Show #081 - #100

May 15, 2015

Friday 100

So here's the music I promised from several weeks ago. Hope it was worth the wait. I rather like it all....
First up is a young woman who flat out channels Billie Holiday. Here she is, Madeklne Payroux with Jools Holland singing Careless Love.
Next up,two pieces from Los Straitjackets. First from their latest CD Crime Scene dome live on Conan.
This is a great rendition of those two Italian boys from Jersey, Santo & Johnny's Sleep Walk
Here's an odd little group called Southern Culture On The Skids with Voodoo Cadillac.
How about a little Dale Watson with Down Down Down Down. Sonunds just a wee bit like Johnny Cash. Dale Watson - Down Down Down Down - @Pickathon - Woods Stage
Here's an artist I sent out about a month ago and then heard this on Open Tunings here on Rochester and loved it. This is M Ward with Buddy Hollie's Rave On.
Finally from Buffalo NY a Texas swing band, yeah a Texas swing band from Buffalo! Known as The Skiffle Minstrels with All Night Diner.
Have a great Friday my friends!

May 5, 2015

Friday 099

Mornin' All!
So last week I put on hold a set of music because I was inspired by my Brother Michael by some music he sent me and I said I would get to last weeks planned music this week. I lied. I realized last Saturday that last Friday was Willie Nelson 82 birthday! So I thought I send out a few of my favs of Willie & Trigger. So here we go ya all.
First up from, The Red Headed Stranger. Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain
This is the beautiful Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.
The haunting Always On My Mind.
From the Stardust album Stardust
Willie Nelson - Stardust
Here's an amazing live rendition of Night Life with Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Mercy! Also from the same live concert this is Georgia On My Mind.
Finally probably his most iconic song. A live rendition of Crazy with his life long guitar Trigger.
Actually I will add one more and end with this Waylon Jennings composition. A song that I love sung with his great friend Waylon Jennings doing Luckenback Texas. Love this tune!
Happy Birthday Willie! Kindly have a grand Friday my friends!

May 1, 2015

Friday 098

Feeling somewhat conflict in what direction I wanted to go this week and then realized than the road I don' travel today I can tramp down next week. Soooo I'm going for a somewhat of a mellow sorta folky indie thing today. That said, here we go with our first piece a live cut by Pokey LaFarge with The Devil Ain't Lazy.
Next up a fine live rendition of You Never Need Nobody by The Lone Bellow.
Next we have The Punch Brothers a sorta of new age Bluegrass group with Rye Whiskey. BTW a great mandolin playing!
And finally from Saranic Lake NY Woody Pines with Long Gone.
For those of us who have endured the unending winter the days are finally getting warmer and that upstate NY unlocking of the earth is in full release.
Kindly enjoy the day!

April 24, 2015

Friday 097

Mornin' All:
First, welcome aboard Jonathan Getnick and Dan Hoh of The Jane Mutiny.
Gonna start off with an oldie by Bonnie aitt from her self titled first album from 1971, this is Thank You.
New music from The Decemberists, this is Make You Better from Visualizer.
Also new music from Death Cab For Cutie, this is Black Sun from their newest release Kintsugi.
And one final new piece from Marilyn Mansion's newest release The Pale Emperor, based on the Roman Emperor Constantius. A sick puppy if there ever was one. Not because he's a sick puppy, but because he has been on his own binge odyssey this last week, I dedicate this cut to Patrick Miller, this is Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge.
We'll finish up with something a little less harsh. This is Steve Earl from his latest offering with You're The Best Lover That I Ever Had.
I kindly submit these tunes for our latest edition of Friday Music. Have a fine Friday!

April 17, 2015

Friday 096

What's The Haps Mudflaps!
Left do this......
Here's David Bromberg with a live rendition of Nobody's Fault But My Own.
Check out Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys with Chalk It Up To The Blues.
Staying with the groove of Big Sandy, this is M Ward with Rollercoaster.
Gonna finish up with a couple of tunes from my daughter Oona's radio show from this week. First from 1963 is Francoise Hardy with J'Aurais Voulu.
Here's a group she has made me a fan of, Tame Impala with 'Cause I'm A Man
Finally from Mini Mansions this is their rendition of Heart Of Glass. She played Vertigo on her show but I puked out on sending you the video because I found it a wee bit disturbing to watch and didn't want to freak anyone out. Hell, that ought to peek your interest! Any who Heart Of Glass is pretty sweet as a cover with a very simple but creative video.
Hey! Have a wondrous Friday my friends!
PS: This is a last minute addendum to give our government their just dues and tribute on April 15th.
Tower Of Power from Souled Out with Taxed To The Max.

