Show #181 - #200

July 21, 2017

Friday 200

Mornin' All:
Want to jump in with a song I heard on World Cafe that I really liked. And yes, the singer sounds a great deal like Peter Gabriel. Chance The Rapper added a message in for Francis's daughter. This is Francis And The Lights with May I Have This Dance.
Now some new music from Fleet Foxes live on KEXP, this is I'm All That I Need from there latest album, Crack-Up.
More new music. This is from the very cerebral Father John Misty with the title cut from Pure Comedy. To quote Misty from the opening of Pure Comedy
"The comedy of man starts like this:
Our brains are way too big for our mothers' hips
And so, Nature, she divines this alternative:
We emerge half-formed and hope that whoever greets us on the other end is kind enough to fill us in." Covers a lot in one song. Agree or disagree, interesting view from his skin.
Okay, lets finish up on a lighter note with St. Vincent & David Byrne with Who.
Have a kick ass Friday!

July 14, 2017

Friday 199

Yep it's Friday, so it's time for Friday Music! So the first thing up today is my brother Michael's birthday! Happy birthday brother! I'm a fortunate brother to have Mike as my big brother. So happy happy birthday!
Gonna start off with a group of young guys I've been hip to for about a year and a half. They call themselves Hippo Campus. Yep, Hippo Campus. This is Buttercup from their latest album titled Landmark.
This young lady is new to me but she is in heavy rotation on NPR stations. Kinda like her and her sound. This is Allie X from Collxtion singing Need You.
Now here is one of those guys that kicked around the business writting hit songs for other artist and has recently moved to Nashville and now he be writtin' for hisself! Oh the female voice singing backup, is Lady Gaga. Lukas also plays a pretty sweet guitar. This is Lukas Nelson with Find Yourself.
Gonna finish up with a turn it up real loud tune by Queens Of The Stone Age. This is from Villains and is titled The Way You Use To Do.
Well, there you have it! Have a great Friday my friends! And again Happy Birthday Michael!

July 7, 2017

Friday 198

Top Of The Mornin':
We will be listening first to a Scottish band that my friend Jake Publiccover and a fellow Friday Music listener turned me on to and I must say, nicely played Jake! Hope it whacks your ears as nicely as it whacked mine! Rather like the simplicity of this piece done from a roof top in Glasgow's West End titled This Feels Like.
Now here is an artist that I've rather liked for quite some time now. From her new album Semper Femina this is Laura Marling with Wildfire.
Also new music, this is Hurray For The Riff Raff with Living In The City.
Finally a sweet piece from the band that opened for Jason Isbell last week here in upstate NY. This is Iron & Wine with Call It Dreaming.
Wait, don't know Jason Isbell? Well here you go!
This is from his latest album titled the Nashville Sound. He wrote this song for his wife and fellow singer songwriter Amanda Shires. It's titles If We Were Vampires. Pretty sweet love song. Oh, she's the one playing the fiddle on this video!

Have a sweet Summer Friday!

June 23, 2016

Friday 197

So today is going to be a day of two brand new releases one that was forgotten to be released back in 1978 and a great song by one of our new releasers sung by a great singer!
Several weeks ago I got to hear an interview with Dan Auerbach and I have been a fan since I heard The Black Keys and all the different phases of his music including the The Arcs. I became an even bigger fan of Auerbach the person after listening to this interview. This is from his new album Waiting On A Song recorded in his new studio in Nashville where he uses some of the greatest sidemen from Nashville to Memphis to Muscle Shoals. This song features Duane Eddy on guitar! Shit, I thought he was dead! This is King Of A One Horse Town.
Brand new from another fav of mine is alt-j with 3WW. They say it's the best thing they've ever written. I don't know about that because I personally have other songs of theirs that I really like, but they be the artists and they should know......By the bye this is from their new album Relaxer
Our third new album which was forgotten to be released is by Neil Young. Seems the album Comes A Time was all done in one night in Malibu with no breaks according to Young, except for beer, weed and coke. This song was a huge hit for Nicolette Larson. Here is Lotta Love.
And finally the first time I heard this song I loved it and thought that it sounded like a Neil Young piece. It is. This is Wreaking Ball sung by the great Emmylou Harris live at Sessions in NYC. She just kills this one!
Hey! Have a great Friday my music friends! It's Summer!!!

