Show #221 - #240

May 11, 2018

Friday 240

This is the daughter of Lowell George of Little Feat from her latest album. This beautiful cut wasn't even going to be on this release because it was a song written for her mother for her 70th birthday and is her thoughts on her dad that she lost when she was 5 years old. This is Inara George with Release Me.
Simply for the sheer beauty of this impromptu performance. Bobby McFerrin & audience with Ave Maria.
This right here is Brain Cloud doing Bob Wills Sugar Moon.
Finally from the way back machine, this is Quicksilver Messenger Service with Fresh Air.
Have a hit of Friday Fresh Air!

May 4, 2018

Friday 239

I've been downloading a lot of classic jazz singer of late and I think I'll share a few with you today. But first I posted a picture of a star magnolia the other day and added a lyric that I couldn't remember the title of, but now I have it so I'm going to start with it. This is Spring Is Here (appropriate) and wonderfully sung by Carly Simon.
Now some great jazz voices! This is one of the most wonderful versions of another song I post about. Lust Life music & lyrics by a 16 year old Billy Strayhorn. From the album Dedicated To You with Johnny Hartman & John Coltrane, this is Lush Live.
From the unique stylings of Blossom Dearie, this is May I Come In.
From the album Ella & Louis this is Cheek To Cheek. Grand rendition of this standard!
The always wonderful Dinah Washington singing What's New.
And finally an artist I had the great fortune to see months before he died in a little club in Hollywood. The is the song stylings of Billy Eckstine with In My Solitude.
I hope there is beautiful music in your Friday!

April 27, 2018

Friday 238

Last Sunday I was doing some yard work with mu IPhone plugged into my head listening to music and raking away when this song came up on shuffle. I became aware of this artist as a young man when my neighbor Bob Schultz would invite me over to his house to shoot pool and listen to jazz. He had build his own audio system in the 50's and was a huge jazz guy and a pretty damn good alto sax player. He turned me on to a favorite of mine these many years later, which was Stan Kenton. This singer worked with Kenton a great deal and I loved her voice and phrasing. This is June Christie and when I listen on Sunday I knew I had to share it with you all. The cut is Something Cool.
This kick ass blues player will be at The Tralf in Buffalo this August.This is Walter Trout with John Mayall with She Takes More Than She Gives.
I really like this young woman. This is Eilen Jewell with I Remember You.
Finally to way back machine to rehear Nat King Cole doing Nature Boy live.
Have a Grand Spring Friday!

April 20, 2018

Friday 237

Mornin' All
So I'm attempting to put this together after two days of driving to Maryland and back! Please excuse typo's and general weirdness. Jumpin' in with an artist I really like and hope you do as well. This is Jacob Banks with Chainsmoking.
Another artists I dig is Rag 'n' Bone Man. This is No Mother.
Yeah, I like this lady as well! This is Morgan James with her rendition of Roxanne.
Gonna close out with a piece by Zappa. Been thinking about him and listening to him because Brother Russ and friends are going to hear Project Object and then Dennis Barnett posted this piece the other day and I thought, Time For Zappa! This is Cosmik Debris.

April 13, 2018

Friday 236

Happy Friday!
Gonna start of with an artist that just keeps on keepin'on. When you get past the pop side of his work its clear the man can bring it after all these years! This is Tom Jones with Tower Of Song,
Love this artist. Early piece of his titled When I Say Goodbye by Mayer Hawthorne.
This is Devil Doll with Bourbon In Your Eyes
And finally this is The Speakeasies Swing Band with Bright Lighs Late Nights.
Have a swingin' Friday!

April 6, 2018

Friday 235

Howdy All!
It's April here in Upstate NY but its hard to tell with snow on the ground and 32 degrees. But we're goina warm it up with some music! Next Friday here is Rochester the fine sounds of JD McPherson will be rockin' live for us to enjoy! Here's Signs & Signifiers
This is The Heavy with What Makes A Good Man.
This popped up on my iPhone while driving the other day and I thought lets put this on Friday Music. This is Snow Patrol with Crack The Shutters.
Finally, from my good Irish friend in Ireland, Gary Lonergan this is The Republic Of Loose with Slow Down.
Slow Down and have a grand Friday!

March 23, 2018

Friday 234

Remember sock Hops & Friday night dances in the gym? Well today is Ladies Choice Day. Gonna let some fine female singers have at it today!
First up is Postmodern Jukebox with All About That Bass. Enjoy!
Next up is Holly Cole live in Montreal's St. Denis Theatre. This is Calling You.
From the group Ollabelle, Everything Is Broken.
Last up today is a favorite of mine by Duffy in the studio singing Syrup & Honey.
Have a grand day!

