Show #141 - #160

September 23, 2016

Friday 160

Well this is gonna be interesting today! I have a piece sent from brother Sean, and two pieces from friends and former students of mine. One of them clearly a piece that's more visual than a music piece, (although there is a pretty sweet tune playing as ambiance in the background) and as I said that piece also has a former student of mine in it.
Soooo let's do this.....
First up is this testosterone driven Scottish street group named Clanadonia. Where have all the real men gone? Clearly to the streets of Edinburgh Scotland. This is Clanadonia.
This piece is from my great friend Ariadna Kryazheva with her version of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.
And finally, another former student of mine, Avi Pryntz, who went off to college and studied circus performance. Yeah you can do that! He has toured and performed internationally with Cirque Du Soleil and is now back in Rochester performing with PUSH Physical Theatre. The artist singing in the background is Son Lux with Lanterns Lit.
Hope you enjoyed today's offerings. I am so very proud of both Ariadna and Avi. I humbly hope I have had some positive influence on their artistic hearts. They are both clearly driven to create. Passing on the desire to create would be a pretty grand footprint in the sand for me.
Have a great Friday and be Kind.

September 19, 2016

Friday 159

Top Of The Mornin;!
So I am pleased to announce to all in the Rochester area that someone that so many of us feel so close to him and his music will be performing here in Rochester NY at Abeline's on Friday September 30th! Step Murphy of The Mighty Stef, will be gracing us with new music and a new musical direction from his new CD Count Vaseline.
And I am equally thrilled to tell you that he has asked my daughter Oona, along with a great friend, Irish Billy Herring of 1916 to open for him! It is mind blowing for me to realize that three people that I love will all be sharing the same stage!
So let us first give a listen to a brand new piece from Stef, and then a piece from 1916 and finally my Oona. I am so happy to get to see my friend Stef, for it has been too long, and I'm sure you can imagine my excitement to have Oona open for him! He and Oona became friends from the first time they met several years ago and Stef has been a great supporter of Oona's writing and songs. Stef tells me that this piece was recorded in Berlin Germany and that all track from his new CD, Count Vaseline were done in Atlanta, Berlin and Dublin Ireland.This is Sleep/Weep.
This is 1916 with For Whiskey. My understanding is that Billy who is the lead singer of 1916 will be doing an acoustic set, but I don't have any of his solo singing, except in my head. So this 1916 with For Whiskey.
And finally my darlin' middle daughter Oona with her own composition, all recorded in bedroom on an ipad. This is Barrettes.
Well there you have it! For those who care and I know there are many of you, I'll see you on the 30th at Abeline's!
One final note today. I was given the sad news yesterday by my brother Sean that our cousin, Kathy Mosey had passed on.
Also my new friend Susan Gibney's mother, begins chemo therapy today, so I ask you to say a prayer for her, as well as for my cousin Kathy.
Have a Friday filled with Kindness & love,

September 9, 2016

Friday 158

Top Of The Mornin":
I have slowly been learning more about the music that my oldest daughter Honora is diging and driving great distances to hear her favs. She is in to an electronic dj jam. Many I know and she was surprised to find out about my very early enjoyment of groups like Tonto's Expanding Headband and Soft Machine. Here is one she likes and is new to me, Big Gigantic featuring GRIZ (who I do know.) This is C'mon.
If you've landed on this shaky ground in your life, then you're in a world of hurt. This is Bobby "Blue" Bland with Double Trouble.
Sweet sweet horns, a tasty hammond b3 and a man in way too deep.
Speaking of Double Trouble, how about the incomparable Steve Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble with,May I Have A Talk With You.
Finally, last week end I was doing my yard work with tunes whacking my ears when this one came up and I thought, how do you not dance when you hear this ? You have to dance! A heads up, don't do it with the lawn mower! Earth Wind & Fire with September. As brother Mike is given to say, TURN IT UP!
Have a dancing fine Friday!

September 2, 2016

Friday 157

Gonna start off with a piece from a fellow Mississippi saxophone player, who sadly passed away last week. Great player, great name. Toots Thielemans. Died at 94. He was 90 when this was recorded! I was a big fan and loved how he played the chromatic harmonica. This is Smile. RIP Toots.
My brother Mike sent me some pieces by Irish singer/song writers that he thought I'd like. He was right. I knew most of them but here are two that were unique to me. First, this is Paul Brady' singing this amazingly still spot on timely piece. The Island.
A favorite song of mine, usually associated with Christy Moore. I would think many believe he wrote it. Here it is sung by its composer, Jimmy McCarthy.This is Ride On.
Finally, this is a very interesting female singer, singing a composition of her's live. I love this piece, hope you all enjoy it as well! This is Emily King singing Georgia. Check out her cut titled Distance from her new cd titled The Switch.
Hope all stays well in your world today.