June 16, 2017

Friday 196

Good Morning All:
Today I beg your indulgences musical and otherwise because somehow next Tuesday is Oona Graduation Day. We parents are never fully really for this compression of time, but there it is and it's forever the same as is ever was...
So I have chosen pieces for Oona that I hope will impact us all. From the reflective to the warning. Some piece were no brainers for me to choose but several came to me late in the game of choosing.
I'm going to start with a piece that from the first time I heard it it simply moved me. Although it is not my remembrance of youth it's poetry, beauty and feel crosses generations and I hope Oona take something away with her from listening to it. From a great great album by Van Morrison entitled Hymns To The Silence, here is On Hyndford Street.
Okay so this is the "warning" piece as it were, I guess I'm hoping you never have to meet or deal this person, but if you do stand up to them and own your life. This is John Martyn with Eddi Reader singing He Got All The Whiskey.
This is from a brand new album by John Mayer that he says about this song that sometimes you have to turn yourself upside down and shake out the loose change from your pockets. This is In The Blood from his album titled The Search For Everything.
This piece moved me when I was a young man leaving home for the first time and headed west at 19 with my brother Michael.
This is Tom Rush singing Child's Song.
For those times when you want or need to come home, here is Michael Buble singing his own composition of Home.
This song has always been a favorite and a comfort. Perhaps when you need that safe place you'll think of this song it will move you and lend comfort to you. This is The Nylons singing Up On The Roof.
This one is from me to you Oona.
We began with and will end with, Van Morrison. I wish you all the ethereal qualities of floating into the Mystic. Float on Oona, float on.
Oona as you begin the next part of your journey I wish you all good things and when you need me I will be here with open arms giving you a safe place to land.

June 9, 2017

Friday 195

Good Morning:
So yet another iconic artist has passed. I had the distinct pleasure to be the guest of my friend Theresa Rose last June at The Rochester International Jazz Festival and heard this great great artist. I'm speaking of Gregg Allman. Several weeks after seeing him he left the road do to illness. So much wonderful music, so many musical memories. I'm gonna start out today by letting my brother Michael share his thoughts and a great piece my The Brothers. .
No surprise, this is in memory of Gregg Allman. Back when the whole band was just starting to get traction (and when they were all alive), Joe Cellura bought us tickets for the Santa Monica Civic. My hearing has yet to recover. Saw them and/or Gregg many, many times over the years, from concert halls to a barroom when things weren't going so good for Gregg. Once a bunch of us "caravaned" out to the high desert, to the Antelope Valley Fair, where Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble opened for Gregg and his band. Under the stars, amid a lot of bikers, a head full of shrooms. Lovely memory. RIP, Tony. There are so many of his songs that matter to me. But after thinking about it I believe one the early recordings with the full Allman Brothers Band is the best choice. And as much as I love Gregg's voice, I picked an instrumental because the playing by everyone is first rate, and Gregg's B-3 playing is much more jazz inflected than on most of his recordings.
An interesting story some of you may know...Gregg was just finishing high school and was already accepted in college where his intent was to become a dentist. Big brother Duane convinces him to go out to LA with him and give music a shot, which they do. And they do get a recording contract with Liberty. But Liberty didn't want them playing around town until the record was finished. So, growing bored, Duane pulls the pin and winds up living in a tent outside Fame studios in Muscle Shoals (sic) where he plays that slide of his on some of the great recordings of the era, and also convinces Wilson Pickett to record "Hey Jude," which becomes one the biggest sellers of his career. But Rick Hall doesn't want anymore of the "rock and roll stuff" so Duane folds up his tent -literally - and heads to Florida where Gregg rejoins him before heading off to college. And, well, the rest if history.
Anyway, hope you enjoy "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" in memory of Gregg, Duane, Berry, Butch, the Allman Brothers Band and a whole epoch of American music.

Mike McCormack
FYI, I was along on that High Desert road trip to see Stevie Ray and The Allman Brothers back in the day and I remember Gregg calling Stevie Ray to come join him on stage and he and his boys did! It was extraordinary!
Here's one I really like. Whipping Post.
I been run down Lord, I been lied to And I don't know why I let that mean woman make out a fool She took all...
And finally, thought there are many more great tunes, lets finish up with a fond good bye with the iconic Midnight Rider. "Not gonna let them catch the midnight rider." RIP Gregg.
Have a spectacular Friday my friends!
PS Yesterday was Boz Scaggs 73 Birthday! FYI, his wife is from Webster NY and his real first name is William. He was nick named Bosley by a grade school friend and it was later shortened to Boz. Happy Birthday Boz! Thanks for all the great music! Oh and welcome aboard Kyle Morgan! Hope you enjoy the tunes!

June 2, 2016

Friday 194

Good Mornin'!
Gonna slide way back to around 1976 when I was driving to do an internship as the playwright Edward Albee's assistant director. And as I drove through Cincinnati Ohio this artist came on the radio and pretty much flipped me out! Still like his voice and his charts, but really love how he writes. So here is a cut from his first album, The Art of Tea. This is Popsicle Toes. Indeed.
Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Popsicle Toes · Michael Franks The Art Of Tea ℗ 1976 Reprise Records f... And a nod to another musician loss. This time to the group Soundgarden and their lead singer Chris Cornell's sudden death. This is from Later with Jools Holland. Sweet version of Been Away Too Long. Kinda prophetic...
This is Spoon from their 2014 album They Want My Soul.
We haven't heard from Nathaniel in a while and he always makes me want to get up and dance. That ain't happenin' right now, but I like the idea of dancing! here is Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats with Shake.
I'd like to finish up with a tribute to as close a friend as my father ever had and who served with him in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. His name was Jack Taggert, and I don't know how old he was when he passed on May 23rd. But I always remember my dad referring to him as the kid. I remember that he was one of those men that earned the absolute right to be called a gentleman. Another good and kind and decent man from that era is now gone, but he will live on in many of our memories as the best of the best. RIP Jack, this ones for you.......
Have a great Friday my friends
PS> Yesterday was the 50 anniversary of the release of The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band!

May 26, 2017

Friday 193

Good Mornin'!
So Wednesday was Bobby Zimmerman's 76 birthday and he 's not dead! Yet. Thought I'd lay down a few tracks done by other artists and see how that goes. Yes. I know there will be ones I miss or that you like better, but I hope you all dig the ones I have chosen!
Gonna start out with a great rendition of a not done often enough piece by Bobby D. This is Susan Tedeschi with Lord Protect My Child.
Here's another one I rather like, Eric Clapton singing Don't Think Twice It's Alright.
How about Soloman Burke with Maggie's Farm.
How about a very young Van Morrison with his group Them? This is It's All Over Baby Blue.
From 1971 this is The Flying Burrito Brothers with To Ramona.
I rather like this one and the artist singing it. This is Warren Zevon from his final album, with Knockin' On Heaven's Door.
And I believe the best known cover of a Dylan tune EVER! This is Jimi Hendrix with All Along The Watchtower.
An finally, how about Bobby Z himself? This is a pretty iconic cut. This is Like A Rolling Stone.
Happy Birthday Bob! You all have a great Friday.

May 19, 2017

Friday 192

Well for good or bad, this is our last Friday Music during my knee recovery period. I'm back at it come Monday and we'll see how I hold up!
Now to the music. This cat has been runnin' around my head the last couple days and I thought I'd share it with you all, but especially my nephew in San Jose. California. This is Roy Ayers with Searchin'.
I heard from my great friend Stef Murphy who seems to have made Atlanta his and his family's home. He sent me what he refered to healing music. Here is one of the cuts he sent me. This is Gringo Star with Rotten.
Pretty hard not to follow that without launching into a little Jack White. So here's I'm Shakin'.
And let's wrap it up today with The Arctic Monkeys with Do I Wanna Know.
Well alright, until next Friday, have a fine, fine week!

