Show #281 - #300

July 26, 2019

Friday 300

HAPPY 300TH!!!!!
I find it amazing that this is the 300th Friday Music addition! Many have been with me since this weekly music fest began and for that I thank you. Some of you are relatively new and many new listeners are now with us through our web site that came from the creative mind of my kick ass nephew Collin McCormack But all of this goes back to my brother Michael. He was occasionally posting music for his friends and family on Fridays and I believe I began posting my own back to him and then began adding my own friends and it soon became Friday Music. Thank you Michael!

So here's todays menu. I've allowed myself to flow down a stream of coconsciousness and paddle back to a handful of my favorite cuts. So today no written thought about these songs, we'll just let em rip! So welcome to my musical meat deli, lets sample a few cuts of prime grade A music!

July 19, 2019

Friday 299

We are at addition 299! Next week we celebrate 300!!!
Remember to check out
Now some unfinished business. Somehow Agnus Dei didn't attach. My apologies for that and here it is now. Enjoy!
This little slice of music is by Simply Three titled Believer.
From James Arthur, this is At My Weakest.
This little nugget is by a favorite producer of mine named Don Was from his on and off again collection of artists that form his band, Was Not Was. This is Wedding Vows In Vegas. by Frank Sinatra Jr.Truly a wonderfully odd cut.
Gonna finish up with a piece by Van Morrison that been on my mine of late. I consider it one of his great albums. It also brings to mind my pal Stef Murphy. The album is Hymns To The Silence, cut is Hyndford Street.
And it's always been nye………. Have a grand Friday!

July 12, 2019

Friday 298

Hi Ho!
Time to serve up this weeks tasty cuts of prime musical meat!
We are almost to our 300th serving of Friday Music and that day will be an extended set of personal favs over the course of our musical meals together. Again, you can always go to our archives at: to take a lookback or turn someone on to our Friday's together.
So first up is a slice of Cake. We haven't heard from these boys in a while so today they are our appetizer!
This is Long Time.
Steven Tyler, that's right Steven Tyler, decided that he wanted to capture some of that magic of Muscle Sholes with this disc titled Muscle Sholes Small Town Big Sound. He put a kick ass group of artists and musicians together and stirred it up and this is a cut from that album. FYI, I'd say he got it right. This is Wendy Moten & Vince Gill with True Love.
Next will be two interesting takes on their respective cuts. We will have a guitar playing a piece meant for voice and then a piece meant for strings using the human voice. First this is Jeff Beck playing Puccini's Nessun Dorma.
We now move to a most favorite piece of music of mine by American composer Samuel Barber. I know this piece as Adagio For Strings but titled here as Agnus Dei.
We finish up today with quiet sweet dessert served up live by Bahamas, This is So Free.
Hope your Friday is full of music!

July 5, 2019

Friday 297

Thanks to all of you that get back to me with atta boys and thoughts about your Friday Music and request. We will in a couple of week be celebrating our 300th episode of Friday Music! Pretty amazing! It will be a longer set of some of my favorites over the years. Also remember you can go to ( to see and play all the archived music I've posted. Working on a Friday Music tee shirt that will be available to you all in the near future. So without further ado, let serve up some prime cuts for this weeks music!
First slice is cut by Hozier featuring Mavis Staples. This is Nina Cried Power.
This is Faithless with I Want More.
Great line in this song. "I want a wisdom that wise men revere,"

Take a little bite out of this live cut by Motet at Red Rocks. My daughter Honora will be there next week for a EDM Festival. This is DANGER.

Boyz 2 Men go old school with there album Under The Street light. This is their take on A Sunday Kind Of Love.

Our last serving of musical meat is by Aloe Blacc with his unique take on Billie Jean.
Billie Jean by Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme

You all are the one!
Have a grand Friday!

June 28, 2019

Friday 296

Happy Friday!
Leaping right in with a song to my youngest daughter Mailli who graduated from Brighton High School Tuesday evening. I'm so proud of you my sweet girl! This is Tom Rush with Child's Song.
Moving on from melancholia. Cranking it up a wee bit, this is Brownout live in Portland Oregon with Flaximus.
This sweet, sweet groove is my Vulfpeck. This is Running Away.
A favorite song of mine done beautifully by The Nylons. This is Lovers Never Say Goodbye.
From LA live this is Dawes with Just My Luck.
We finish up today with Pokey LaFarge live in Madrid singing alone. Love his band, but this is a sweet rendition of his song, When Did You Leave Heaven,

Congratulations Mailli! And everyone else have a grand Friday!

