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Then & Now: 71 years ago on August 17, 1948 your stacks of wax, ear wackin’, musical maven slid on into the world and now is your Friday Music curator of Tasty Cuts of Tunes. Once the oldest Ensign on Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Aldo Ray of Star Fleet, the son of Irish Immigrants, a graduate of Florida State University with an MFA in Directing. Say What?! And a Denizen of Upstate NY with a profound love of music, with an itch to scratch some tunes. Wanta know more? Yeah, me too. Best way to do that is to check out the tunes this old guy is willing to share with you. Friday Music will cover the gambit of as many genres of music as you can imagine. Except maybe polka. No, check that, I’ll find some funky polka music too! So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. As Brother James Brown once said, “pass me the peas and give me some more!”
This is Friday Music.