March 17, 2018

Friday 233

Top Of The Morning My Friends!
Yes it's Irish Music Friday because tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!
But first let me say that todays music is dedicated to my long passed brother Dennis. 59 years ago today at the age of 7 he suddenly passed. I was 10. To those who believe Time hears all wounds. No, no it doesn't. I still feel the cold wind of loss blow through my soul. So these songs are for Dennis.
I know there are a ton of songs to choose from, so today I'm choosing some of my favorites.
First up is Van Morrison along with The Chieftain's singing Carrickfergus.
Next up is the great Christy Moore with Ride On.
This is a lovely rendition of Danny Boy sung by Peter Hollins. Enjoy.
Now here is a rendition of A Stor Mo Chroi sung by Bonnie Raitt.
This song move the history of Ireland in me. This is Damien Dempsey singing Colony
Finally I finish with The High Kings singing The Parting Glass.
Have a Grand St. Patrick's Day my Friends. And for you Dennis, forever in my heart.

March 9, 2018

Friday 232

Jumpin' right in with a really sweet rendition of Fire by Bruce Sprinsteen.
There is a documentary coming up on CNN about the Kennedy's, and I have been taken by the song used in the background of the promo. This is it. Lana Del Rey with Young & Beautiful.
I have had my musical antenna up because of Mailli's involvement with her acapella group and I thought this piece might be a winner to do. This is Peter Hollens with Homeward Bound.
Thought I'd finish up with The Subdudes today with Need Somebody.
Have a grand Friday my friends,

March 02, 2018

Friday 231

Good Morning All!
Jumping in with Afie Jurvanem from Toronto who performs under the name Bahamas, Gonna do two songs, one from his new album Earthtones and one live. This is Alone from Earthtones.
This sweet piece is No Wrong.
This is The Chieftains & The Carolina Chocolate Drops with Pretty Little Girl.
We move on to a fine duo know as Mandolin Orange doing a Dylan tune Boots of Spanish Leather.
Finally a great rendition of Oh Dear that I posted several years ago, but I thought everyone would enjoy it, especially the new listeners, This is Brandi Carlile on Austin City Limits.
Have a great Friday my friends!

February 23, 2018

Friday 230

Good Morning All!
Sorry about last week, but I was down for the count with the flu. Still not fully up to speed but we are going to have the music for last week this week This is a request from Matt Fregoe who along with at least me and Michael Norton love The Big Easy! So for the end of Marti Gras into Lent here is some tunes from New Orleans! Up first a favorite artist of mine doing a great rendition of a great song Jon Cleary live with Frenchman Street Blues.
This is the legendary Louie Armstrong with St. James Infirmary.
How about a little Neville Brothers with Fire On The Bayou.
Finally The Great Dr. John with a live version of Walk On Guilded Splinters.
Have a great Friday!

February 9, 2018

Friday 229

Today's Friday Music is inspired by a conversation with my brother Michael this week about the iconic group of musicians that for an extended period of time in LA were the heart and soul of thousands of songs and pretty much no one knew they were the players on these songs. They became know as The Wreaking Crew and there is a wonderful documentary about them titled aptly, The Wrecking Crew. Among those session players were Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, Carol Kaye and the great guitarist from Niagara Falls NY Tommy Tedesco. They played from pop, R&R to jazz sessions. Playing as many as 5 sessions a day.
No need for explanations, but here are a few songs they played on.
Pretty amazing don't ya think?
Have a music filled Friday!

February 2, 2018

Friday 228

I try very hard every Friday to keep the music interesting and fun. I keep my antenna up for new and old, odd and interesting and try to keep it worthy of your ears. Sometimes I have to work at it really hard and sometimes like today it just falls together. Songs today are all from friends post on Facebook and I think you'll enjoy them! So lets do this!
First up is one I had never heard before posted by my friend Andrea Lee, and the combination of artists seem at the very least eclectic.
My friend Mark Sexton from FSU put this one out there last week. This is Prince with Tom Petty Stevie Winwood, and Jeff Lynne doing The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Prince shreds it on guitar!
My newly found Brother Tim Craig posted this the other night and I saw it when it aired. This is Heart with friends doing a tribute to Led Zeppelin at The Kennedy Center. This is an amazing rendition of Stairway To Heaven.
Finally from my brother Michael, he sent this out Tuesday night and blue me away! This is The Four Freshmen Sing Donald Fagen. This is Maxine.
Have a fabulous Friday my Friends!

January 31, 2018

Friday 227

Good Morning!
I want to jump right in with pretty new music from G Love from an album titled Lemonade. This is Hot Cookin'
This is a short but tasty cut from Niel Young from around 1977. This is Little Wing.
Now here’s a great song. I'd like to say it's a celebration of Winter, but I HATE Winter! Love the song though. This is Donald Fagen from Kamakiriad with Snowbound.
Ahh, here is the lovely voice of Ms. Dinah Washington with Cry Me A River. Oh Lord!
Gonna close out with this kick ass rendition of Rollin' & Tumblin by Imogen Heap & Jeff Beck.
Have yourselves a fine Friday my Friends!