June 21, 2019

Friday 295

Good Morning!
As you know I log a lot of windshield time which give me the time and choice of what I want to listen too on any given day. Well this week I had a day that said hit your Jazz playlist. I did and today we will hear some mellow favorite jazz vocalists of mine.
First up is the lush voice of Johnny Hartman with In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.
The lovely voice of Dinah Washington with I'll Close My eyes.
Love this mans voice. "Little" Jimmy Scott. This is a beautiful intimate peek into an aging Jimmy recording his album I Go Back Home. This is The Nearness of You.
Here's a rare one from 1945. We get two for one. The Ink Stops with Ella Fitzgerald with I'm Beginning To See The Light.
Can't forget Lady Day. This is a video from 1957 with astounding sidemen playing with her, including a young Gerry Mulligan. This is Fine & Mellow. Enjoy.
And finally the great Sarah Vaughan joined by Billy Eckstein. I had the pleasure of seeing Billy just before he died in a small club in LA. It was amazing.

Hope I helped mellow your soul this morning. Have a grand Friday!

June 14, 2019

Friday 294

Happy Friday!
Thought I'd go all the way back to 1868 and play you a cut from the early Fleetwood Mac when they were all about the blues This is Love That Burns.
From the 80's, an artist thought of as a one hit wonder by many, but he made this amazing album titled Aliens Ate My Buick with great cuts and diversity.
This is Thomas Dolby and Budapest By A Blimp.
Here's one from Dr. John titled Rain, with Terence Blanchard with a sweet trumpet solo.
This is Big Gigantic featuring Griz with C'Mom.
Finally from my pal Stef Murphy, this is his new single about him and his best friend as boys in Dublin. Step calls it Dry Cider.
Have a grand Friday my friends!

June 7, 2019

Friday 293

Top of The Mornin'
First a reminder that any of the past music can be grabbed on

Also welcome aboard Jeff Nixon. Hope you dig the tunes. Gonna be a bit eclectic vocally today.
We are jumpin' back to an artist that most of you will know from his great song Honky Tonk Part 1&2. I'm talking about the great Bill Doggett, but this is a cut used in some 60's teen film and if I'm not mistaken it's Jeff Bridges who speaks at the beginning of this wacked video. This is Wow!
Because my youngest Mailli sings in an a cappella group and that I'm given to liking the more unique artistic use of voice my brother Mike send us this piece from the group Roomful of Teeth. This is an excerpt from Partila. Very creative use of voice.
Interestingly I had already decided to include this vocal piece this week and it will dovetail nicely with the last. I love this piece and have always wanted to be in a choral group that sings it. From A Space Odyssey 2001 and from the mind of a great composer Gyorgy Ligeti.
This is Lux Aeterna or Requiem For A Dream.
Now a little more current use of voice. This is the unique stylings of James Blake with Don't Miss It. Really love is music on headphones.
Yeah, we be dealing with the eclectic, and here 's one a little more actable. (Perhaps) This is Antony And The Johnsons with a Bob Dylan cover of Knocking On Heavens Door.
This came up on my headphones as I was doing yardwork and I thought damn, another great Lennon song. Give a re-listen to Woman.
Lets bookend this weeks music with a little more current funk vibe from the James Brown of Japan, Osaka Monaurail with Quick Sand.
Have a kick ass Friday!

May 31, 2019

Friday 292


So this last Monday, Memorial Day I drove Oona to NYC for her job with Grailed this Summer. As we inched our way through the Holland Tunnel she took over my music and played two cuts she wanted to hear. Both are great cuts so we will begin out music today with entering New York.City.
This is The Gypsy Kings and Un Amor.
Her second cut comes from the great composer Ennio Morricone from Once Upon A Time The West. This is the title song sung by Harmony.
I then asked her if she knew this cut and she didn't so I played it as we headed for Brooklyn. From Getz & Gilberto a song that still hold up beautifully. This is Quite Nights & Quite Stars.
Lets change gears a wee bit with Cosmosquad. This was the first song to come up on my playlist leaving NYC. This is Three A.m.
Feeling the need for a cut by John Cleary. One of the few he isn't tearing it up on keyboards. This is Hit, Git Quit, Split. Hit, Git, Quit, Split
Finally a rather different sound for my man Boz Scaggs. This is Last Tango On 16th Street. Have a grand Friday!

