Show #301 - #320

December 13, 2019

Friday 320

Good Morning My Music Lovers!
Have you noticed that we're on the edge of a new year? A new decade? Well being the one that taps out the tunes for us all to enjoy, it's been on my noggin. That said I'm going to use the last few weeks of this year and decade to look back at cuts or artists that tripped my trigger personally this year.. Happily the first group up is a group I'm seeing tonight where my darlin' daughter Honora works, The Town Ballroom. I've become a fan over the last several years and I've posted them several times and they seem like a good jumping off place as we carve up some musical meat today.
This is Pigeons Playing Ping Pong with Doc.

Love this chart by Emily King. It's a live stripped down version of Georgia.
This is all about the voice. The young woman singing with these boys, Eryn Allen Kane, came to my attention when my daughter Mailli sang a song of her's and I then wandered into her with Thirdstory and here they all are with Still In Love
I'm goin' back like 10 years with this artist and this was the first cut I ever heard and I was in! Loved him then love him and his artistic growth now. This is Marc Broussard with Home.
Just gotta finish up with TOP. This is a cut from there #1 album from 2018, their 50th year together, This is Tower Of Power with Hangin' With My Baby.
Well there it is for this Friday. More look backs for the last few weeks of this decade. Have a grand Friday!

December 6, 2019

Friday 319

Our first slice of musical meat is going out to my friend Sierra in Salt Lake City who I talked with last week and she told me she has a love of dark & moody music. Well lets see if this first cut fits the bill. Ricky Lee Jones with Coolsville.
Try this one on and see how it fits. This is Shannon And The Clams with Did You Love Me.
Cage The Elephant give us this live performance reminiscent of The British Invasion of the 60's, This is Whole Wide World.
Goin' kick it up just a bit with legendary arranger and sideman Tim Akers with his own band full of amazing players called The Smoking Section. Wait till you hear this chick wail on Adele's Hello.
From three legendary artists touring together as The Dukes of September, here are Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs with Who's That Lady.
Finally, a kick ass cut from Shea Stadium. Love this pairing, Billy Joel with a guest appearance by Tony Bennett singing I'm In A New York State of Mind.
From those of us who live in the New York State of Mind, have a grand Friday!

November 29, 2019

Friday 318

Happy Black Friday!
Hope those celebrating here in the states enjoyed their time with family for Thanksgiving. And speaking of family here are some sons of famous singer who set out on their own careers' in the music biz and did alright for themselves.
Up first is the son of both the mother and father who had great careers, not to mention his sister Martha. This is Rufus Wainwright singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah,
Dhani Harrison, son of George Harrison is our next son. From his band THENEWNO2. Doesn't sound or look a thing like his dad.Not at all!

This is Bobby Zimmerman's son Jakob Dylan with his band The Wallflowers doing 6th Avenue Heartache.
We finish up with the son of Willie, Lukas and his band Promise of the Real, killin' his composition of (Forget About) Georgia on Austin City Limits. Love this song.
Have a grand day after Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2019

Friday 317

It's Friday Music Time!
Lets tee off with a Sheryl Crow cover If It Makes You Happy, done up right fine by Scary Pockets, featuring Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive on vocals.
This should trip your triggers. 2Cellos live at Arena di Verona with Thunderstruck.
Candy Dufler and her sax heatin' it up a tat with You Know How I Like It. Mercy!
Emily King bringin' it live at Audiotree with Distance.
Gonna cut out on a chart by The Dustbowl Revival from Malibu from JAMINTHEVAN with John The Revelator.
Alright now, have a grand Friday!

November 15, 2019

Friday 316

Top of The Mornin'!
Gonna jump right in with a new artist to me, but when I heard this cut I simply thought that's cool.. This is Gordi with Heaven I Know.
Really dig this artist and this song. This is Lauv with Paranoid.
Here's a beauty from Rag'n'Bone Man titled Grace.
Madeleine Peyroux with a lovely old standard where she evokes the spirit of Lady Day, the great Billie Holiday with Smile.
Finally we end with a sweet version of Dancing In The Moonlight by Alt-J
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Have a grand Friday!

