Show #101 - #120

October 30, 2015

Friday 120

Howdy All!
After putting this together for today, it became clear that I have a set of funk. As much as I love funk & soul and horns, always horns, this just happened. But it would make a pretty good set for a late night FM radio groove.
That said, lets jump in today with The Record Company kickin' Baby I'm Broken.
This here fella is Anderson East singing a live version of Satisfy Me.
Now for the first of two ladies. First is Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators bangin' out One In A Million.
Finally the hot Latin soul styling of Puerto Rican born Myraida Carmana better know as Calma Carmona. This is from her CD There's No Other Girl. This is Save Me.
Have a sweet soulful Friday my friends & family!

October 23, 2015

Friday 119

Mornin' All!
This is from a great cd titled Rhythm Country & Blues. I know I've sent out Sam Moore & Conway Twiddy singing A Rainy Night In Georga. Well here's another cut from this compilation of R&B artists gettin' down with country artists. This is the Reverent Al Green & Lyle Lovett with Funny How Time Slips Away. Mercy.
I have also sent out a cut by this group some time back, and here is another. This is The Relatives from The Electric Word with Say It Loud.
This is Souljazz Orchestra with One Life To Live.
An finally, from Live At Daryl's House this is Johnnyswim with Annie. I remind you the beautiful young woman is Donna Summers daughter Amanda and her husband Abner. Sweet sweet sad song.
I wish you all a great Friday.

October 9, 2015

Friday 118

Good Morning My Friends:
Today's music is dedicated to the memory of John Casey, one of the kindest most caring men I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Today's final song will be for John, but because he would have told me to keep the music filling your heads and hearts, I will. First up today is the group Pickwick with a sweet acapella rendition of the song Blackout.
This is Martin Sexton kickin' ass on There Go I.
Up now is Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes with Baby Caught The Bus.
This one's for you John.
Say a prayer for John today, say one for me and I will say one for you.......

October 2, 2015

Friday 117

Welcome To October!
So last Friday I went with Oona to hear Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman and it was excellent! He is a very special artist that has a following of millennials and a few old guys like me who enjoy his unique writing and exceptional harmonies that he seems to have incorporated from his days as the drummer with Fleet Foxes. So I send out a cut of Misty done solo and acoustically. It's a love song to his wife titled I Went To The Store One Day.
Hell why not one from Fleet Foxes. This is a favorite of mine titled White Winter Hymnal.
Staying on the mellower side of music this is an artist I caught the other night. Laney Jones & The Lively Spirits with Broken Hearts.
Finally a group I sent out to you earlier this Summer and I thought I'd share another cut by them. This is The Deslondes from New Orleans with Alligator Shoes.
You know the deal. Have a fabulous Friday!

September 25, 2015

Friday 116

Howdy Music Fans!
Gonna start off with a piece from Father John Misty today, because my daughter Oona and I are going to see him tonight. This is Nothing Ever Happens At the Goddamn Thirsty Crow.
How about a little bit of the great Barbara Lewis! This is Love Makes The Word Go Round. Sweet,,,,,
This be The Stooges Brass Band from New Orleans doin' Wind It Up in Jam In The Van.
And finally, from the Way Back Machine, this is Delaney & Bonnie with Where There's A Will There's A Way. Mercy!
Have a fine fine Friday!

September 18, 2015

Friday 115

Gonna drop back to a little known act from the early 60's. Very soulful cut that will stand out from the next three songs for this Friday, but worth a listen. This is Maurice & Mac with You Left The Water Running.
My brother Mike sent out some great tunes earlier this weeks and then after talking with my brother Sean Tuesday evening about them it made perfect sense for me to share this one with you.
From a tribute for George Harrison, this is Something. Sweet, sweet song.
Staying with the Beatles. A long time favorite song of my brother Sean and for that matter mine to, this is The Beatles In My Life.
We'll end with the son of George Harrison, Dhani Harrison and his band thenewno2. If you don't know them and you can't break it down the name of the band is the new number 2.
This is Wide Awake and Live A Lie. Just looks and sounds a wee bit like his dad!
Go forth and have a fabulous Friday!

September 4, 2015

Friday 114

As you know I loving getting suggestions from you all and I use them. If you're on this list you have a great love of music and therefor can enlighten me and I can then share your favs,That said, we have two guest pieces this week and two from me of an artist I really like but I don't remember sharing her with you, but will today!
First up from Jake Publicover this is Nathaniel Rateliff with Howling at Nothing. Sweet....
Next up, from a group of tunes my brother Mike send me this week, that he called Tunes Through The Rabbit Hole, here is Jerry Lee Lewis and friends with Trouble In Mind. What a fine fine piece!
Now my two piece are by the sweet sax player Candy Dulfer. First up is her funky rendition The Isley Brothers For The Love of You with guest artist Angie Stone, who ain't no slouch either!
And finally from Candy, here she is with Lionel Richie doing Brick House. Play that funky music white girl! If this doesn't get you up and dancin' then you're dead!
Have a fine funky Friday!

August 28, 2015

Friday 113

So as a guy that feels he has a pretty good grasp of what's goin' on musically, I was floored by my friend Fred hipping me up to the Dukes Of September last week end. Three of my favorite artists, Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen and Boz Scaggs, on stage together! So here is a little somethin' from these three legendary artists. This is Who's That Lady?
Here'e a sweet, sassy, sexy little piece by Lenny Kravitz, SEX.
This is an artist I just sorta came across and he tweaked me with his humor and a surprising hard edge that jumps out at you. So I thought I'd share him with you. This is Darwin Deez with You Can't Be My Girl. Dude be crazy!
Finally, my cuz Leo sent this on to me this week and I flat out dug it! So if she's new to you to, then I hope you enjoy! This is Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics from their album It's About Time, this is My Dear. Thanks Leo!
Have a kick ass Friday my friends!

August 21, 2015

Friday 112

It's Friday Again!
So I started the week outon Monday with a Birthday on the 17th and then lunch with my oldest on Tuesday and then had my middle daughter read me an article that she has had excepted for publication in Teen Eye Magazine in October. And it's a fine piece. And then I dropped my baby girl Mailli off at her high school where she'll be a freshmen so she can try out for the cheer leading team which she made on Wednesday. Girl wants to be a flier! What's this got to do with Friday Music? Not a damn thing! Just wanted to crow a wee bit!
First up today is Ry Cooder from his anthology The UFO Has Landed. very interesting CD. This is Crazy 'Bout An Automobile.
Love this song. Love this singer. This is Nanci Griffith singing John Prine's Speed of the Sound of Loneliness.
Another favorite singer/song writer is Guy Clark. And this composition just goes to my sweet spot musically speaking. This is Out In The Parking Lot.
On Monday I got in a conversation with your latest member of Friday Music Tracy McEwen about this and that and Janice Joplin came up and he recommended that I include her today, and I can't think of any reason not to and a myriad of one's to do so, inclusion wise. So here are two by Ms. Joplin. First up Maybe and then from The Monterrey Pop Festival in 1967 before she was who she was to become, she laid down this performance of Ball & Chain. Must have been something to behold live and in person.
That's it for today. I'm probably in a car heading to Pittsburgh with my Brother Sean and our friend Fred Stuhlmiller to see the Pirates play the Giants on Saturday!
You all have a fun & Friendly Friday as well!

August 14, 2015

Friday 111

Mornin' All:
One get the feeling here in Upstate NY about now that Summer is waning and unwinding and Autumn can't be too far behind. That said, I was listening to this Monday afternoon as a gentle Summer rain was falling outside. Kinda appropriate. From Miles Davis a great album titles "Kind of Blue". Recorded in 1958 with Bill Evans on piano, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane on sax, Paul Chambers on Bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums. This is Blue In Green.
This is a live performance of Florence & The Machine from her new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful. This is Ship To Wreck. Nice tune.
This artist comes to us from my 16 yr. old daughter Oona Hamilton Leithauser with 5AM.
Finally, Good God Almighty, this is The Alabama Shakes with Don't Wanna Fight. Girl can flat out sing!
Have spectacular and Kind Friday.

August 7, 2015

Friday 110

Gooood Mornin' Music Mavens!
As of today with the addition of Denny Murray we are 100 music fans getting our ears whacked! Welcome aboard Denny!
I've wanted to include this group from South Africa foe some time and today is the day.
This id KONGOS, with Come With Me Now.
Recently I say Jason Mraz on Guitar Sessions with four young woman backing him and I love the gentle sweetness of the sound they created together. This is I Won't Give Up.
Last week I send you selected cuts from The New Basement Tapes and the girl artist was Rhiannon Giddens. Her she is with her group The Carolina Chocolate Drops. with Country Girl.
Finally because our newest member Denny along with his darlin' wife saw Shovels & Rope, here's Birmingham.

July 31, 2015

Friday 109

So today I'm gonna do something I haven't done before and that's to focus on one album. It's been floating out there for a wee bit and I have listen to bits and pieces of it and have really liked everything I've heard. So I have downloaded all of it recently and the finished, final tracks are wonderful. I'm doing this because it is a collaborative effort headed up by T-Bone Burnett and the performing artists are Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Marcus Mumford of The Mumford Brothers, Jim James, Elvis Costello and Rhiannon Giddens. The album is The New Basement Tapes. It is made up of songs written by Bob Dylan back in the sixties, and there are some stunningly good tracks on it.
I have chosen a few from performances in the studio to several performed live at The Recardo Montalban Theatre. FYI I worked with Recardo for several years on a nighttime soap called The Colby's. He was one of the finest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. So kind and genuine. I hope you enjoy these Dylan tunes creatively re-imagined by these talented artists. I personally am a fan of all these artists and to hear their collaborative takes on these compositions of Dylan is pure joy for me!
First up is a live performance of Florida Key sung by Taylor Goldsmith
Next up is in Capitol Studios with Marcus Mumford singing Kansas City
This is a short piece sung my Elvis Costello titled Married To My Hack.
This is Rhiannon Giddens singing a hauntingly favorite song of mine from the album. This is Spanish Mary.
Jim James singing Down On The Bottom.
Taylor Goldsmith in studio singing Diamond Ring. Love this one!
Gonna finish with Ms. Giddens singing in studio Hidee Hidee. This seemingly rehearsal is the final produce for the album.
Thanks You Bob for the Basement Tapes!
Hot and humid days in Upstate NY. Hope this finds you all happy and thriving! Have a great Friday!

July 24, 2015

Friday 108

Mornin' All:
Gonna kick it off with a piece my nephue Collin sent me this week. He is a fountain of great music. Tured me on to G Love & Special Sause and Mayer Hawthorne among others. This is Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats with S.O.B.
This is Larry Graham the bassist with Sly And The Family Stone, and one of the finest funk bassist ever. This is Graham Central Station with Hair. Mercy mercy mercy!
Hell! How about another fine funky bass player!
This is great Marcus Miller with Hard Slapping.
Finally gonna end with a new group to me. Rich Pubilcover turned me on to them earlier this week. Said it's a group his son Jake passed on to him and now I pass them on to you. This is Lindsey Lou & The Flatbellys with Smooth & Groovy. Have a fine and kind Summer Friday my friends!

July 17, 2015

Friday 107

Yep, it's Friday again!
We will begin with a kick ass tune from Lynyrd Skynyrd. July 15th was their drummers Artimus Pyle's birthday so let's give a listen to That Smell.
This is new music from Bill Frisell. This ditty is Bryant's Boogie from Guitar In The Space Age.
This is a new artist to me and when I saw this I just had to send it on to you all. This is Marty O'Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra with Cold Canary Gaslight. Beautiful Humboldt County California!
This is another artist that has floated into my ears in the last few months. Meg Mac with Roll Up Your Sleeves.Check out her rendition of Grandma's Hands if you be so inclined.
Have a fine Friday my Friends! Oh and welcome aboard Pat, Jimmy and Ann Marie!

July 10, 2015

Friday 106

Yep, it's Friday Again!
Gonna stay on the mellower side of music for today.
Jumpin' right in with a live performance by the rather odd Father John Misty with Nancy From Now On.
This is the sweet sweet voice of Brandi Carlile with brand new music. This one is The Eye from The Firewatcher's Daughter. Yep, sweet....
This is James McMurtry with Long Island Sound.
This is Cory Chisel with Adriel Harris shot in what appears to be downtown Milwaukee with Never Meant To Love You. "You can love me like a bowling ball. You can roll me all night and I won't complain at all."
Finally, I was listening to the Buffalo NPR station and they were discussing the upcoming performance of the Marriage of Figaro and I just needed to hear the Sull' Aria. Many know it from The Shawshank Redemption. It's a favorite of mine and a wonderful way to start off a Summer Friday. This is Canzonetta Sull' Aria or A little song on the breeze.
Have a Friday as sweet as today music!
PS: This is an additional piece for today. Found out yesterday that July 9th was Jack White's 40th birthday. So here is Love Interrupted. Happy Birthday Jack!

July 3, 2015

Friday 105

Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Gonna jump right in with patriotically appropriate tunes for today. First up,the US Marine Band playing John Phillip Sousa's Stars & Stripes Forever.
Can't forget Kate Smith with God Bless America! This is a great video introducing the song for the first time.
Here is Pete Seeger at his 90th birthday celebration singing This Land Is Your Land,with guest like Bruce Springsteen and Arlo Guthrie. Sweet!
This piece is considered an iconic part of our 4th of July musical celebrations. Piotr IIich Tchaikovsky's Finale of The 1812 Overture. We end with sweet brother Ray Charles singing America The Beautiful with some special guest back up singers. Good God Almighty the man could sing!
Happy Forth to you all!

June 26, 2015

Friday 104

Top Of The Mornin':
Gonna start out with today with the great Nina Simone. There's a new documentary on her life titled What Happened Miss Simone? Several of the most interesting things I've gleaned from this piece is that Nina was born Eunice Waymon. the daughter of a mother who was a housekeeper and a minister. Nina had a deep love for Bach and playing classical piano and with help was able to study for a year at Julliard. Bet you didn't know that. I sure didn't. When she was 12 she was scheduled to perform a classical recital in North Carolina and her parents were told to sit in the back of the auditorium. Nina refused to play and her parents were moved down front. This from a 12 year old girl in the Jim Crow South. Check out the documentary for lots more interesting life events about Eunice. Here is Nina playing and singing I Love You Porgy.
This is a guitarist that played at the on going Rochester Jazz Festival this week. You may know him or heard him on the soundtrack to Midnight In Paris with his composition Bistro Fada. This is Stephane Wremble with Prometheus.
I will add a couple more acts from the Jazz Festival next week.
I think this is a great live unplugged rendition of Mr. Soul by Neil Young.
Finally a local LA group that is beginning to create some major buss and if you don't know them you will soon. Flat out rock & roll kinda reminiscent of Adele or Duffy on steroids This is After Midnight by DOROTHY.
Hope you enjoyed today's tunes! Have a kick ass Friday my musical friends!

June 19, 2015

Friday 103

Good God Almighty this has been a long week with unending "stuff" to deal with. So I am usually done several days in advance with my musical choices but here it is Thursday early evening and I'm just now loading what I had in mind for today. We will address two events that fall on this Sunday, Summer & Father's Day.
Wanted to do a few tunes about the beginning of Summer, so here we go....
First up is Summertime. Lots & lots of great choices but I believe we will kick it off with a live rendition from 1969 sung by the incomparably fine Janis Joplin. Unfortunately she is singing it with the God awful band Big Brother & The Holding Company, but girls kicks it!
This is a long time favorite from my youth. This is The Lovin' Spoonfun with Summer In The City.
Another fav is this tune by The Young Rascals. I have a hardwired memory of borrowing my dad's 1964 white with black top Chrysler convertible on a Summer Saturday Summer evening and heading out to "the lake" to party with friends and feeling infallible and that it would be Summer forever. It will always say Summer to me. Yeah, Forever Young. Sweet memory. Here's Groovin
Simply put, this is Martha & The Vandellas with Dancing In The Street.
Here's one I bet you haven't heard in years. Seals & Croft with Summer Breeze.
We will end the Summer song selections with the great Doc Watson and probable his son Merle doing Windy & Warm.
Now as for Father's Day, I want to share a personal memory from my brother Michael that he sent me the other day and until he wrote what you will all read, I had forgotten my dad doing this to this particular song. But thank you Michael for dusting off my lost remembrance that I share with all of you, especially the dad's this week. May someone in the future remember fondly something we did or said. So enjoy the story and the song. Happy Father's Day to one and all!
My father was given to singing "the hits" from his heyday, particularly if he'd had a beer or four beers, and this was one of his regulars, complete with the mouthing of the trumpet part. So, hey, Dad, this one's for you, at Father's Day.
This is the 1937 recording by Bunny Berigan and his orchestra, cut when he was 28. Berigan is an interesting musician in that he was most highly valued as a session musician, playing on hundreds of classic recordings from the Jazz and Swing eras for the Dorseys, Glenn Miller, even Rudy Vallee who, oddly enough, I got to know a little in his last years. John Hammond put him and Gene Krupa into the Goodman band for the 1935 tour that made Goodman a star and is regarded as the beginning of the Swing Era.
That Berigan was a session player in the 30s presaged the rise of that specialty in the 50s and 60s. But he had another thing in common with the rock era musicians: he died young, at 33, not from drugs but from cirrhosis. He was Irish-German (from Wisconsin), two groups and a state where not tipping a few would mark you out as an oddball, so...Anyway, I like this recording and I hope you do as well. And Happy Father's Day to all and sundry dads. -- Bunny Berigan - I Can't Get Started

June 12, 2015

Friday 102

Good Mornin' All!
First up today is an artists that's new to me .My friend and your fellow Friday Music fan send me after last Fridays music. So thaks Arthur "Lowell" Lunn! This is Voodoo Child by Miles Mosley. Kick It!
Nuf said? This is a sweet little group knows as The Kentucky Headhunters with Singin' The Blues.
Staying with that country vibe, here is new music from Dwight Yoakum layin' in down on Secondhand Heart.
Perhaps you remember this artist with the the song I send you titled She Left Me For Jesus. Well this is Drunken Poet's Dream. By Hayes Carll. "You be the sinner and I'll be the sin."
Let's finish up with the long time backup singers for Sharon Jones. This is Saun & Starr with Look Closer.
Alright then. That's it for this Friday. You all have a kick ass Friday and God willing I'll be wackin' your ears again next Friday.

June 5, 2015

Friday 101

Hey All!
So the last couple weeks I've opted to do tributes to BB King and Bob Dylan. Today lets have some fun with some marginalized artists that may be new to you, but I think you'll find worth listening to and perhaps become a fan of for the future. Gonna do this for several weeks, but lets get started with a band that beginning to garner some attention. From New Orleans, this is The Deslondes with Yum Yum.
This is the Defibulators with Working Class.
Now here's the sweet throwback voice of Robert Ellis singing a George Jones composition titles The Grand Tour.
This is The Revivalists doing a Bee Gee's cover of To Love Somebody.
This is your opportunity to hear an electrified cigar box guitar. This is The North Mississippi All Stars with Mississippi Boll Weavel.
This isMadison Ward & The Mama Bear with Silent Movies.
Finally a very nice solo rendition of the classic blues number, Ain't Nobody'd Business, sung by John Fullbright somewhere in the Netherlands.
Have a kick ass Friday my friends!