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February 15, 2019

Friday 277

Mornin' All!
We here in the northeast have been getting bitched spalled by Mother Nature for weeks with no indications that She is ready to pitch us a break. So screw it and the bizarre weather and lets all listen to some tunes!
Lead off this week is Cory Wong with a cut titled Roll Over featuring The Potash Twins, from MSP, Pt. 1.
Here is an interesting rendition of a great standard sung by Ricki Lee Jones. This is My One And Only You.
From 1972 a black & white video of The Stan Kenton Orchestra killin' MacArthur Park.
From our oh so courteous neighbors from the North, this is Current Swell with Young And Able.
Finally from Eryn Allen Kane, this is Have Mercy. Indeed.
Even if Big Mamma Nature may be kickin' our asses, have a grand Friday! And remember you can always visit the website for a look back or to turn any friends on to our Friday Music.. Go to:

February 8, 2019

Friday 276

Good Morning all!
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So grab a cup of Joe, kick back and lets check out this Friday's music!
First up a group that appeared in my music windshield sometime back. This is The Bros Landreth from JAMINTHEVAN with Paul McCarthy's Let Em In.
I was a fan of Elton John's early music before it got really Top 40. I recently found this early demo of his and Bernie Taupin's composition of Talking Old Soldiers, from Tumbleweed Connection. A favorite song of mine and rather nice without all the production and in its raw form. And why is it that so few know about the massive artistic contribution Bernie Taupin added to John's success?
From the late great Levon Helm, this is his kick ass rendition of King Fish from Electric Dirt.
This little ditty is by Medeski, Martin & Wood titled Broken Mirror.
This right here is MIngo Fishtrap bringin' the funk with Reverend McCarty's BBQ Shack.
Gonna finish up on an introspective Leonard Cohen piece sung by Jennifer Warren from her great album Famous Blue Raincoat.It's also a chart than Mailli's group Crazy Pitches is working on an arrangement right now. Can't wait to hear what they have come up with to cover this thought provoking piece. This is A Singer Must Die.
Have a music filled Friday!

February 1, 2019

Friday 275

Good Morning all!
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As we descend into the rings of Dantes Inferno of kick your ass winter, let us take the chill off it with some sweet warming music.
We recently lost one of our great composers, Michel Legrand. I Thought we begin by listening to him play his composition of What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life sung by Sting.
I am not the most knowledgeable person in the genre of opera, but I am a huge fan of different arias of particular singers. When The Three Tenors began performing together it was an amazing gift of spectacularly sung music. Here is a live performance at the 1994 World Cup of them singing for Frank Sinatra one of his iconic songs. Sorry for the video quality, but this is, I Did It My Way.
From his album Duets, this is Rob Wasserman with Steffen Grappelli playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. By the way, you can feel Grappelli smiling.
From the lovely voice of Emily King, this is Down.
Gonna jump back for the last two cuts. Been quite some time since I touched on this iconic group, so let’s rectify that today. This is The O’Jays with Forever Mine, complete with fine funky dance moves!
And last but not least let’s kick it up with another group I haven’t played in forever. This is The Temptations with Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone. And thank you Funk Brothers for all your great playin' of all those Motown hits!
Roll on ya all, it’s Friday!

January 25, 2019

Friday 274

Good Day My Friends!
Let me start by saying, a change is on its way and I along with my nephew Collin look forward to rolling out a new look, new feel, new direction for Friday Music. Collin has saved and documented 274 Friday Music segments! That’s amazing! Who knew? Many of you have been with me for quite some time and you are either great lovers of music I directly spoke to over the years or you're someone I thought would love getting my attempt to send you these little nuggets every Friday morning. Although I’ve loved the hand selected aspect of these Friday’s we’re of the mind now to open it up and let those who want it, have it.
Something that started with my brother Michael blossomed into something I took on accidently and happily every Friday. Art discovering itself. Now we are on the artistic music edge of making a much bigger splash. It will all be revealed very shortly. If you want to see some of the previous Friday Music posts go to:

And welcome aboard Kris Heeres from beautiful SUNY Geneseo. He is in admissions at Geneseo and is the hockey coach of the Geneseo Knights and they are one hell of a team!
And one more late addition that should have been apart of this from the beginning is Gavin Berry. A teacher and a fine musician!

Okay, so first up from the late 90's is a sweet little cover. An excellent ditty done by Joan Osborn.
This is How Sweet It Is.
A favorite group or grouping of musicians for me is Playing For Change.
This is a beautiful live worldwide cover of Marvin Gaye’s What's Goin' On.
This unique piece come from my great friend and brother, Chip Chalmers. He has sent me several pieces from this artist, so now I share him with you.
This is Puddles Pity Party singing Hallelujah.
From London England, this is Elli Ingram with Stone Cold.
This is Thirdstory featuring Eryn Allen Kane with Still In Love.
Finally, the cut Shofukan, this little gem is from these amazing players know as Snarky Puppy.

Have at it, it’s finally Friday!

January 18, 2019

Friday 273

A Happy Winter Friday to All
Lets get started with a singer named Kail Baxley with Boy Got It Bad.
Going back to simpler younger days for this cut. Always a favorite artist of mine, this is Nick Drake with Riverman.
From the great bassist Marcus Miller, this is Detroit.
Next up, Candy Dulfer with a live version of My Funk.
Lets wrap it up by kickin' it up with Fantastic Negrito with Plastic Hamburgers.
Well there you have it!
Have a kick ass Friday!