all.....
Shot and cut by Living On Soul filmmakers Jeff Broadway and Cory Bailey.
This is Charles live at KEXP with Why s It So Hard.
A favorite of mine.
RIP Charles, your soulful music and your kind heart will be missed.
Now here a few iconic songs of Tom Petty the boy from Gainesville Florida.
And for me, perhaps my favorite form of his artistry. Him as the kid with four of the most iconic artists who performed as The Traveling Wilburys. And an appropriate send off song for Tom...... RIP Tom.
Kindly have a great Friday!

September 29, 2017

Friday 210

So sometimes the music finds me and sometimes I find it. This week is rather organic. It starts will me hearing a piece of music at a party at my brother Sean's house that I love, which led me checking out some other cuts when I got home and came across an amazing collection of music performed under the name The Dukes Of September. A tour made up of Michael McDonald, Donald Fagan & Boz Scaggs! So here is a live performance from that tour. They cover lots of their own songs, but I'm choosing one that is a cover for all of them. This is Who's That Lady,
Then last Saturday I had two musical incidents at the Half Way To St. Patrick's Day Party. First again with brother Sean and Lil' Shawn when we took a strole together and ended up at Sean's car where as we "talked" he played several cuts from David Bowie's last release, which is rather amazing and because he drums, Sean's focus was on the drumming, which also amazing. Here is the title cut Blackstar.
The other musical incident that day way with Adam Hanlon, a fellow Friday Music guy and we were listening to a John Fogerty piece in the back ground which he really liked and I asked him if he knew Fogerty's solo album Blue Moon Swamp and he didn't but he asked me to choose a piece I like from it and add it to Friday Music. So here is 110 In The Shade, with The Fairfield Four.
Finally for a little light levity, I got this from my friend Mike Tobin, another Friday Music listener. He posted this on Facebook and I'm ending Friday Music with it! This is The Red Hot Chili Pepper's song Give It Away, sung 20 different ways. Enjoy!
You want to give something away this Friday? Give away a little kindness!

September 22, 2017

Friday 209

September is in full swing & I thought some songs of the month would be apt!
Lets jump right in with that beautiful West Coast Cool Jazz sound of Stan Kenton & his Orchestra, along with The Four Freshmen & June Christy with September Song.
How about the Kings of style & funk Earth, Wind & Fire with September Song!
This one doesn't suck! Miles Davis & Cannonball Adderley with Autumn Leaves.
Mi favorite song of Miles.Here's a rather rare cut. Willie Nelson doing an instrumental of September In The Rain. Sweet!
Or this beauty by Willie. Moonlight In Vermont.
Let's finish up with this beautiful song by Van Morrison titled When The Leaves Come Falling Down.
May your Autumn be filled with the beautiful soft light of the season, colorful days and sweet cool nights.

September 15, 2017

Friday 208

Good Mornin' All:
As we all know, we took one on our musical chins a week ago Sunday when we lost the supreme talent of Walter Becker.
Amazing guitarist & consummate writer. We will be giving a listen to several cuts of his from solo projects and then from a few favs of mine of Steeley Dan.
From 11 Tracks of Wacked, this is Medical Science.
From Circus Money this is Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore
What follows are a few Steely Dan cuts. Just relisten to this man play guitar. Amazing!
Perhaps my favorite song. Or the next.......
And finally Hey Nineteen.
RIP Walter. You will be missed beyond words.

Have a wonderful Friday!

September 8, 2017

Friday 220

Good Mornin' Music Lovers!
So today as I hinted at last week will be totally music from 1967. Why? Well it's for me! I'm attending (and con't believe it) my 50th High School Reunion! When did this happen! Soooo, I'm simply gonna play some iconic somgs from that year that I liked and or remind me of memories receding into the shadows. But I'm gonna start out with one that how it made me feel then is a clear today as when I lived it. Spring time 1967, Friday night and my parents have allowed me to take the Chrysler convertible they owned out to the "Lake" where we would meet up at local bars and party. I got in the car on a beautiful late Spring evening turn it on and this song was the first one I heard. Love the song, but in that moment it evoked in me endless youth, the possibility of anything happening, the beauty of what may come and a sense that we'd live forever!. This is a memory that has NEVER faded. The song was It's A Beautiful Morning by The Rascals.
And we come back to The Association with
And we finish up with this one.
So off to Hamburg NY tomorrow to see who still survives after 50 years! I'm looking forward to the day! Also, last Sunday we lost one of the legendary Artist of any time. Guitarist, singer songwriter and iconic guitarist Walter Becker. We will address this stunning lost to the world of music next Friday. Until then....
Have a great Friday my friends!
Known as "Monger" in High School!

September 1, 2017

Friday 206

Well better late than never! Sooo I got the new computer and I'm sending Friday Music out late, but here it it my music friends!
This week is gonna be a Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue.
So as teaser to next weeks music I send you an oldie from 1967 by The Grass Roots. There will be more of 67 next week and I'll explain why next week. So here's The Grass Roots with Live For Today.
From Dan Auerbach's latest, done up just fine in his own studio in Nashville, this is Waiting On A Song from the album Waiting On A Song.
Something Borrowed is a request from my cousin Jimmy. This is Tom Waite with I Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You. Love Tom Waite!
Finally Something Blue is from an album produced by Quincy Jones, titled Back On The Block. Song has a plethora of artists singing it. This is Secret Garden. When I was in LA working as an actor I was hired to pose as a Minister and marry Quincy's personal assistant while people were at his Malibu house setting up for a surprise party for him.
Have a fine late Friday!