May 12, 2017

Friday 191

I'd like to jump in with an iconic artist who seems to keep reinventing himself. Here he is last year on Austin City Limits doing a remake of an iconic piece from the late 60's. This is Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters with Black Dog.
Here's one from Oona's radio show. Girl seems to find these interesting fringe artists from France. This is Serge Gainsbourg with L'Hotel Particulier.
Was listening to this piece the other day and thought that I should include it in the near future. Future is here! This is Leonard Cohen with Tower of Song.
Gonna finish up with The Revivalists covering The Bee Gee's To Love Somebody live in JAMINTHEVAN.
Ya all have a grand Friday!

May 5, 2017

Friday 190

Good Mornin':
Well it's Friday again and I hope you enjoy today's choices. Oh, feeling much better! No more walker and I'm hoping to shed the cane in the near future. We'll see!
Gonna open up with this song that I inexplicably like. Here is Tom Misch featuring Loyle Carner singing Crazy Dream.
I was re-watching the great music documentary Standing In The Shadow of Motown and I thought I'd send you a couple of covers with the remaining members of The Funk Brothers. This is a fine rendition of What Becomes Of A Broken Heart sung by Joan Osborne.
This be Chaka Khan kickin' it on Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On.
Love this one. Meshell Ndegeocello singing Cloud Nine. Girl also plays a pretty mean bass!
Gonna finish up with an artist I sent out several months ago. Really like her voice. This is Emily King with Distance.
Well there you have it for this week! Hope you enjoy and that you all have a great Friday!

April 28, 2017

Friday 189

Music Friends:
Good mornin'! Feeling better and better. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep my brother Michael in your prayers. He had surgery earlier this week and I'm sure your energy with be a positive assist. Also I hear from a great friend of mine from out of the blue this week and it has had a profound positive effect on my heart! My great friend from graduate school at Florida State University, Danny Lliteras! Danny is about to publish his 13th novel and he is in the process of sending me the 12th and 13th. Titled Viet Man his personal account of his days in Viet Nam and Flames And Smoke Visible his accounts as a fireman with the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Danny doesn't know this, but he is now on Friday Music. Welcome aboard Danny!
So, to the music. I've really been enjoying R&B of late so I'll be sharing with you some artists you may or may not know, but I hope you like. This here is an interesting artist who does by the name Son Little. This is his song Cross My Heart.
See if this group doesn't kick it for you! This is The Suffers with Giver. Mercy!
This is ZZ Ward with Put The Gun Down.
And this is a very young Leon Bridges singing at The White House. Pretty nice rendition of Ray Charles Lonely Avenue.
Thought I'd finish up with The Suffers tearin' it up with Gwan.
You know the deal. Have a kind Friday! Feel better Michael and welcome aboard Danny!

April 21, 2017

Friday 188

Good Mornin' My Friends!
So let me get the physical update out of the way. I improve in increments on a daily basic. Pain has become more tolerable. The repetition of the days grows mundane and a really wonderful woman Tracy Ford that does my PT has kicked in my Pavlovian makers and I now equate her showing up to put me through my paces with some level of pain which causes sounds and feeling to come tumbling out my mouth unedited. But the bottom line is, I improve. Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts.
Let me thank you with some music that I hope you enjoy. This artist has been wandering around my head lately and thought a cut from him might be nice. This is Nick Waterhouse singing Sleeping Pills.
Many of you know that this I'm flat out knocked out by this artist, so here's a little ditty by Allen Stone. I know I've sent this out to you but I love this song and the fact that he's singing it in his mother's living room just tickles me. This is Unaware.
This is James Lidell with Game For Fools.
And finally this is Jarle Bernhoft with Cmon Talk.
Hope you enjoy these cut today. My knee feels better just focusing on them!
Have a sweet Friday!

April 14, 2017

Friday 187

Achingly Glad to Send You Music Again:.
Before we hit the music, let me pause and thank you all for all your kind , and thoughts of support since last weeks surgery. It is most humbling. And to the amazingly quietly caring men & women who cared for me from The Rochester Regional Health System and The Greater Rochester Orthopedic Group.
I asked Dr.Weiss the other night when I was in excruciating pain why he hadn't told me about this part of the deal and he answered by saying "hell if I had told you that, you probably wouldn't have shown up for the surgery!"
He ain't wrong!
Anyways, this ones for them. I will continue with another street piece. This is Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.
This beautiful piece has been runnin' around my head for several weeks. From George Fredric Handel, this is Sarabanbe
Among of music done with voices. my ten most favorite pieces of music is Samuel Barber's Adagio For Strings. With human voice it is titled Agnus Dei. Check out this stunningly beautiful pieces (live) using nothing but the human voice. Ain't you glad you got ears? I sure am!
We could stay with this sweet, sweet vibe, or we could kick it up a knoch and let Bobby Blue Bland take us home with Double Trouble. Yeah lets do that! Here's Bobby "Blue" Bland with Double Trouble.
Well, I feel better today that I did last week. so I'm shooting for even better next week!
Have a fine fine Friday. Hey, take a walk!

April 7, 2017

Friday 186

My friends:
I remind you that last week I said I would determine if I was up to Friday Music after Wednesday's knee replacement surgery and no I'm not, but I'm gonna do it anyways! let's push on to what I think are four fine songs!
Got home a few hours age. The nerve block on my right leg has worn off and on a scale from 1 to 10, we be at 11 with pain! Other that dealing with wicked bad pain right now, I'm assured that it all went very well. (although it doesn't feel like that right now.) Even the high end pharmaceuticals are barely scratching the surface of the pain, but enough about that and here we go! Bur let's push on to what I think are four fine songs!
This is whats floating through my drug and pain riddled head right now. First it's all stuff I really like and the first two are long pieces, so find some time and put on your heard phones, kick back and enjoy!
Have wanted to include this piece for a loooog time. Have always loved this artist and this improvisational piano piece from his Kolm Concert from January 1975. It is simply titled Part 1.
This one is from Boz Scaggs live doing the best rendition of Loan Me A Dime Live.
From my friend Gary in Dublin, here is a song he send me that I instantly fell in love with. This is The Republic of Loose with Slow Down.
Finally this is The Demberists, with Perfect Crime #2.
Phew! Got it done! If pain reminds you that you're alive, then Sweet Jesus, I'm Very Much Alive!
Have a great Friday my friends.

March 31, 2017

Friday 185

Mornin" All!
So first thing up is to inform you that I hope to continue with Friday Music next week after I have knee replacement surgery. Yes, I am aware that I can do it in advance, but I'm curious to see if, first I can or want to and second what effect the surgery, pain and drugs effects my choices. Additionally, please keep me in your prayers and best thoughts, they would be most appreciated.
Now, we have another loss that for me personally is a tough one because this artist along with Delbert McClinton and John Hammond (who is playing here in Rochester Saturday night) had a huge influences on me and how I play the Mississippi Saxophone, or the Blues Harp.
I'm talking about the harp player James Cotton. If you don't know him, about 20 seconds of this live cut will hip you up to his playing. Wanted you to see him play, so this is James Cotton killin' it on Angel Of Mercy & Blues In My Sleep. Mercy mercy mercy.
Thought you all may find this artist worth a listen. I sure do dig him! Here is Rag'n'Bone Man with Human. Boy brings it!
So this may fit better under the influence of high quality prescription pain killers, but I sent you a couple of artists I've wanted you to check out and you can hear them playing together. Here is Snarky Puppy with a young woman that I had the pleasure of hearing live on World Cafe, Becca Stevens. She's been playing and writing a great deal with David Crosby, (who has a new album out at the age of 74.)
Any who, this is I Asked (Family Dinner-Volumn Two)
Finally I simply accidentally came across this and loved it and had to share it with you all. 232 years after it was written this little girl gets to hear it with other enthralled and amazed people. What a joy to see the wonderment and pleasure of people hearing live music. The faces say it all. This, from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Forth Movement is Ole To Joy. If this doesn't make your heart ache and put a tear in your eye, then I'm pretty sure nothing will! Enjoy!
Have a Joyful Friday and God willing I'll have music for you next week!

March 28, 2017

Friday 184

Yet another iconic artist has been lost to us all.
Chuck Berry is now rollin' over with Beethoven. Gonna try to stay with live performances if possible.
I believe this song released by Chess Records out of Chi Town was Chuck's first single. This is Maybellene.
Here is Roll Over Beethoven.
One of my favorites, along with some iconic dance footage from Pulp Fiction, here is C'est la Vie. Laissez le bon temp rouler!
Ah the sweet innocents of this video. Here is School Days. from American Bandstand out of Philadelphia Pa.
Again from Dick Clark with a brief shot of a young Johnny Carson. This is Sweet Little Sixteen.
And finally here is one of the most iconic songs from Rock & Roll history. Chuck layin' down Johnny B. Goode!
RIP Chuck. Thanks for the great music!

March 21, 2017

Friday 183

It's Friday Again!
Gonna start off with an artist that seems to get it right all the time. From his solo album Keep It Hid, here is Dan Auerbach live on KCRW in LA with When The Night Comes. There is a shadow of Van Morrison floating throughout this song.
So here's Van from The Hollywood Bowl in 2008 with Common One.
Jumpin' way back to 1971 with this tune. From Mark-Almond, this is The City. Long time since I heard this one! Always rather liked their music. Love their rendition of New York State of Mind.
Finishing up with a song I picked up from watching the movie Snowden recently. This is Peter Gabriel with The Veil.
Have At It My Friends! It's Friday!

March 14, 2017

Friday 182

My Friday Friends:
I realized several weeks ago that I never musically acknowledged the passing of George Michael and Sharon Jones. So I shall do that there thing right now!
First up is one of Michael's big hits. I choose to have it sung by two other artist that bring their own sweet interpretation and gravitas to a pop standard. This is Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright with Careless Whisper.
Live at the Central Park Summerstage in New York City on July 13, 2004.
So many great songs to choose from for Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, but I choose her great cover of Gregg Allman's Midnight Rider.
Here's a pretty fine rendition of Midnight Rider by the maestro himself, along with Zac Brown & Vince Gill!
Gonna finish up with two recommendations by my daughter Oona from her Valentine Day music column.
This is the odd coupling and styling of Francoise Hardy & Iggy Pop with I'll Be Seeing You. Go figure these two doing a duet.
And finally I send you this song from said column. This is Daniel Caesar with BADBADNOTGOOD backing him up on a great song for any Valentine, Get You. I Rather dig the video.
Have a great Friday my friends!

March 7, 2017

Friday 181

Howdy Partners!
Well yippee tie one on! Feeling like going down Texas way this week with some fav Texas tunes of mine and I hope y'all enjoy them to my buckaroos!
First up is the great voice of Brother Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel with Miles & Miles of Texas.
"Miles And Miles Of Texas" - Asleep at The Wheel Live at Billy Bob's Texas
Here's a tune from Lyle Lovett that I've always liked. It's titled If I Had A Boat. I'm in!
One of the all time great songs about Texas is done up perfectly by Waylon Jennings, featuring Willie Nelson. This is Luckenbach Texas.
Here is the great singer/songwriter Guy Clark with a song I wished I had written. This is Out In The Parking Lot.
Yeehaw here's the great Delbert McClinton with Lone Star Blues.
Gonna finish up with a loooog time favorite artist and song. This is Joe Ely with Me And Billy The Kid.
Ya All have a fine Friday partners!