August 28, 2016

Friday 156

My Music Friend:
Goin' back to the very first release of the wonderful Subdudes. This is Need Somebody. Ain't that the truth!
This is Andrew Bird featuring Fiona Apple. Remember Fiona? Cut is Left Handed Kisses.
This comes from my brother Sean after we were discussing the birthday of our sadly long gone brother Patrick. It is is a very haunting rendition of Sounds of Silence by Disturbed. Thanks Sean.
This is a song that we all have heard from the after the wedding Volvo commercial and it intrigued me to find out who was singing it. My first surprise was that it's a woman when I was sure it was a man. But this is Sharon Van Etten with Every Time The Sun Comes Up.
Finally, this is the Cactus Blossoms with Adios Marie. Shadows of Hank Williams and depending on what song they are singing, like Power Blue you can hear strong shades of The Everly Brothers.
Have fun Friday my friends!

August 19, 2016

Friday 155

So on a weekly basic I can count on some of you to comment on the music that I send to you, but last week had a huge response from the old standards and iconic artists I whacked your ears with so I thought I'd send some more music from my "make my feel good" playlist I recently put together. Here are some favs from, I guess the world section of that playlist.
Love this man, love this song. In fact I pretty much love any song sung in Spanish. This is the legendary Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer who with and like so many other artists disappeared from view when Castro took over Cuba. This is a live rendition of the most beautiful song, Perfume de Gardenia.
Like Ibrahim, this group also disappeared just as they were becoming international stars when the Revolution in Cuba took place. This is rare footage of Los Zafiros singing He Venido.
We move to France for this next tune. This is Paris Combo with Living Room
Also from France, this is Sanserverino with La Cigarette. Tres bon.
From Italy this is Nicola Arigliano with Carina.
Another reason to love those wacky Japanese is this group, Orquestra de la Luz. You know, just another salsa band from Japan! Salsa! Go figure! This is Salsa Caliente del Japon.
Finally the wonderful Gipsy Kings who are from France but sing in their families native Spanish. They fled Spain in the 30's during the Spanish Revolution. Yep. yet another revolution affecting all life. including the arts.This is Bamboleo followed by their take on Volare.
Hope you enjoyed. Have a music filler Friday!

August 12, 2016

Friday 154

Good Mornin' All:
So over the last week or so I have been putting together a playlist of music for my iphone that has a certain feel and time and ability to simply makes me feel happy & content when I hear these songs. From world music to some great old standards that have always been among those songs that just seem to sooth me and lighten my load. So I thought I might share some of them with you all today.
Lets start off with a great Glen Miller composition that I'm sure the moment you hear it, it will touch your musical souls and for those of you old enough to remember hearing it will bring back fond memories. This is Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade. Oh my. Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade
This is an artist that I've always loved and there are many songs to choose from, but lets go with the one that is considered her anthem. This is Edith Piaf with La Vie En Rose.
Another favorite is the great guitarist, Django Reinhardt. This is La Mer. Pretty sure the violin is being played by Stephane Grapelli. Oh, he's up next!
As promised Stephane Grapelli with the added sweetness of footage from the movie Casablanca. When he plays the music seems to comes from his heart and straight through his fingers. And he always had a smile on his face as he played.This is As Time Goes By.
Just had to "throw" in this artist. The great Sidney Bechet with Bechet's Creole Blues.
And because this fine artist who is writing music that has capyured the sound and feel of the thirties, this Pokey LaFarge doing his composition of When Did You Leave Heaven.
Want to finish up with a bang, so here is truly one of my most favorite bands and band leaders Stan Kenton and the Stan Kenton Orchestra.. The California Cool jazz sound. Nothing "cool" about this hot chart! I also chose this banging piece because it features the great Maynard Ferguson on horn. Boy sure can play! And those high notes? My oh my!
This is What's New.
Well there we have it. Hope you enjoyed today's music.
Have a fine Friday!

