Friday Music

Choice cuts, spanning decades and generes, hand curated and served up every Friday!

January 18, 2019

Friday 273

A Happy Winter Friday to All
Lets get started with a singer named Kail Baxley with Boy Got It Bad.
Going back to simpler younger days for this cut. Always a favorite artist of mine, this is Nick Drake with Riverman.
From the great bassist Marcus Miller, this is Detroit.
Next up, Candy Dulfer with a live version of My Funk.
Lets wrap it up by kickin' it up with Fantastic Negrito with Plastic Hamburgers.
Well there you have it!
Have a kick ass Friday!

January 11, 2019

Friday 272

Good Morning My Music Friends!
First let me say hello to some new listeners Jim Ellison, Danny Llitaras, Tom McCarthy and Gary Faraci. Welcome aboard. Also thanks to my brilliant nephew Collin McCormack we will soon have a new look for Friday Music! I'm totally stoked for this to happen, but until then lets jump in with a backward look at a piece from Julie London that for the time was a risky cut.
This is Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast.
This is from a great album by Taj Mahal titled Senor Blues with the titled cut.
This is Speedometer featuring James Junior titled Troubled Land.
Finally a group that makes my feel good groove, this is The Greyboy Allstars with Still Waiting.
Get Your Friday Groove On My Friends!

January 4, 2019

Friday 271

Yep first Friday Music of the New Year! So how about some new music for me. From my friend, the very talented musician Stef Murphy. He posted about an Irish folk group that he loves and because I respect his musical insights so much I checked them out and I really liked what I heard.
This is Lankum with Cold Old Fire.
This here is The Revivalist live with Upright.
In town last Saturday and they kicked ass all night long! Particularly liked this piece.
This is If I Ever Fell Asleep, by Turkuaz from Brooklyn NY.
And finally Mark Knophler live with Sailing To Philadelphia. And what a wonderful guitarist!.
Have a grand Friday!

December 28, 2018

Friday 270

Happy Last Friday Music of 2018!
Yep, we're there! So let's get started. My only reference for a better 2019 is in this first song sung by Bonnie Bramlett. This is A Change Gonna Come.
Here is an interesting rendition of the Beach Boys In My Room by Jacob Collier.
I've been digging on this country artists for several years and I played this sometime back, but this came up in my spotify rotation the other day so I thought I'd share it will you all again. This is Robert Ellis doing a great rendition of George Jones's Grand Tour.
I wait patiently for this young woman's first album. Soon I'm told. Lots of 20 feet from other stardom for her, but here's a taste of her up front.
Allen Stone covering live Somebody That I Used To Know.
Finally my buddy Pokey LaFarge with Sadie Green.
Happy New Year my friends!

December 21, 2018

Friday 269

Merry Pre Christmas!
So it's time for Christmas songs! No, I don't think so! There's enough of those floating across our ears as it is, so I'm starting out with a song send to me by my brother Sean along with a great story. When you see him have him tell you the 1977 Winter story. Anyways the song he shared was by Queen. Perhaps one of the rawest sexual songs of the time. This is Get Down Make Love.
And now a wee bit softer with no need of a smoke after that last cut. This is Jeff Lynne from ELO doing Stormy Weather.
This is Big Head Todd & The Monsters with Hey Delila
For fun this is Lemon Jelly with The Staunton Lick
Finally from The Revivalist a group I've been digging for several years this is the Bee Gee's done live in Jaminthevan. This is To Love Somebody.
Merry Christmas my friends!