Show #121 - #140

April 8, 2016

Friday 140

Good Morning!
Well I was about done with weeks Friday Music when the draft simply disappeared! So I shall begin again. I have wanted to sent you some musical moments that for me speak to the current and endless political hustle for our Presidential election in this country. Gonna start out with one that if you're a little sensitive you may want to cover your ears and avert your eyes. You choose who this best applies to, know who it applies to for me! This is Lily Allen with Fuck You.
These two work for me as well. The Beatles with Tax Man & Tower Of Power with Taxed To The Max.
This is Modest Mouse with Missed The Boat. Yeah, you bet we did!
Another country, but showing what happens when you have shit politician and shit policies. This is The Cranberries with Zombie
Pink Floyd with Brick In The Wall. Enough said?
Today's pics...
Very early Beatles pic.
And we will play some of this mans music next week. Merle Haggard
RIP Merle
Have a stupendous Friday!

April 1, 2016

Friday 0139

First up today is a band that is coming to The Rapids in Niagara Falls in early June. Gonna give you two cuts from them. This Umphrey's MvGee's version laid down at Abby Road Studios. This is The Beatles, She's So Heavy.
This cut is also live from Chicago, done with the band STS9. This is David Bowie's Let's Dance.
Here is a sweet, sweet rendition of Send In The Clowns by Patti Labelle.
And finally, from Live @ Daryl's House, Eli "Paperboy" Reed doing (I believe) originally done by The Falcons way back in 1962, I Found A Love.
And today's pictures are.....
The Falcons
Johnny Cash.
And Buddy Holly.
Have a great Friday!

March 25, 2016

Friday 138

Mornin' Everyone!
For those of us in the colder regions of the planet, we're happily entered the beginning of the season of the unlocking of the earth. Spring! So why not begin that season with Itzhak Perlman playing Vivaldi's Spring Movement from The Four Seasons.
As many of you know I really, really like this ever changing and flowing group of brilliant international artists know as Playing For Change. This one is One Love.
This is Mavis Staples pops from his solo album Peace To The Neighborhood. This here fine tune is Down In Mississippi.
As long as we're gettin' down, then let's get Down In Hollywood with Ry Cooder from his album Boarderline.
Here's a few wild what might have been pictures.
Have a great Friday and a Happy Easter!

March 11, 2016

Friday 137

Yep, It's Friday!
Love this artist. Love this song. This is from Pokey LaFarge's latest CD Something In The Water. This is When Did You Leave Heaven. FYI, that old timey sound is actually brand new compositions.
Hell, here's another by Pokey! This is Garbage Man Blues.
This seems to be in the pocket after those two cuts. This is Louie Prima with Keely Smith tearin' up Buona Sera.
Might just as well stay a wee bit old school with Louie Jordan singin' Dollar Down.
And for my daughter Oona this is Nina Simone killin' I Put A Spell On You.
And today's pics are some of our artists from today.
Have at it on this fine Friday!

March 4, 2016

Friday 136

So this one's for me. Long time favorite group and long time favorite song. This is a most beautiful rendition of this iconic tune, so I thought I'd share it with you today. This is The Nylons from perhaps the late eighties with Up On The Roof. Enjoy.
You like Howlin' Wolf? Yeah me too. This is How Many More Years.
We way over due for Led Zeppelin. This is a fav of mine. Muddy Water's You Shook Me All Night Long. Mercy!
And finally this is Houndmouth with On The Road.
And today's picture are a couple of jazz greats. Miles Davis, John Coltrain & Chet Baker
Have a great Friday my friends!