August 5, 2016

Friday 153

I was in need of something by Father John Misty and I came across this acoustic tribute song to his wife, so I thought I'd share it with you all. This is I Went To The Store One Day.
Thought we'd go to church with Solomon Burke singing None Of Us Are Free, with some pretty talented backup singers, The Blind Boys of Alabama.
From way back in 1971, this is The Stovall Sisters with Hang On In There!
Gonna finish up with another song from 1971, the sweet sound of Little Feat. doing Willin'.
Ok, just one more. Another trucker song with Taj Mahal jammin' Six Days On The Road.
Hope you too see your baby tonight!

July 29, 2016

Friday 152

So last week I had a lot of comments on the guitarist with Jon Cleary and the group Turkuaz. So here are two more from both. First up is Jon Cleary doing a fav of mine titled When You get Back, live from The Basement. You get to hear Cleary kick it on the ivory.
Now live from the studio Turkuaz with Future 86. An AKA thrown down!
Here is a sweet rendition of a song I always associate with Etta James. This is The Frightnrs with I'd Rather Go Blind.
So let's finish up with a couple of fair to middling guitar players. Wink, wick, nudge, nudge. This is Rodrigo Y Gabriela with Diablo Rojo
Yep, having a feisty fine Friday works for moi!

July 22, 2016

Friday 151

Let's Hit It!
Going way back to 1959 to one of the under appreciated voices and one of the all time great names with his signature growl. This is Conwayy Twitty with Lonely Blue Boy. Freakin' Conway Twitty!
Ral Donner is worth a listen to..
Truly one of my most favorite artists, Jon Cleay with his band The Monster Gentlemen at The Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans killin' Help Me Somebody.
Dig the guitar solo by Derwin Perkins.He can flat out play! Mercy!
From Bluegrass Underground this is The Civil Wars with a very interesting rendition of Billy Jean.
Last but certainly not least, from Jam In The Van, this is Turkuaz from Brooklyn NY with Chatte Lunatique.
Have a fine Summer Friday

July 15, 2016

Friday 150

So I had the privileged to see Gregg Allman at The Rochester International Jazz Festival as a guest of my friend Theresa Rose, and had a most enjoyable evening. I wanted to share this cut with you in it's live form like we heard it that night. Turns out Gregg wrote this tune for Cher who he has a very close and loving relationship with to this day. Great tune, great live rendition. Enjoy
Here's an artist that has channeled the spirit of Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. Pretty nice cut.This is Dylan LeBlanc with Cautionary Tale.
Here are two sweet groups playing together. Shovels & Rope & The Milk Carton Kids with Patience.
We will close out with Raphael Saadiq live from the Red Bull Sessions with this fine groove. This here is Movin' Down The Line.
Yeah, as always have a great Friday!

July 8, 2016

Friday 149

Good Mornin':
I meant to do this last week but, well it slipped through my conscious mind. Hey, it happens! The musical world lost a great artist in the beauty of "old time mountain music." I don't even think this type of music was referred to as bluegrass until 1965. The great tenor Ralph Stanley has passed. Been playing and singing since the 1940's. I want to play you his rendition of Oh Death that many of you may know from Brother Where Art Thou. Pretty interesting video of famous peoples death masks.
I recently viewed a pretty interesting movie titled Mississippi Grind which had a sweet soundtrack. From it is the great Junior Kimbrough with Leave Her Alone.
Recently I sent you a piece by Sturgill Simpson's cover of Nirvana's In Bloom with a pretty extraordinary video. So from the same album A Sailor's Guide To Earth, with another visually pleasing video, here is Brace For Impact.
And finally, Cyndi Lauper, from her new album, Detour, this is a live version of the great Patsy Cline's Walkin' After Midnight. That's right Cyndi singing country. Go figure. But she kicks it pretty well!
Here's a picture of Ralph Stanley and his brother Carter from their early days together when Carter did the lead singing and Ralph did the harmonies. FYI Ralph was 89 when he passed on June 23, 2016.
Have a fine Friday!

July 1, 2016

Friday 148

Lets jump in this fine Friday with a funky piece by Charles Bradley titled Ain't It A Sin.
Now here's an interesting artist from the northern provinces of Australia. W.C. Stoneking & His Primitive Horn Orchestra.
A fine composition by Counting Crows titled A Long December.
This is Joseph with White Flag.
And finally, we opened with some horns, so lets close out with some....... This is Jose' James with Trouble.
Have a splendid Friday. I know I will, my friend Theresa is taking me to see Gregg Allman at the Rochester International Jazz Festival and she has VIP tickets!
Woop D Doo!