November 8, 2019

Friday 315

Good Morning!
Experienced one of the best concerts I've ever seem last Friday night at The Town Ballroom with I went with some mates to hear Turkuaz.
This is If I Ever Fall Asleep.
Next band to see is The Motel. Here they are with Keep On Don't Stoppin'
Gonna play three cut from this young artist that just trips my trigger. His music blows me away along with his complex compositional ability. I believe he's 25 and appears to be a real kind artist that as you'll see can involve his fans.
First up is Lua.
This is With The Love In My Heart.
Finally his unique encore of In My Room.
Have a grand day!


November 1, 2019

Friday 314

Morning All!
So this Friday we take a step back in time to hear a kick ass oldie by Tony Joe White. This is Polk Sally Annie.
Hot little number from Mo Horizons titled Southern Fried Funk.
These guys are coming to The Tralf in Buffalo mid November, but right now we get to sample them in JAMINTHEVAN. This is The Truth.
This is the great Nina Simone's cover of Steppenwolf's The Pusher.
Finally, a really funky rendition of Ballad Of A Thin Man done by Dylan in Oakland in 1974.
Have a grand Friday my friends!

October 25, 2019

Friday 313

We gonna totally funk it up today! Why? Why the funk not. Going to hear a group next Friday night in Buffalo at The Town Ballroom with a couple of friends to hear Turkuaz. We will hear a taste later, but first up is The Main Squeeze with Dr. Funk.

Another artist I've been diggin' on for a while now is Cory Wang. Here is a sweet refrain that jumps full on into a jam.
This baby is Frogville live in Glasgow.
Another group that has been totally trippin' my trigger is Snaky Puppy. Can't get enough! This is Young Stuff.
Along with Snarky Puppy is Mingo Fishtrap whappin' me up side the head. This is Movin'
And finally a little bit of Turkuaz with Babies Making Babies. Looking forward to seeing them next Friday!
There it is, there you have it for this Friday.
Have a grand day!


October 18, 2019

Friday 312

Good Morning!
We're goin' have duet Friday Music today and we're goin' start out with Asleep At The Wheel featuring Jamie Johnson with Brother Ray Benson, with Brain Cloudy Blues.

From Herbie Handcock's Possibilities, this is John Mayer with Stitched Up.
Two icons of two genre's of music, this is Conway Twitty and Sam Moore with Brook Benton's A Rainy Night In Georgia.
We're gonna' double up on theses duets and add two more singers. This is from Small Town Big Sound. Gotta Serve Somebody with Jamie Johnson, Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton and Lee Ann Womack.

Finally from Tower Of Power's Great American Songbook, this is Larry Braggs and Joss Stone with It Takes Two.
Well there you have it! Hope you all have a grand Friday!

October 11, 2019

Friday 311

Friday Music Time!
I have been mentally ruminating on playing a cut from Playing For Change when I got an email from my brother Michael containing this fine chart by said group. So lets kick it off with this kick ass piece featuring Keb Mo. This is Walking Blues.
Live from Chicago, this is JD McPherson with Scratching Circles.
Little something from guitarist Cory Wong. This is Fogville.
From NYC's Paste Studio, this is Motet with a live rendition of Death & Devotion.
Finally, Brian Bromburg's Unappologetically Funky Big Bombastic Band with Coupe de Ville.
Have a grand Friday!

October 4, 2019

Friday 310

Today is Ladies Day of Friday Music! Gonna lay down some tracks from some fine fillies who can flat out bring it musically!
On deck is a lady that's makes my heart melt visually and vocally. Rachael Price, a graduate of The New England Conservatory of Music and the lead singer for Lake Street Dive. This is What Am I Doing Here.
Lake Street Dive in the Studio: Rachael Price Sings "What I'm Doing Here...
From NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, this is Adele in a stripped down version of Someone Like You.
The great Bonnie Bramlett, with Hurt. Mercy.
Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes on Austin City Limits with This Feeing.
The voice that is the reincarnation of Lady Day. This is Madeleine Peyroux live with Instead.
We dramatically end today with Heart at the Kennedy Center honoring Led Zeppelin with Stairway To Heaven. If this stunning rendition of this song doesn't move you, check your pulse, you're dead.
Well, just a few good woman among many. Hope you enjoyed todays tunes!
Have a grand Friday!


September 27, 2019

Friday 309

Happy Friday!
Really hope you dig todays music, because I'm ready to lay down some prime cuts of music. Jumping right in with James Brown's main man, Maceo Parker, featuring Pee Wee Ellis & Fred Wesley. This is a beautiful version of Children's World.
Now here's another kind of sax player with a new cut from the jam band Too any Zooz with Bad Guy.
Gonna change up the groove with a pretty cut by Lyle Lovett with a guest appearance by Ricki Lee Jones. This is North Dakota, live.
Speaking of Ricki Lee, here's Ms. Jone's unique stylings of Coolsville.
Speaking of unique, here is Tori Amos with her cover of the Beatles Happiness Is A Warm Gun.
Cake. Building A Religion .Live.

We finish up todays serving of musical meat with one I've posted before, but it's worthy of another listen. This is Smoky Robinson Live @ Daryl's House singing Sara with an impromptu surprise for Smoky and no rehearsal! Love this!

Have a grand Friday my Friends!

September 20, 2019

Friday 308

Good Morning My Friends!
We are upon the season of Autumn and the earth keeps on turning and bringing us seasons of change. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Fall. So lets embrace with music the new season that is upon us. First is a request from my friend Sierra in Salt Lake City She wants to hear Neil Young's Harvest Moon Well lets do it, except lets hear Josh Groban's cover of it.
From the artistry of Van Morrison, this is his beautiful song When Leaves Come Falling Down. Mercy.
From the album Feeling Blue, this cut is Paul Desmond and his groove on Here's That Rainy Day.
Oh yes, Earth Wind & Fire with September.
The great Nat Cole with Autumn Leaves.
The Autumn Leaves By Nat King Cole
Lady Day with Autumn In New York.
Billie Holiday - Autumn in New York
Sting. Fields Of Gold.
Finally, from the genius of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys latest album, This is Summer's Gone.
Well, there you have it. Embrace the turning of the orb, and welcome our new season of Autumn!
Have a grand Friday!

September 13, 2019

Friday 307

Happy Friday!
I usually have these playlists done on Tuesday but because I'm taking over a business, there has been much paperwork and general distractions. But all is good so let's kick off the stacks of wax with an artist I don't think I've shared up until now. This is Josh Ritter with Homecoming.
From the Artist Den, this is Glen Hansard and Swell Season with Drown Out.

Here's another piece by Jacob Collier. I think this young artist is brilliant! Even this video is exquisite. This is Hideaway.

What can I say, this is Dr. John with Solitude. Miss you Max.
Finally, from the latest version of The Four Freshmen this is Man'selle from The Four Freshmen & Live Trombones. Mam'selle
Have a grand Friday my friends!

September 6, 2019

Friday 306

Here We Go!
Hope you all had a better that average week and saw or did something excellent. Lets hope todays cut of musical meat are prime and that they lighten your load and make you a wee bit content.
First up today is an artist I really like, Citizen Cope with Off The Ground.
This is S-Tone Inc. with a sweet rendition of High The Moon.
From Live @ Daryl's House this is Keb Mo with Daryl doing Cab Driver.
This is Jojo Effect with The Beat Goes On. The Beat Goes On
And finally, The Marcus King Bang doing Rita Is Gone live in JAMINTHEVAN.
Have a grand Friday!

August 30, 2019

Friday 305

Yes, It's Friday Music Time!
So moving on from my empty nest syndrome I have been playing a goodly amount of up beat, Make my feel good music this last week and thought I'd share a few choice grade A cuts with you all today.
Gonna drop the needle on The Pimps Of Joytime with this sweet acoustic groove of A Little Bit of Something.
How about a little bounce from The Motet in JAMINTHE VAN with Like We Own It.
How about a little old school from one of the best groups to ever throw down. I've always regretted never seeing them in concert. This is EWF with brother Maurice White kickin' it on Way Of The World. Mercy me.
Here's a group I've been diggin' on lately. This is JoJo Effect with Mungo Swing. Pretty sweet visuals as well.
Back in The Van with The Dustbowl Revival. This is Leaving Time.
We finish up with the sounds of Cory Wong and his fine groove on guitar. Nothing he does disappoints. But check out Sonny T killin' it on bass. This is Lunchtime.
Kick it up a notch and have a grand Friday! Tim