February 19, 2016

Friday 135

Hey All!
Sadly I have had to focus on tributes far too often of late and as much as I love this artist I will limit yet another tribute to this one song. We have lost the great Dan Hicks from Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks. FYI he and my sister-in -law Maria are from the same town in northern California. Love this song. This is I Scare Myself live on stage a few years back.. Damn, another great artist gone!
This songs been roaming around my head lately. A keen indictment of the record industry. This is Asleep At The Wheel & Willie Nelson singing Write Your Own Songs.
And because Valentine Day fell just after last weeks Friday Music, here are a couple of love songs for those of you in love, falling in love or perhaps falling out of love. Let's stay with Asleep At The Wheel with a sweet rendition of You You Don't Know Me. Sing it Brother Ray Benson.
I have several renditions of this song that I really love, including Wilco and Beck, but here's the original.This is Danial Johnson with True Love Will Find You In The End.
Finally from Raphael Saadig with Rocio Mendozo who was working as a waitress down the street from the recording studio when Raphael found out she could sing. So he brought her into the studio and she made it on to this recording. Love these kinds of stories, don't you?
So good bye Dan Hicks and hopefully hello LOVE!
Have a great Friday folks!
PS: Oh, I've decided to branch out a wee bit and include an interesting photo or two every week. This is punk rocker Stiv Bators around 1980. Boy appears to be toasted, but happily asleep on his gun. Perhaps it has something to do with being born in Youngstown Ohio.
And this is Elvis Presley in a photo called The Kiss. Anyone knows the woman please let me know.

February 12, 2016

Friday 134

Another Sad Good Mornin' To You All:
Once again we have wandered into the killing fields with the loss of one of the all time Great Talents Ever, Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire. I want to start this weeks music off with words sent to me earlier this week, words well measured, words well felt and succinctly shared from my Big Brother Michael out in LA. The floor is yours my Brother.....
"What a talent was Maurice White. He was the principal writer, arranger, vocalist, producer and general all-around visionary for Earth, Wind & Fire. He started out in Chicago as a Chess Records session drummer, playing on recordings with Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters and others, then went on to play with Ramsey Lewis before heading off to LA with his idea for what would become EWF, which turned out to be one of the true game-changer bands, one that I don't believe has yet been topped in its arena.
Here is one of my favorite Earth, Wind & Fire recordings from 1975. Like all their other recordings until Maurice became too ill to fully participate, it features him on lead vocals, with Philip Bailey doing those high and falsetto parts, and brother Verdine White trading off the leads. For the record, Larry Dunn plays the keyboards, Al McKay and Johnny Graham are the guitarists.
Odd bit of the band's history: those flashy shows they did throughout the 70s were directed by Doug Henning and his assistant at that time, David Copperfield. At least I think that's odd.
As always, push that volume up. Even better, put on the headphones."
Thanks my Brother.
Here are a few favorites of mine and I hope yours.
This is Shining Star. Damn.
A personal fav of mine, especially the end. Keep Your Head To The Sky.
Love this one too. Fantasy.
Disco balls, polyester shirts, white suits, feathered hair, platform shoes and cocaine. Yeah that about covers it. This is Boogie Wonderland.
It ain't Earth Wind & Fire without this one. September. Good God Almighty! You just gotta smile and dance!
Play on Maurice, sing on Maurice.....

February 5, 2016

Friday 0133

So a week or so ago my friend Tracy, who is apart of Friday Music asked if I'd play a cut from the group War. Hell yeah! From Galaxy the very sexy Hey Senorita. There you go Tracy!
Gonna jump way back to 1971 for a sweet cut from the group New Birth, titled It's Impossible.
Staying on the funky side. This is Joss Stone killin' Free Me.
Here's another lady that can lay it down. Shemekia Copeland. This is Long As I Can See The Light.
Finally from their new release Good Grief, due in March, this is Lucius with Born Again Teen.
Have a great Friday! Oh, and welcome aboard John Wolfe!