June 17, 2016

Friday 147

So today I'm turning over Friday Music to my middle daughter Oona who does a weekly radio show through her high school on a local alternative radio station. These tunes are from her last show of the school year. I did notice that there is a theme of love running through all the songs I've picked from her show.
First up is The Brazilian Girls. I found a live performance of the song she played and it's visually pretty interesting. This is Lazy Lover.
This is The Babe Rainbow with Love Forever...
. And now, The Aquadolls with Our Love Will Always Remain.
Going all the way back to 1959, here are The Acorns with Your Name And Mine.
Gonna finish with a local Rochester artist that Oona recently went to see. This is Mikaela Davis with Feels Like Forever.
Have a love filled and loving Friday!

June 10, 2016

Friday 146

How's everyone this fine Friday Morning?
Wanted to start off with a beautiful rendition of Teach Me Tonight from 1954, sung by the great Dinah Washington.
Dinah Washington Teach Me Tonight
From I believe, 2009, Dan Auerbach's first solo album, Keep It Hid. This is The Prowl.
Gregg Allman says he always wanted a band with a horn section. Well now he has it. This is a live performance from Macon Ga. of one of The Allman Brother's most iconic tunes, Midnight Rider.
And finally, this is The California Honeydrops featuring Grace Love & The True Lovers with a fine rendition of Let's Go Get Stoned.
And our pic of the day is "The Greatest," Muhammad Ali.
RIP Champ.
Have a great Friday!

May 27, 2016

Friday 145

Gonna start off with one of the most unappreciated groups and singer kickin' it right now.
This is Alabama Shakes and their amazing singer Brittnay Howard.
Hell, let's do another by them. This is from Austin City Limits and the song is Joe.
This young lady puts a sweet touch to a favorite song of mine by Bill Withers. This is Meg Mac singing Grandma's Hands.
Gonna finish with a favorite of mine that came up on my ipod while getting ready for work the other day. This is by the great Louie Armstrong, The song is St. James Infirmary. One forgets what a great trumpet player he really was and what a soulful singer.
Have a splendid Friday!

May 13, 2016

Friday 144

Gonna jump in today with an oldie from Cab Calloway & The Nicholas Brother with Jumpin' Jive.
This here is The Allman Brothers live with Not My Cross To Bear.
Next up is Lee Fields & The Expressions with Wish You Were Here
Finally a little country swing with Noel Boggs & Wade Ray with It's All Your Fault.
Have a fine Friday
And today's pic is....
A very young Cab Calloway.

May 6, 2016

Friday 143

So today we will have a tune from someone who reminds me of another, one that puts new music to the words of the other, and the other. And today's (early in his career) pics.....

April 22, 2016

Friday 142

Good Morning:
Today for me this will be a very special Friday Music. For those of you who are Irish, (and there are plenty of you on Friday Music,) it will be special for you as well. We are at one of the most iconic times in the history of Ireland, surely The Republic Of Ireland. The Celebration of the Centennial of Bloody Sunday or The Easter Uprising in April of 1916 and the beginning of freedom from British rule for 26 of the Counties of Ireland. We are still working for the eventual free determination of the 6 Northern Counties and the time when there will be Freedom For All Ireland. The exact date of Bloody Sunday would be 4/24/1916. So we are a few days early, but this is as close as we'll come to that date without passing it, so I have chosen several pieces that speak to my heart and hopefully yours. I now choose respectful silence and let these pieces speak for themselves.
I sing the song of the colony How many years and you're still not free And your mother cries and you ask god...
Timothy John Dennis McCormack

April 15, 2016

Friday 141

Mornin" All:
I thought we'd say good bye to another iconic artist today. Merle Haggard. Man wrote and recorded some of the most enduring and beloved C&W songs of all time. So lets start off with Sliver Wings.
This is from the sixth and last album done with his great friend and musical collaborator, Willie Nelson. This is from thrie last album Django & Jimmy This cut is It's All Going To Pot.
This is a tribute to their great friend Johnny Cash titled Missing Ol' Johnny Cash.
Finally from his last TV appearance from December 2015 on Guitar Sessions, one of his most popular tunes. This is Okie From Muskogee. Thanks Merle for all the real country music. BTW, how sweet is this band he's playin' with on this performance.
Have a great Friday my friends: