Show #161 - #180

February 24, 2016

Friday 180

Bonjour mon ami!
First, thanks for all the kind feed back from last week. Seems you guys really like all the picks especially Clutch & The Dead South. So lets see how you feel about John Paul White. This cut is What's So.
Rather like this cat. Not to mention he has a great name! This is Shakey Graves with Late July.
Perhaps this will hit a sweet spot in your musical hearts. This is Greensky Bluegrass with In Control.
Haven't laid down anything by this fine band in quite some time, sooo here is Lake Street Dive with What I'm Doing Here. Mercy!
Finally from ST. Paul & The Broken Bones with Broken Bones & Pocket Change. White boy can flat out sing and looks like he'd kick ass on doing your tax returns!
Hey! Have an exceptional Friday!

February 17, 2017

Friday 179

Felling like startin' off with a kick ass vibe! So here's Clutch with Electric Worry. Turn it up!
This here is Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra with a live performance of Left For The Wolves.
Try this one on for size, This is Hamilton Leithauser with 1959.
And finally from Dead South where you can see a musician play a cello like a guitar. This is In Hell I'll Be In Good Company.
Have a hell of a good Friday!

February 10, 2016

Friday 178

Mornin' Friday Music Fans!
So we are caught between Fridays with Valentin's Day and because it is an opportunity to choose a few heart aching love songs for this Friday, I've decided to do so........ Also I have included three old friend that I am making a concerted effort to reconnect with and reestablish what we once had and deserve to have again. So welcome aboard my long ago long time friends, Forest "Frost" Otto, Jerry Gelb and Randy Ser!
First up is a song I love and got to hear the 1959 original by The Skyliners on my daughter Oona's radio show last week. But I'm sending you my favorite rendition of this song by Kenny Vance & The Planatones. This is This I Swear. Mercy.
This is from a group that has moved my heart from the first time I came across them back in the early 80's. This is Toronto's own, The Nylons, from Seamless this is The Stars Are Ours.
Behold, the blue horizon line We see orion rising The stars are ours The stars are ours tonight They sparkle and...
An absolute fav of mine is Lucinda Williams pouring our her heart with this song. This is Essence.
I had the great opportunity to see this artist all by myself in LA in a little jazz club in Hollywood months before he died and was amazed by the power of his voice and artistry. This is Billy Eckstine with In My Solitude.
This one is for Oona. She is discovering the beauty of another fav artist of mine Stan Kenton. She loves this song and has fallen in love with this rendition, can't blame her. Gotta love that Cool West Coast Jazz sound! This is The Stan Kenton Orchestra from 1976 with My Funny Valentine.
Gonna finish up with two sung by the great Johnny Hartman. Both from an amazing collaboration with John Coltrane First up is Lush Life By Billy Strayhorn. It is difficult to imagine many teenagers having the maturity to write a song as introspective and worldly as "Lush Life." Yet, it was 16 year-old Billy Strayhorn who set to work on the Jazz standard that was originally called "Life is Lonely." What 16 year old writes such deep, complicated and sophiciated lyrics? This is Lush Life.
If I'm not mistaken, this album only had five songs on it. All of them gems. For me this one sparkles the brightest.
My One And Only You. Aah yes, ain't love grand!
And finally from Oona's radio show yesterday when she did her own afternoon of love songs for Valentine's Day, just had to add this one. That great Philly Wall of Sound of Phil Spector, this is The Ronettes with Be My Baby! This is for my other two darlin' daughters Honora & Mailli.
Have a lovely loving Friday!
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 3, 2017