May 24, 2019

Friday 291

Good Mornin’!
So yours truly was all set for this week when it dawned on him that this coming Monday is the unofficial beginning of Summer and I thought, DAMN! let’s play some old summertime tunes!
No better place to jump off than with a few golden oldie stacks of wax and first up, from 1966 The Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer In The City.
This song always evokes Summer to me. This is The Rascals with Groovin’.
Like that one? Then you’ll be up & movin' with Martha Reeves & The Vandellas with Dancing In The Streets!
Come on now, you didn’t think I’d leave out Old Blue Eyes with full live orchestration on Summer Wind.
How about The Drifters with their iconic version of Under The Boardwalk.
It’s not a Summer set without WAR and L A Sunshine.
I believe this is the latest album by the Beach Boys titled That’s Why God Made The Radio. This is the melancholy Summers Gone.
Finally, Janice Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company live with Summertime.
Let the sunshine shine on you all Summer!


May 17, 2019

Friday 290

Booya My Brothers & Sisters!
It's Friday Music Time and I've got some good shit today!
Wanna a hit? Well then let's do this!As some of you know Honora & I went to Buffalo to hear GRiZ and it was extraordinary! A wall of electronic funk and lights.
Here's a cut to give you a taste of who & what this dude from Detroit is all about. This is Hard Times.
So on the dark rainy ride home as Honora slept I dialed back my own music to give my soul a little break and this artist came on that I have loved since the first time he laid his heart on his keyboard, Keith Jarrett. I was listen to the amazing Part I from the Kolm Concert which I will not share with you and it's 26:00 minutes of beauty, but I will lay this cut from Live @ the Blue Note in NYC. This is No Lonely Nights.
Diggin' this jazz vibe so lets ride it a cut longer. This is the unique voice of Blossom Dearie from 1964 with I'm In Love Again.
Let's kick it up a little with Ghost-Note live from The Vogue Theatre with Swagism.
I played you a cut sometime back from this group out of Denton Texas know as Snarky Puppy. This is from the same live studio show. The cut is Lingus and check out the keyboard solo midway through the piece. Even the other musicians are amazed!
Finally from the soundtrack of Across The Universe, this is Martin Luther McCoy with his sweet rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Have a gentle Friday my friends!

May 10, 2019

Friday 289

Lock & Load Time!
Yep, its Friday Music Again!

Lets see what tunes we can put in your heads today.
How about a cut from Lee Oskar, the original harp player for WAR.
This sweet cut is Before The Rain.
From The Big Easy in JAMINTHEVAN this is Luke Winslow King lockin' in on Travelin' Myself.
I'm guessing from around 1961, this is Jorgen Ingmann with Echo Boogie.
From Donald Fagen's first solo album this is the beautiful Maxine.
From the upcoming release of the Blake Keys new album Let's Rock due in June, this is Eagle Birds
And finally, this beautiful oldie by Kenny Vance & The Planotones. This is an absolute favorite song of mine, This I Swear.
This I sweat. I love bringing you Friday Music! Have a grand day!

May 3, 2019

Friday 288

Lace Em Up, It's Friday Music!
Think we have some choice cuts of musical meat today
Always rather liked this cut, but I stunned myself to realize it was recorded 41 years ago!
This is Jackson Browne with The Load Out & Stay.
This cut is by a great guitarist and singer/songwriter, Christ Whitley, This is Big Sky Country.
The great Doc Watson with son Meryl doing Summertime.
Here's one by The Preservation Hall Band featuring Tom Waits kickin' it on Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing.
A fine instruments by Stevie Ray Vaughn titles Chitlins Con Carne. More than once sounding a lot like Wes Montgomery.
A very cool version of Steve Winwood doing I'm A Man live.
J,J. Cale with Let Me Do It To You.
Robert Plant with Alison Krauss live doing Rich Woman.
And finally, Robert Finley with Get It Why You Can.
Have a great Friday! Get while you can!

April 26, 2019

Friday 287

Top Of The Mornin'!
I'm always happily on the lookout for new tunes or new artists or something to kick up all of our awareness of fine ear whacks. Here are a few from my library of music that made me think, "yep that's going on Friday Music this week!"
We start off with the throwback sound of JD McPherson at The Bridge 909 Studio with Crying's Just The Thing That You Do.
From Germany this is the (I guess) rap funk sound of Moop Mama with Shitstorm. I shit you not!
Two all stars of the Hammond B3 together doing Someday My Price Will Come.
In May I'm going with my daughter Honora to see GRiZ in Buffalo, and this cut came up this week on my Spotify playlist. This is Good Time Roll with Big Gigantic.
This cut by a fav singer of mine popped up coming home last night. from The Big Easy this is John Cleary with Salty Water.
Finally, last Saturday I was coming home from an outing and this jumped up and fully surprised me. This is from a remix album of Paul Simon's Graceland and this is the remix of That Was Your Mother by Gui Boratto. Go figure.
May this Friday in some way put your on the Mississippi Delta having a conversation, drinking a little red wine.

April 19, 2019

Friday 286

Happy Good Friday!
For all my Christian friend on Friday Music I hope you've had a blessed Holy Week and that Easter is a time of renewal with friends and family!
This first cut is coming to mind as I write this, and because of a grand conversation with my friend Andre and because it's Easter Season, let begin with Hezekiah Walker and this stunningly beautiful gospel song Grateful.
I've really been digging this young lady's music lately and thought I share a cut today. This is Charlotte Day Wilson with Work.
Little Jimmy Scott was bangin' around my head this week, so I pulled up some of my saved pieces of his and this one just hit the musical spot. This is Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.
This is Snoh Aalegra with Under The Influence.
This ought to color your Easter Eggs! This is The North Mississippi Allstars with Rollin' & Tumblin'
Finally, I thought a little of Brother Allman would be a sweet way to get to that Easter ham. I was fortunate to see this configuration of player weeks before Gregg died. Play on! This is Whipping Post.
Happy Easter!

April 12, 2019

Friday 285

Good Friday My Friends!
We are having an acoustic Friday Music and were gonna kick t off with a cut by The Smashing Pumpkins for my favorite nephew Collin McCormack.
He rather likes this cut, so this ones for you Brother! This is 1979.
From a favorite artist of mine, this is Paolo Nutini with Better Man.
This is John Mayer doing Tom Petty's Free Fallin' proud.
There are massive amounts of fans waiting for more music from this young woman. This is YEBBA with My Mind.
I've Got You Under My Skin done beautifully by Benl'Oncle.
Love this young artist! This is Lianne La Havas with I Say A Little Prayer For You.
And then we have Gary Clark Jr. kickin' ass with Nextdoor Neighbor Blues.
Mark Broussard doin' Solman Burke proud with his cover of Cry To Me.
We finish up today with Daryl Hall doing a beautiful cover of Gladys Knight & The Pips Neither One of Us.v
Hope Your Friday Gives You Everything You Desire!

April 5, 2019

Friday 284

Good Morning My Friends!
Today we will be doing
"Hey Tim have you heard this one?" These are all cuts from you guys that you wanted me to check out, with one of my choices that I stumbled across on my playlist on Spotify.
First up, from my brother Michael a live track from an artist I know and really like with a current pop artist that I don't know and after checking her out don't particularly like, but she's spot on in this piece. This is St. Vincent with Dua Lipa with Masseduction/One Kiss.
From my friend Chevy and a fun cut she turned me on to this last weekend. This is Me First & The Gimme Gimme with their cover of I Believe I Can Fly.
This is from an artist my youngest daughter thought I should check out. This is Moses Sumney with Plastic.
I was watching Morning Joe while Joe was having a conversation about music and in particular writing and this artist who I didn't know came up for her writing. This is Mary Gauthier. who is also a Vet. This is Mercy Now.
Here's a second cut that I totally dig. Falling Out Of Love.
Finally a group I've loved since childhood, but I had never heard them sing this chart, so I share my find with you. The Mills Brothers from 1932 with How'm I Doin' Hey Hey.
Have a dandy Friday!