January 19, 2018

Friday 226

Good Morning All!
I had a play list for today and I still going to do it but first a nod to the great Irish singer Delores O'Riordan who passed this week. Appropriately this is When You're Gone. RIP Delores.
Now I've never done this this with Friday Music. I was thinking the other about Angels and that we sure could use a few in our lives, so I decided to do a set of Angel songs. First up from Pokey LaFarge a live rendition of his song When Did You Leave Heaven.
This is Delbert McClinton with Sending Me Angels.
Played this artist several weeks back and here's another by him. Little Jimmy Scott with Angel Eyes.
The great Bonnie Raitt with Ruthie Foster doing Angel From Montgomery.
Have an angelic Friday my friends!

January 12, 2018

Friday 225

So I've been watching an amazing series on Netflix called Black Mirror and this first cut has been a string through out the episodes and I thought we'd give a listen to the original by Irma Thomas, a cut I've always likes.. Song is Anyone Who Knows What Love Is.
Here's a tune by Elvis that's not all that well know, but it's a fine cut! This is Pocketful Of Rainbows.
If this performance by Bette Midler doesn't move you, you're dead! This is I Shall Be Released.
Finally, from Devil Doll, this kick ass cut is Bourbon In Your Eyes.
Have a fine Friday!

January 5, 2018

Friday 224

Happy New Year All!
Thought I'd start the New Year off with music from You! Yes among our Friday Music listeners are more that a few artists themselves. So let give them a listen shall we?
First up is my friend Ariadana Kryazheve with her honey David Harewood on keyboards with Leanna De Havas's Unstoppable.
Next up is my good friend Stef Murphy fformally of The Mighty Stef. This is Himself as Count Vaseline and the cut titled Texas Band.
From the way back machine this is a high school friend who has had a long career as one kick ass drummer & singer! Here he is with his Very popular band from 1969! Nick Destefano & The Road with a Taste Of Honey.
From my Florida State days this is my pal Gary Brumburgh with Lorraina Marro with Don't Misunderstand.
My sweet nephew from Port Washington Wisconsin Will Pfrang with Hit or Miss.
This is my own sweet daughter Oona with a piece recorded on her ipad titled Strawberry Stains Are The Hardest To Get Out.
Finally this band, 1916 at the time of this video had four fellow Friday Music Listeners in it. Shawn Casey, Jon Kane, Christopher Van Cleve & Billy "Irish" Herring. This is Ordinary Man.
Happy 2018 All!

December 29, 2017

Friday 223

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season, if not and you are experiencing some post Christmas funk or some pre New Years Blues, well let me help out with some funkafied Tunes. But first we had another iconic artist pass to the great charts in the sky. Keely Smith. She was an amazing singer, particularly with Louis Prima! Here they are with Nothings To Good For My Baby. RIP Keely!
Now up is an artist that should get your groove on, this is Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band with Clap Your Hands.
Next up with a toe taping tune is Pokey Lafarge a fav of mine with his band and some fine playing by his pals with Mama Don't Allow!
How about a sweet piece by the even sweeter voice of Little Jimmy Scott near the end of his music filled life singing Time After Time. Oh my oh my.
And finally we will finish up 2017 with my all time favorite song and my favorite rendition of that song from The 40 Anniversary Fillmore West show of Tower Of Power, with tons of former players on stage killin' You're Still A Young Man! Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!
I fixed the ratio.
Happy Musical New Year my friends & Family! May the best day of 2017 be the worst day of 2018!

December 22, 2017

Friday 222

Merry Christmas All!
So this is the Friday before Christmas so I thought we'd enjoy some off beat Christmas videos!
First up fro The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this an artist I don't care much for, but I like the sweetness of the piece. Here is Mariah Carey & Jimmy Fallow and Clasroom Instruments with All I Want For Christmas.
This is from my friend and fellow Friday Music Member Gary Brumburgh. FYI, Gary is finishing up a new album of his as we speak, due out this Spring, title less at the moment. I have made several GREAT suggestions and his response has not been flattering! Anywho, this is The Gay Men's Choir of Washington DC with The Hallelujah Chorus.
Very short very quick rendition of Jingle Bell Balls.
Going old school with this one. Alvin & The Chipmunks with Christmas Song.
Finally, this one almost made me pee my pants! This is The Twelve Days of Christmas!
Have a Great Christmas All!

December 12, 2017

Friday 221

Good Morning Music Lovers!
Here is our song of the season. This is titled Bethlehemian Rhapsody, Enjoy!
Okay, hope the first one was found interesting. I know this one blew me away when I heard it. This is Modern vs Traditional
Gonna jump back for a little old time R&B's piece by Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters with Gonna Move Across The River.
Finally, we will stay back in time with Ray Charles & Betty Carter with Baby It's Cold Outside.
Have a feisty fine Friday!