August 25, 2017

Friday 205

Summer Salutations:
I sent apiece out by this artist several weeks ago, but this is new music from her. She has not said that this song was written as a tribute for David Bowie, but they were great friends in NYC and you give it a listen and see what your ears tell you. FYI, for the faint of heart she does use a graphic phrase to describe her relationship with (I believe) David Bowie. This is St. Vincent with New York.
Here is another rather interesting take on NYC by LCD Soundsystem. titled New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down.
This piece is two friends from grade school that have maintained their ability to stay together and create. When I first heard them I thought the lead singer was the lead singer for Fleet Foxes branching out with a new project, but no it's just an amazing similar voice and music feel. Anyway, this is Manchester Orchestra from their new release titled A Black Mile To The Surface. Song is Parts.
Finally, I hear this the other day for the first time in quite some time and I thought what a sweet tune. So here it is for you. The Lovin' Spoonful with Nashville Cats. Yippee tie one on!
Have a fine Friday!

August 18, 2017

Friday 204

When you receive this Friday Music I will be driving Oona to Cornell University to begin the next and and I'm sure a most exciting new phase of her life. A hard and yet wonderfully anticipated day for her Da. Sooo lets kick today's music off with a cut from Spoon from their album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, A song titled Don't You Evah.
This is new music from Michael McDonald, sorry brother Sean, I Know he's not a fav of yours, but I have always liked pretty much all his work. This is from Open Wide, a cut titled Find It In Your Heart.
Also new music is this one from The Preservation Jazz Band played live. Song titles Mad off their album So It Is.
Finally from The Breeders this rather interesting piece is Cannonball.
As I wend my way to the home of The Big Red you all have a great day my friends!

August 11, 2017

Friday 203

I was all set for this Friday when I learned that we lost another iconic artist this week. Glen Campbell, Glen finally succumbed to the ravages of Alzheimer's. So I'm doing a left turn and letting this fine singer and amazing guitarist have the day. FYI, I had the pleasure of driving him many times as a chauffeur in LA. He was always so very kind to me. First up, a favorite of mine a live rendition of Wichita Lineman.
Here's a smash hit of his. Gentle On My Mind.
This beauty is from his just released last album titles Adios. How prophetic. Here's Glen with Willie Nelson killin' Funny How Time Slips Away.
Or the title cut Adios with a touching tribute video. My the boy could sing. Can't begin to imagine how difficult it was to get this final project in the can.
An finally, this heartbreaking song he wrote for his wife as Alzheimer's slowly took his mind and memories away, but never his soul.
This is I'm Not Gonna Miss You.
RIP Glen Campbell, You and your music will be missed.
All of you have a sweet Friday.

August 4, 2017

Friday 202

Gonna have a little retro fun today. August 1st was the anniversary of MTV's debut way back in 1981. Here are a few videos that played that day. But first on a personal note, my daughter opened last Friday night for Stef Murphy, formerly of The Mighty Stef, now Count Vaseline and then I was able to hook Step up with my great friend in Milwaukee Chuck & Julie Pfrang where he played Wednesday night and their son Will opened for him in Milwaukee! Talk about synchronicity! Life can be pretty grant sometimes can it not?
Anyways here are a few oldies but goodies!v First Robert Palmer with Looking For Clues.
This one still holds up pretty well. The Pretenders with Brass In Pocket.
Or this one by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.
Or Blondie with Rapture.
Finally, Love this one. Talking Heads with Once In A Lifetime. Sweet!
Indeed, the same as it ever was....
Have a great Friday!

July 27, 2017

Friday 201

Yep, it's finally Hammond B3 Friday! Is there anything finer or more funky than the sound of a Hammond B3 with it'd Leslie whirling with that distinctive whirling sound? So here are a few examples of the Hammond B3 killin' it!
Jumpin' right in with Barbara Dennerlein with Stormy Weather Blues. Go girl!
How about Richard Groove Holmes.
Check this jam from 1964 with Brother Jack McDuff.
This is the great, great Jimmy Smith that I fell in love with way back in the early sixties when my brother Mike turned me on to him as a young teen. This is The Jumpin' Blues.
It just doesn't get any better than this cut! This is Joey DeFrancesco on Hammond B3 with the amazing Houston Person on Sax doin' Moonlight In Vermont.
How about we duck back to the early 70's for this sweet rendition of Me & Mrs. Jones? This is Ronnie Foster.
And finally Jimmy Smith with the great Jimmy McGriff live at The Montreux Jazz Festival. FYI I once had the pleasure of sittin' with Jimmy McGriff in a club in upstate NY when he asked me to blow blues harp with him. Pretty cool experience.
Remember, for those of you in the Rochester area tonight, Stef Murphy, formally of The Mighty Stef is performing as Count Vaseline at AbIlene Bat & Lounge ! Oh and my daughter Oona is opening for him
Have swingin' B3 Friday!