March 29, 2019

Friday 283

Good Morning!
So last Sunday I began driving home from Ithaca NY from a Con and having dinner with my daughter Oona and after listening to the first three songs on Spotify that came up on shuffle, I thought this would make a sweet play list as I continued listeing to where it went. Here are a few of the song in the exact order as they played.
First is a song by Hall & Oates that I didn't know and I'm a big fan of their music This is an old live B&B version of Do What You Want, Be What You Are.
From The amazingly exquisite harmonies of the trio of Parton, Harris & Ronstadt this is High Sierra.
This is Motet live with Supernova.
Next came up this beauty by Lucky Chops titled Going Home. How appropriate.
Shuffle brought me this cut of Fannie Mae done by Little Sammy Davis with Levon Helms at the Ramble at the Ryman.
Next was Delbert McClinton with Blues As Blues Can Be. Mercy me on this random shuffle.
Finally, this is Paolo Nutini with a live jam of Funk My Life Up.
I hope your Friday is as spontaneous as this playlist turned out to be for my ride home!

March 22, 2019

Friday 282

Happy Spring!
We here in the frozen north wait with bated breath for the unlocking of the earth and the warmth that follows. I get my daughter back from South By Southwest Music Festival tonight and look forward to all her stories and the bands that surprised and moved her.
Her are some bands and artists doing covers that are moving me for todays Friday Music.
First up is an interesting cover of Wild World originally done by Cat Stevens. This is Scary Pockets.
This interesting version of California Dreaming is done by Sia.
Marilyn Manson with Tainted Love
Here's a really nice version of Stand By Me done by Florence + The Machine.
Civil Wars live throwing down on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.
Rather unlikely, but this is Metallica covering Lynyrd Skynyrs's Tuesdays Gone.
Puddle Of Mudd killin' The Stones Gimme Shelter.
My Morning Jacket with a live performance of Elton John's Rocket Man.
Jack White covers I'm Shakin'.
Lets just say some great artists are covering George Harrisons As My Guitar Gentle Weeps, including his son.
Finally, Wilco covering Daniel Johnston sweet song True Love Will Fine You In The End.
Hope true love has found you.

March 15, 2019

Friday 281

Top of the morning:
Before we begin today, let me make a personal comment. Tomorrow will be the 60th anniversary of the death of my baby brother Dennis. Hard to believe that this amount of time has flowed down the river of time and even though the passing of that time lessens the hurt, there is still a hole in my soul from his loss and the thoughts of what we all missed without him on this whirling orb.
My gifted brother Sean posted this piece of his art the other day and it is worthy of sharing it with you all.What a grand tribute to Dennis. Thank you for your gift of this beautiful image Sean.
Pencil drawing by Sean McCormack of his Brother Dennis, Father Edward, Aunt Cielia,
I am fully aware that Sunday is Saint Patrick's Day and it would make perfect sense to have a collection of Irish artists, but I ain't feeling the mojo for it, but I have been immersed in some funky music of late, so today will be Funky Friday!
First up will be an old school piece by the great Big Joe Turner, who I had the pleasure of seeing perform several times.From 1946 this is Joe's own composition of Rebecca.
Lets heat it up a little with Gorilla by Fire Alarm Funk.
Been digging on this artist for a while. Here's a cut from Mingo Fishtrap. This is On Time.
From The Big Easy, this is Dumpstaphunk with I Wish You Would.
If nothing else, you gotta love this groups curious name. This is Pigeons Playing Ping Pong with F.U.
From my favorite radio show, World Café. This is Lettuce live with Phyllis.
From my daughter Honora who is working the South BY Southwest Music Festival as we speak, comes a fav of hers. GRiZ featuring Orlando Napier with A Fine Way To Die.
And this right here is The Floozies with Love, Sex and Fancy Things.
Check out Mo' Horizons And The Banana Sound System featuring Gypsy Brown with Back To Melbourne.
This is Cookin' On 3 Burners with The Jump Off, with some funky dancing.
In studio, this is The New Master Sound with 3 on the B.
From JANINTHEVAN from New Orleans, from Brooklyn NYC, this is Release by EMEFE . Just a little crowded!
Finally, as you may know this is my favorite band, TOP with a recent live sound check performance at Cellar Sessions in NYC with their new singer Marcus Scott.
This is an oldie, There Is Only So Much Oil I The Ground, followed by a tasty cut from new album with Hangin' With My Baby.
That's just a taste of what yours truly has been checkin' out lately. Hope it got your funk groove on!
Have a grand Friday and Dennis, you have never been forgotten.