Friday 177

So Apple has been airing some pretty interesting commercials for their iphone 7 and I thought it might be interesting to explore them! First up is Arturo Sandoval's kick ass trumpet playing from the commercial with the old dude doing the high board dive. I have been a fan of Sandoval's playing since around 1988. He is yet another amazing horn player from Cuba and if you don't know his music, check him out. From his album Trumpet Evolution here is La Virgen De La Macarena.
These two young artist will explain their connection and their name up front of this live version of the piece used in the beautiful ad from the iphone earbuds commercial.
This is Marian Hill with Down.
This is the oddest of the iphone pieces because of the odd crossover or convergence of musical styles. From the iphone7 ad for their camera, this is Pame sti Honolulu by Kostas Bezos who was born in Greece in 1905 and died in 1943. He recorded both traditional rebetika songs and in Hawaiian style. Mad crazy ethnic combinations of places and music! It's totally wacked, but really fun stuff! Enjoy!
Finally from my brother Mike who reminded many of us of another great artist now gone. I'll let brother Mike do the talking here and then you check out the cut.
Tommy Allsup just died. You may never have heard of him, but you certainly have heard his guitar playing. He was the featured guitarist with Buddy Holly & The Crickets, and famously "lost" the coin flip with Richie Valens for the last seat on the plane that later crashed. You also likely heard him on many other recordings he made over the years, ones he often produced as well.
This too: if you watch The Voice, his son was a finalist on the show's most recent season and Tommy himself showed up a couple of times. He didn't look to be in the best of health.
The guitar on the song I've chosen, "Heartbeat," tripped me out when I was a kid. "What the heck is that?" was about how I reacted. I don't think I'd ever heard this sound ever before. Was it Mexican? Rock and Roll? Jazz? Country? Looking back, it has a little bit of all of those things. Very fresh to me at the time. Didn't know it was Allsup of course, not at that time. Enjoy! FYI, Holly was about 18 when he wrote and recorded this. So lets give a listen to Heartbeat. Thanks Michael!
Have a fun funky Friday!

January 27, 2017

Friday 176

Mornin' All!
So I saw this rather good movie titled Hell Or High Water and it ended with this song,Chris Stapelton singing Outlaw State of Mind. I thought id was Marc Brussard and on my next cut you'll see why.
Yeah, these two have similar style and voices. This is Marc Brussard with Home.
More than a few of you commented on Cameron Avery from last week. AS I said he is the bassist for Tame Impala. so lets do a tune from them. Yeah they definitely have a Beatle vibe.This is Elephant.
This is Terence Charles White, known as Snowy White. British rocker and pretty fine guitarist. This is The Midnight Blues.
An finally, lets circle around to the feel we started out with and let Mighty Sam McClain take us home with When The Hurt Is Over.
Kindly have a kick ass Friday!

January 20, 2016

Friday 175

From Tame Impala, doing his own thing and sounding a great deal like Father John Misty, this is Cameron Avery with C'est Toi. If you've got a Love Jones for someone, well this should speak to you.
Sweet Beatles cover by the great Emmylou Harris. This is For No One.
Remember Delaney & Bonnie? Well here's another great female voice. Bonnie Bramlett singing Hurt.
Finally, to all you Tower Of Power fans like your's truly. It was sad news to hear that two of the groups members, bassist Marc van Wageningen and the great great drummer David Garibaldi were seriously injured in Oakland when they were hit by a train. Appropiately so, from their CD Oakland's Own In The Oakland Zone, here's Page One.
Play of boys!!!
Have a soulful Friday!

January 13, 2016

Friday 174

Good Morning From Ass Kicking Cold NY!
Here's one from my daughter Oona's playlist from her radio show. I'm not sure if I turned her on to this group or if she discovered them on her own. Anyhow good tune. The is Temples with Shelter Song.
I am in need of sharing this artist with you again. He just gets to that musical place we all have where it just resonates. This is Looking Too Closely by Fink.
And because 1/10/17 is the first anaversary of David Bowie flying off into the Great Unknown, from his last release, Blackstar, this is Lazarus.
And finally, for my nephew Collin, who sadly had to travel from San Jose Ca. to Iowa to lay to rest one of his close friends.He sent me four songs as a bitter sweet tribute to him. This is one of them. Michael Kiwanuka with Home Again.
May your Friday be filled with kindness and friends.........

December 30, 2016

Friday 173

Howdy from sunny LA!
What a fine way to end 2016 to be back in my heart of heart home with my three girls, enjoying family and too long not seen friends!
Sooo here are a few LA songs to end the year.
I have actually lived the opening of this song by Steely Dan. This is Babylon Sister.
Love this group and this song! Here is Ozomatli with City of Angels.
This one works for me! War with LA Sunshine!
Just gotta have this one! Randy Newman with I Love LA!
Yeah, this one works for me! Joni Mitchell with California.
There are many others, but I wanna finish up going a little sideways. As this year ends and I'm in a place that I hold in my heart I think of all of us with that warm locked away place in our hearts that brings us ultimate comfort and joy. So as I do my last Friday Music of this long year here is Dan Croll singing his pointedly spot on song Home.
To quote my dear friend Chip Chalmers who gave me the best year end toast that I have carried with me for many a year. And who I and the girls will most happily see in LA, he quips...
"May your best day of 2016 be your worst day of 2017!
Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to my middle daughter Oona who turned 18 today!

December 23, 2016

Friday 172

Merry Musical Christmas!
Yep, time for a few Christmas tunes. These are a few of my personal favorites. Last week we heard Darlene Love with her great seasonal song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) We start out today with the lust voice of Nat Cole singing The Christmas Song.This information was conveyed directly to me by it's author, Mel Torme who I use to drive when I was a chauffeur in LA. He told me he wrote it in 20 minutes, 20 minutes! And he wrote it in July in LA and when he finished it, he called Nat Cole and told him he had written it for him and that he needed to record it and that the song needed violins in it. It was the first time Cole had ever recorded a song with violins in it and it has been a classic ever since!
Love this rendition of the 1818 composition by Franz Xaver Gruber, Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht. By the bye Bing Crosby's rendition of this song is the third best selling single of all time! Here are Boyz II Men singing Silent Night.
The Beach Boys with Little Saint Nick!
Can't do Xmas tunes without Brenda Lee and Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree!
This iconic Christmas song almost never happened.Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. It was given to The Singing Cowboy Gene Autrey who refused to record it until his wife insisted he do so, so he released it as a B side to another song and it became his biggest selling record of his career! I hope you enjoy the video!
How about this sweet effort by Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and four cute baby's! This is All I Want For Christmas!
Backstage before the show, Jimmy, Mariah Carey, and The Roots grabbed some instruments you'd find in an elem... Just gotta finish up with White Christmas. Fortunately for me and my three girls, we will be missing a white Christmas as we wend our way across America to LA for a week in the sun.This is an Irvin Berlin composition which was first seen in the movie Holiday Inn in the Spring of 1942. Because of the time of year it had little impact, but by the Fall of 1942 with GI's away from home fighting World War II it became a huge heart tugging remembrance of home and hearth and is now perhaps the most iconic Christmas song ever writtn.
Merry Christmas my musical friends!

December 12, 2016

Friday 171

Tis The Season!
Thought I'd jump in with one of the finest acoustic guitar players in this or any world. Tommy Emmanuel.
This is a heart melting rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Man can make a guitar sound like a hart. Geez!
This is the Record Company from JAMINTHEVAN with 4 Days 3 Nights.
This is Robert Ellis. I send you an acoustic version of him singing Grand Tour by George Jones. This is Good Intentions.
And finally, because it is the season and I have an ecstatic daughter, whom I love to pieces, just get excepted for early admittance to the only school she has dreamed of attending, Cornell University. So this is for Oona.
Have a fine week and I and many others would appreciate it if you please keep Brendan McCabe in your prayer.
Hang in there Brother, we're all pullin' for you!

December 9, 2016

Friday 170

My daughter Oona writes a monthly music column for her school newspaper and she laid out some interesting artists to keep an eye on and this is one of them.
BJ The Chicago Kid doing Turnin' Me Up.
Here's another. Childish Gambino with Me And Your Mama. Tune Take a complete change about two minutes in, so wait for it!
Now here's a few from yours truly.
First is James Brown doing Papa Don't Take No Mess. Hit me!
This is from Doc Kupula's own label. Doc is the baritone sax player with Tower Of Power. From Strokeland Records and The Strokeland Super Band this is Glenn Walters singing I'd Do It All Over Again.
Finally, twenty year old guitarist Marcus King and his band doing Ain't Nothing Wrong WithThat. He is a discovery of Warren Haynes and smackes a wee bit of Gregg Almond.
Have a good one!

December 2, 2016

Friday 169

Well thanks to my daughter Oona, she has made Friday music a bit easier I'm using three songs that she played (in a row) on her weekly radio show. First up will be Henry Mancini. Henry Freakin' Mancini! What 17 year old know Mancini let alone plays it on an alternative radio station! But play him she did and I was immediately reminded of his brilliance as a composer. The next two songs followed this first piece of the day which was the very lush Lujon.
Her second cut was from ELO titled Above The Clouds, which followed Lujon quite nicely. Always liked this group. Enjoy!
Ok, so I can't play her third piece, because I could't pull it up from You Tube. It was Before by Sam Kogan. Sooo I'll move on to an earlier cut from her show which was Father John Misty doing his odd and interesting composition titles Nancy From Now On.
My efforts for today Friday Music is The Band & Emmylou Harris doing Evangeline from The Last Waltz. Emmylou with dark hair! Wow!
Finally, from Transatlantic Sessions this is Kate & Anna McGarrigle with her and Loudon's son Rufus Wainwright, along with Mary Black and Emmylou Harris singing Stephen Forster's heartbreaking song Hard Times Come Again No More.
Okay, I couldn't resist this piece by Emmylou, also from Transatlantic Sessions. Sung in a living room in Ayrshire (Scotland) in 1995.
This is her cover of The Beatles For No One. Pretty sweet way to end the music of this Friday,
Have a sweet Friday!

November 25, 2016

Friday 168

Happy Post Gobble Day!
I remind you that last week we celebrated the long and distinguished career of Leonard Cohen and this week we will remember Leon Russell. Sadly we seem to keep losing iconic artist that are the music of our lives. And so it goes.
Let's begin with this iconic piece. Lady Blue.
This one's pretty sweet.... Tight Rope.
Another fine composition. Delta Lady.
Does it get any better than this one? A prophetic piece to end with. What a great, great song! This is A Song For You. My,My, My. RIP Leon.
Loosen your belts and enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend.

November 11, 2016

Friday 167

Good morning my musical friends:
I'm going to serve you up a musical taco today. the outer shell will be a couple of oldies and the meaty middle will be a couple of new tunes. First up is a favorite song of mine done by a favorite musician. He is among the best on the Hammond B3 organ which is not really featured on this track, but it's so good I'm sharing it with you anyways! This is Jimmy Smith live doing Honky Tonk.
These young artists came to me listening to World Cafe. I believe the girl is 18 and the guy is 20. This is The Shacks doing Orchids. They did this live and it inexplicably moved me send it out to all of you.
My daughter Oona played this group on her radio show last week. They're kind of a throw back to jazz fusions groups from the 70's like Soft Machine or Herbie Handcock. This BADBADNOTGOOD with Triangle.
Let's end the other outer side of the taco shell with the great Louie Prima with a sweet sweet song titled Judy.
I truly hope you all have a fine Friday,

November 4, 2016

Friday 166

Heard this cut driving home the other night and was reminded what a fine band this was and what a great song this still is....
This is Blood Sweat & Tears doing Al Kooper's composition of I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know.
Here's another piece featuring Al written by Earp John. A band I saw in Buffalo NY with my brother Mike back in 1966 in a little tiny club. It was a night to remember and expanded my musical knowledge profoundly. This is Flute Thing.
From the new album by The Kings Of Leon called Walls. This is Over.
Finally, Jim James & My Morning Jacket doing the sweet sweet song, Wonderful.
Have a great Friday you all!

October 28, 2016

Friday 165

Mornin' All:
As you all know, your input is greatly appreciated and something I look forward to getting. I received a request from my cousin Jimmy Schneggenburger last week to play Today from Jefferson Airplanes Surrealistic Pillow. So here it is James! A Tribute to Paul Kantner with a live version from The Monterrey Pop Festival way way back in 1967 when we were young and dewy eyed with wonder an anything was possible.
And now, a tribute to one of the most influential music executives EVER, Phil Chess, who recently passed on at 95, I will do a couple of cuts from artists that he and his brother Leonard signed in Chicago and therefore brought kick ass black music to white boys like me! The Chess brothers brought us Chuck Berry, Edda James, Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, The Flamingos, Ike Turner. Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and on and on and on.... This video should give you a taste of the monumental influence these men had on the music of then and right on through today!
Here's a tasty take on Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go. Live somewhere in France.
We all know this one from Led Zeppelin, but here's the man that wrote it and kicks it hard.
I Can't Quit, You Baby
Finally the amazing Etta James with Dr. John and her amazing rendition of I'd Rather Go Blind. Mercy, Mercy , Mercy.
RIP Phil Chess.
1-20-12 a sad day.....So sorry to see you go Etta....but you will be remembered daily-- I'd Rather Go Blind-...
Until next Friday, Don't Go Blind, Don't Quit Me and have a Particular Place To Go!

October 21, 2016

Friday 164

What Up!
So I got two requests for music this week, one from my daughter Oona and one from Travis Hughes.
So lets do them! First for Oona, this is Bon Iver on the streets of Paris doing For Emma a cappella & Forever Ago.
Travis sent me this after seeing Sturgill Simpson at The State Theatre in Ittica NY. Said he closed with this tune. Nice choice Travis!
Here are a couple from me. First Rayland Baxter live on Audiotree with Young Man.
And finally two favorite artists of mine together. This is Boz Scaggs & Lucinda Williams from A Fool To Care, with a great rendition of Wispering Pines.
Hope these tunes kick your ass right into a kick ass week end!

October 14, 2016

Friday 163

Mornin' Mornin' Mornin'!
Jumpin' in and jumpin' way back to 1955 with this piece my brother Mike sent me as part of a childhood remembrance of his. This is Boyd Bennett & His Rockers with Seventeen.
My daughter Oona, as part of her application for early admissions to Cornell has had to put a project together for them so they can see her thinking on marketing and she was in need of an iconic piece of music from the early seventies and several were offered and this one, again from her uncle Mike hit the mark and is apart of that presentation. From 1973, this is David Essex with Rock On.
This is a piece I rather like. It is a combined effort by Rockapella and The Persuasions singing My Home.
Unintended, but to stay old school lets finish up with this sweet little ditty. Look In My Eyes by The Chantels.
May your eyes look upon something sweet this Friday!

October 7, 2016

Friday 162

So last week I got it in my head to let the music I heard or was exposed to inspire my selections for this weeks Friday Music. It started with hearing a great old cut from Elvis on World Cafe and ended with my daughter Oona last Saturday night singing a song from 1959 by The Acorns. In between we will have Wild Horses by the Stones, inspired by Stef Murphy singing this great song acoustically at Abelines and an offering of The Mills Brothers inspired by Russ Conlin singing it just after Oona sang. Sandwiched in between, I had a discussion about Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys with Jake Publicover.
So first up is Elvis Presley killin' One Night With You.
I had completely forgot what a great great song this was, and Stef's soulful singing of it last Friday has inspired me to add it today's selections. This is the acoustic/lyric rendition of Wild Horses by The Stones.
Here is the cut that I've added today after a discussion about bluegrass music with Jake Publicover which let to him telling me about this group. He recommended I check them out. So I did. Now you get to check them out too. This is Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys with Smooth & Groovy.
Inspired by Russ's singing of this song around a fire last Saturday, this is a very old live rendition of the Mills Brothers Paper Doll.
Finally, sitting around that same fire at brother Sean's house last Saturday Oona sang this oldie. This is The Acorns from 1959 with Your Name & Mine.
Have a sweet Autumn Friday!

September 30, 2016

Friday 161

Good Mornin' All:
So last Saturday evening sharing a private moment with brother Sean and Russ Conlin in the parking lot of the AOH"S Half way to St. Patrick's Day party Sean threw on a CD of one of the most iconic tunes of Tower Of Power and we old guys just grooved and danced and enjoyed the staccato horns of the legendary song What Is Hip and Sean said why don't you put this on Friday music. Yeah, why not. Here you go Sean, What Is Hip, live with Larry Bragg's singing lead! Oh and BTW how much does Emilio Castillo now look like Burt Lahr!
Here's a pretty hip artist. Alice Russell with I Loved You. Mercy.
My daughter Oona is putting together a project to re-brand Levi jeans for my generation as part of her application to Cornell and wanted an iconic song that just might just enhance her point of attack. Here's a candidate. ZZ Top with Sharper Dressed Man
Or perhaps Black Slacks by The Sparkeltones.
And remember tonight is the night Oona opens with Billy Herring for Stef Murphy at Abelines here in Rochester! Her Da is just a wee bit excited for her!
Have a great Friday!