January 22, 2016

Friday 132

Good Mornin' All:
Yes, another sad musical loss. We will certainly have some Glenn Frey music today. and there will be more songs that I usually send out, but I wanted to send out the tunes I had chosen before we all learned about the sad loss of Glenn Frey, so lets jump off with a really nice live rendition of 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago. Saw them do this live on Direct TV's Sessions recently and I was most amazed at how good they still sound and the joyful energy they bring to the dance of sound. BTW, great title for a song.
This is a recommendation from my cousin Leo. New to me but I rather like this artist. This is Fantastic Negrito with An Honest Man
From her first album from way back in 1971 this is Bonnie Raitt doin' a kick ass rendition of Sippie Wallance's Mighty Tight Woman. Believe she got to sing this with Sippie in 1974 when Sippie was in her 80's! Hell, the woman recorded recorded it way back in 1926!
This is from G Love & Special Sauce's latest release, Love Saved The Day. Guesting with G is a favorite group of mine from East LA, Ozomatli. This is Let's Have A Good Time!
Hey! Why not a cut from Ozomatli? This is City Of Angels.
Finally another heartbreaking loss of a wonderful singer songwriter from one of the sweetest sounding and most popular groups ever, The Eagles. We lost Glenn Frey this week and there were so so so many great songs, it makes it hard to choose, So here are a few I truly love. And remember those amazing harmonies? Wow! God, the musical death train has taken two greats from us so close together. First a song written by J.D. Souther, Don Henley & Glenn Frey. New Kid In Town.
This beauty was written by Tim Schmit, Don Henley & Glenn. I Can't Tell You Why.
This one was written by Jackson Brown & Glen. Take It Easy. Frey added "such a fine sight to see/ it's a girl in a flatbed Ford, slowin down to take a look at me." Great line. great song.
This is supposedly Frey's favorite composition for The Eagles. One Of These Nights.
And lastly the first song ever written by Frey & Henley. Desperado. Oddly this song was never a hit for The Eagles, but it struck a chord with so many of us. "It may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you." You will be missed. Sail on. Sing on.
Have a sweet, kind & harmonious Friday my friends!

January 15, 2016

Friday 131

Mornin' All:
So I awoke Monday morning with my seventeen year old daughter, yes Oona is now seventeen, telling me that David Bowie had died. He finally lost a two year battle to cancer and had just last Friday released his (I believe) 25 album to critical acclaim. So it's a no brainer to put this weeks Friday Music that I would have sent to you on hold and send you some pieces of Bowie and one from his latest release. From those of us of his generation to fans like my daughter, Bowie cut across the generations with his iconic music.
Lets begin with a song I believe everyone loves and it's title is absolutely prophetic today. This is a live version of Changes.
From Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special, this is Space Oddity, but best know as Major Tom.
A must today. Ziggy Stardust.
The same with Under Pressure. Here is a wonderful video with Freddie Mercury & Bowie.
I would hope he would tell us all to do this today. Let's Dance.
Always rather likes this one. China Girl.
One of his most popular tunes that he actually wrote for Elvis Presley. Would have like to hear Elvis sing this one! Fame.
And finally from his latest album Blackstar, release just last Friday. this seems to be the correct choice today. This is Lazarus.
Thanks for the music David. You will be missed.
Have a great Friday my friends.
Addendum to today's music. Came across this after I finish my list. Worth watching.

January 8, 2016

Friday 130

Mornin' All:
As you know my daughter Oona and I went to see Delbert McClinton in December and Delbert told us about his up coming music cruse. All you gotta do is dial 1-800-Delbert!
Any how here are a few of the artists cruising with Delbert this year.
Gonna start off with a group I have on my ipod and rather like. This is Mingo Fishtrap with Movin'
This here is Mike Zito & The Wheel with Gone To Texas.
I hope this puts a smile on your faces. This is Doyle & Debbie.
This is The Quebe Sisters in the coolist venue I've ever seen!
And finally, this is Band of Heathens with Tell The Truth.
Ya All Have A Sweet Friday!

January 1, 2016

Friday 129

Happy New Year!
Gonna be festive to end the year 2015 as we begin the year 2016. Found some really great tunes from Jools Holand's Later show and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Also welcome aboard Dr. Richard Wissler!v First up is the great Ronnie Spector singing Be My Baby. Sweet.
How about a little Boz Scaggs? He is one of my all time fav's and this rendition of Lowdown kick pretty nicely. Nothing about Jool's band that you can't get behind!
I'm also a big fan of the Scottsman Paolo Nutini. This is Scream, Funk My Life Up. Sweet hallelujah!
This is a fine cover of Master Blaster done by Ed Sheeran. Nice horns.
Yeah, Paloma Faith kickin' it on River Deep, Mountain High.
This is Ellie Goulding gettin' down with Blame It On The Boogie.
Finally we end with Joss Stone with Letting Me Down.
May your best day of 2015 be your worst day of 2916!

December 25, 2015

Friday 128

Merry Christmas!
Been sending out Friday Music for about 5 years and this is the first time that it's fallen on Christmas Day!
That said, how about celebrating the joyous day with some traditional Christmas music? Cool. Hope you enjoy them all!
Can't forget my Jewish Brothers & Sisters.
Finally, the most touching of Christmas songs......
Hey! Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2015

Friday 127

Good Mornin':
So tonight I have the pleasure of going to see one of my all time favorite artists, Delbert McClinton. My daughter Oona will be accompanying me and I hope she digs the tunes. So I'm going to share just a few of my favs of Delbert with you all today. I have been know to whip out one of my harps in my car and play along with Delbert. My style of playing is very similar to his. Love playing along with this one. Love this song! Rebecca Rebecca.
For all of us who live in the fine state of mind know as New York. I offer up this live rendition of New York City.
Love this one. Best opening line.... This is I Wanta Thank You. Mercy
For my money this is the best heartbreaking love song ever wrote. You Were Never Mine. Right Gina?
This is B Movie Boxcar Blues.
This is pretty fine. Every Time I Roll The Dice.
Finally a great cover of a great song. I've Got Dreams To Remember.
Hope your Friday is as fine as I anticipate mine and Oona's being!

December 11, 2015

Friday 126

Mornin' All
So on December 12, 1915 Frank Sinatra was born and today's music will be just a few cuts from a myriad of great songs recorded by Old Blue Eyes. I once, along with my brother Mike got to see Frank perform when he about 71 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles when we were driving our limos for a client of mine who had two extra tickets in the center section about 10 rows from the stage where he amazed all with his still extraordinary ability to sing at 71. He had a full 17 piece orchestra along with a full section of strings and it was amazing. Not to mention we got paid to see him perform! That's a real win win scenario!
Let's just agree that there are far too many great ones so I'll simply jump in with a few I think are worthy of his 100th Birthday. This is One For My Baby (And One More For The Road.)
Love this one, especially as my own life feels far to reflective of it. This is from the recording session, with interjections by Frank. It Was A Very Good Year.
Here's Frank with Come Fly With Me.
Frank live singing The Lady Is A Tramp. Man's singing was effortless.
Got to have New York New York. Nice video to boot with a killer orchestra!
Finally, it only seems proper to end with a 74 year old Frank singing and still sing quite well, Paul Anka's My Way.
Happy Birthday Frank! We're all enriched by having our ears whacked by your music.
Have a Friday Your Way.

December 4, 2015

Friday 125

Yep, It's Friday Music Day Again!
Well here we are in the final month of the year, December. You know the beginning of the third month of Holiday sales and commercials and the slow wind-down to 2017 and the eighty some college bowl games. As we get closer to Christmas perhaps I will share with you my story of physically challenged Jesus. It's a good one. Anyways here we go. First up is an interesting artist by the name of Chet Faker performing with Marcus Marr. This is Trouble With Us.
This is new from Billy Gibbons & The BFG's. Yeah, Billy Gibbon of ZZ Top. This is from his solo CD Perfectamundo. The cut is the standard, Treat Her Right.
This is he group Hippo Campus with Suicide Saturday.
Jumpin' back to 90's grunge. This is Nirvana and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Want you to check out this artist. Gonna give you two cuts, because I was conflicted by which one to choose. This is Rayland Baxter, an artist I've really become a fan of.... Worth the listen. First is Yellow Eyes followed by Ghost Again, because Oona thought I should share the second cut. Both live performances. I'll bet huge money that Jake P. will love this guy, especially the second song.
Nice, don't you think?
Hey! Have a kick ass Friday!

November 27, 2015

Friday 124

For you fans of this group, (Tim Caufield,) I'm gonna start right off with a cut from an upcoming new CD from Lake Street Dive due for release in February. New label, fuller production sound same fine group. This is Call Off Your Dogs from their CD Side Pony.
Can't go wrong with Daniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. This is Look It Here.
Jumpin' back in time with Ronnie Hawkins & Duane Allman with Down In The Alley. Pure Muscle Shoals Alabama! and was there ever a better guitarist than Duane Allman? I think not......
Finally in loving memory of Mary Ellen McCabe, this is Peter Hollens beautiful rendition of The Parting Glass. Our best thoughts and prayers are with the entire McCabe Family. "Good night and joy be to you all."
Happy Thanksgiving to you all and have a grand Black Friday!

November 20, 2015

Friday 123

Howdy All!
I was listening to The World Cafe recently and David Dye played a group named The Arcs. New to me but vaguely familiar and I really liked what I heard! So I checked them out and it turns out to be a group formed by guitarist Dab Auerbach of The Black Keys. Here they are live at The Village playing Put A Flower In Your Pocket.
So then I got thinking. What other songs do I know with "pocket" in the title. You may know some, but my list is quite short and oddly has Tower of Power on two. First with Little Feat live from 1977 doing Rocket In My Pocket with The Tower Of Power horn section and Lowell George tearing it up!.
My next one is Tower Of Power from their CD Oakland's Own In The Oakland Zone titled Pocketful Of Soul.
And finally from Birmingham Alabama, St. Paul & The Bone Crushers with their amazing lead singer who looks like an accountant and actually studied to become one, this is Bone Crushers & Pocket Change. BTW they opened for The Stones in Buffalo this Summer and word has it that they tore it up!
Now I do know one song sung by Dean Martin titled Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket, but I'm gonna take a pass. You check it out or sent me some tunes with "pocket" in the title.
Now put a flower, a rocket and some soul in your pockets for the week end and have a cruching good time!

November 13, 2015

Friday 122

Monday we sadly lost one of the greatest artists the Crescent City or any city has ever spawned. Allen Toussaint. A long and amazing career as a singer-song writer, producer and piano player I Thought we'd give a listen to some of his pieces done by other artists and end with the man himself. You name an artist or group and there's a good chance they covered one of his songs. The O'Jay's, The Hollies, The Yardbird's, The Stones, Warren Zevon, B.J.Thomas, Robert Plant , Robert Palmer, Glen Campbell, The Doors The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, The Meters, Boz Scaggs, Soloman Burke, The LaBelle's and on an on an on..... Here are just a few First from 1966 his composition of Workin' In A Coal Mine sung by Lee Dorsey.
This is The Rolling Stone with Pain In My Heart, originally titled Ruler Of My Heart.
Here's Little Feat with On The Way Down.
Boz Scaggs with Hercules.
The Pointer Sisters and Yes We Can Can.
Bonnie Raitt with What Do You Want The Boy To Do?
Get Out My Life Woman. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.
Finally the man himself with A Certain Girl.
Hope you all enjoyed a little taste of the great Allen Toussaint.
Have a great Friday!
Oh, and on a happier note one of the great composers of our time celebrated his 87th birthday on November 10th. Here is Ennio Morricone's composition of The Crisis from the movie Seven Pounds. Think Eastwood spaghetti westerns and you've got Ennio. Beautiful piece in it's subtle dissonance.

November 6, 2015

Friday 121

So this turns out to be a week that I am slammed with a really really bad stiff neck, a huge Vet bill for our cat Guinness and being pushed into the process of refinancing my home because my Leander has blindsided me with what Leander's and thieves of their ilk do, so I am dealing with personal shit I don't want to deal with BUT that will as always be deal with without it exacting and extract a toll on my psyche. I refuse to allow the banking industry thieves or Vets that seem to charge more for an animal than I'd spend on myself curb my enthusiasm for life in general and specifically Friday Music! They can kiss my old Irish ass! Soooo to the music!
First up from Dion. Yeah, I said Dion. From Dion & The Belmont's! This is from his latest, this is from his CD Tank Full Of Blues, a cut titled Holly Brown.
From Moby's 2014 CD Innocents, this is Perfect Life featuring Wayne Coyne. Doesn'T everyone sing in the streets of LA in Mariachi hats?
Here's a lady that can kick it. This is Liz Vice with Empty Me Out.
Finally, this eerily beautiful Civil War song with it's simple but perfect production using the sound of a finger running around the rim of a glass hits the bottom of my soul. From Robin & Linda Williams, this is The Wars Gone Bad On Me.
Hope your week has gone better that mine! I wish you all good thoughts and splendidly health necks!