August 23, 2019

Friday 304

It's Friday Music!
So this past Tuesday I took my youngest daughter Mailli to begin her Freshman year at Ithaca College and begin the next chapter of her life.
I am proud of her and I have fulfilled my obligation to guide her to this destination, but it has also left a hole in my soul.I will survive this sadness, but there it was on Tuesday. Which brings me to the drive home from Ithaca on a glorious Summer afternoon, a wee bit sad and feeling a wee bit at a loss for what comes next when I put on my general playlist from Spotify and you're about to hear the first three songs that played as I left the hills of the home of Cornell University, Ithaca College and now my daughters Oona and Mailli.
First up is a piece by Lucinda Williams. The haunting Are You Alright.
Video aside, this cut hit home. This is Dustbowl Revival with Honey I Love You.
From 1966, Bob Dylan live at The Royal Albert Hall with this acoustic rendition of Just Like A Woman.
So after these three played in a row, I hit shuffle and I intentionally do that now to change the vibe with this slice of WAR and their ability to shine a little light on the situation. This is That LA Sunshine. Play it funky now.
From The RH Factor, this is Crazy Race.
A hidden track from Where Does This Door Go? This is Mayer Hawthorne with Fool. Mayer Hawthorne - Fool
Aww fuck it! You feel what you feel. Indulge me and let us end with this cut by the Honeydrippers with Young Boy Blues. Damn…...
All things considered, have a grand Friday.


August 16, 2019

Friday 303

Good Mornin' my friends! We all gonna go on a little road trip musically today, so kick back put on your sun glasses and choose a favorite beverage for the ride!
Story & song by the great Tom Waits with Ol '55.
A fav by Jackson Browne done live in 77 by the Eagles. This is Take It Easy.
From Southern Culture On The Skids, this is Dirt Track Date.
If you've never made the drive across Texas, believe me, it is truly miles and miles of Texas! This is Asleep At The Wheel with Miles and Miles of Texas.
From New York Voices this beauty is Traffic Jam.
Finally the boys boys of TOP reminding us about what leads to all that drivin' around.
This is Only So Much Oil In The Ground.
Hope you have your own road trip this Friday!

August 9, 2019

Friday 302

Happy Friday!
First my apologies for slicing off the wrong link to the Van Morrison & Joey De Francesco piece last week, so lets get it right today!
Here's one from the legandary Captain Beefheart. This is I'm Glad.
A sweet duo cut with William Galison & Madeleine Peyroux. This is Jealous Guy.
From the great album by Jennifer Warrens, Famous Blue Raincoat, this chart is Coming Back To You.
From the brilliant mind of Brian Wilson, from Smile a short piece to indicate the wonderful left field oddness of his work that rarely gets any exposure. This is Father of The Man.
Finally we finish with this beauty by Gregg Allman. This is Queen of Hearts.
You all have a grand Friday!

August 2, 2019

Friday 301

Happy 301 Friday Music!
The music beat butcher shop is open for this Friday's specials! We will have a piece from The Neville Brothers to remember the passing of Art Neville, new music from two artists and new music from a new artist to me. So lets slice up some cuts of music and get started!
From the Neville Brother a live performance of Mojo Hannah. RIP Brother Art.
Shiny new music from Delbert McClinton, from his album Tall, Dark and Handsome, this is Let's Get Down Like We Use To.
This artist is relatively new to me but I have been digging his sound and thought I'd share him with you all today. This is TEEKS live with Change.
This is an artist that Mailli thought she was turning me on to, but I've been a fan for several years of this young genius. I was going to play Jacob Collier with his rendition of Moon River, but I came across him playing keyboards and singing with the group who are becoming a go to favorite of mine, Snarky Puppies This is Jacob Collier sitting in doing his arrangement of Don't You Know.
From a fine fine fine due album, You're Driving Me Crazy, two great unlikely artists together, this is Van Morrison with Joey DeFrancesco with Mrs. Otis Regrets.
Finally a kick it up a notch cut by The Cash Box Kings with It Ain't No Fun (When The Rabbits Got The Gun)
Hey, it's Friday! Have some fun!