April 10, 2015

Friday 095

Gonna start off with a sweet live rendition of Love Reign by The Whosung by Bettye LaVette.. Girl can flat out sing!
This is from Rickie Lee Jones. An acoustic version of The Stones Play With Fire.
Don't know how many of you know this artist but the girls got game. Here is Jean Jolly with Tear Soup.
Finally another Stones cover by Playing For Change. Gimme Shelter.

March 27, 2015

Friday 094

Let's jump right in and let me get an Irish artist off my list of "must plays" with a song that should speak to all of us in some way. This is Damien Dempsey with Colony.
From Dylan's latest and perhaps oddest collection of songs, here is The Night We Called It A Day.
Staying in the vain of oddness. This is Tune Yard with We're All Water.
Might just as well stay in the "thats odd" vain. From 1988 a live performances of Don Was's Was Not Was group featuring Frank Sinatra Jr. singing Wedding Vows In Vegas. BTW the dude in the pimp hat is singing background vocals is Pea Wee Atkinson that Don Was discovered standing outside the studio he was recording at in Detroit in the early 90's and Was engaged Pea Wee in conversation and found out he could sing, so we'll finish up with Pea Wee doing lead vocals for Don Was on Slow Down.
Spring has sprung so kindly have a fine Friday!

March 13, 2015

Friday 093

Top Of The Mornin'!
With St. Patrick's Day around the corner I thought I'd send you some of my favorite Irish Bands and songs today. And yes there are many fine bands to choose from, these are but a few that I hope will move you and get you in the spirit for St. Patty's Day!
Lets get started with an oldie by Thin Lizzy. Whiskey In The Jar.
Next is Dropkick Murphy with I'm Shipping Up To Boston.
A favorite of mine by The Cranberries. Zombie.
Let's sweetly sadden it with a great Irish Traditional done by The Chieftains and Van Morrison. If always brings to mind my own Da.
Love this band, From Dublin Ireland, Bell X 1 with Tongue.
From The Waterboys, A Girl called Johnny.
And just, well, because I really like the group and their irreverent take on everything. The Rubberbandits with Black Man.For you Rubberbandit novices should check out I Wanna Fight Your Father and Spastic Hawk.
Also a favorite f mine is Ride On sung by Christy Moore.
Another favorite song and groups is The Parting Glass by The High Kings. This is a must include song.
Although not from Ireland but worthy of being included today. Here is Rochester NY own 1916 with Back Home In Derry. BTW 1916 will be playing at Irish Night at The Rochester American's hockey game tonight and Billy Herring will be singing both the Canadian and American anthems. Back Home In Derry
Finally my favorite Irish band and also from Dublin, here is one of my favorite songs of theirs and one of my most favorites in recent years. The Mighty Stef with If You Can't Give Me Everything. Have a grand St. Patty's Day my Brothers!
With the Profound Kindness of St. Patrick I wish you a Gand Friday and a joyful St. Patty's Day!
PS: Today's music is dedicated to the loving memory of all those we've loved and lost. Especially Brian, Youngblood and Willie.

March 6, 2015

Friday 092

Mornin' All!
We will begin today's music with a remembrance of the late great Patsy Cline who was killed in a plane crash 52 years ago yesterday.
Here is Willie Nelson's sweet composition of Crazy.
Now let's jump on an exquisite oldie by the legendary Phoebe Snow. Here is her rendition of Teach Me Tonight.
How about some new music from Bob Seger? Yeah new tuneage from Bobby Seger. This is a rather country flavor tune from his new CD Run Out titles California Stars. Boy can still bring it!
New music today from Steve Earle thanks to Mike Holm This is from Steve's new release titled Teraplane. The cut is You're The Best Lover I Ever Had.
Finally for those of you that fine classical music a little stodgy or dull, well then this should tickle your fancy! This is Salut Salon with Wettsteit zu viert.
Bring it girls!
Smile, say hello to a strange and as always be KIND!

February 27, 2015

Friday 091

So I was out doing what I do everyday which means lots of windshield time and time to listen to the music that moves or inspires me to keep me occupied as I trek through my day and I incidentally had two songs in a row with coffee connections play off a shuffled mp3 disc and I though perhaps I'd send you some of my favorite songs that elude to coffee. Several have been sent out in the past but I believe they make a nice playlist together. Sooo here we go.
First up is Sylvan Esso live on KEXP doing Coffee.
This is the great Rosemary Clooney singing Black Coffee. Great baritone sax.
This is Squeeze with Black Coffee In Bed.Really like this song!
This is the incomperable Otis Redding tearing up Cigerettes & Coffee. Lord have mercy
I kindly submits this coffee songs and hope you have a great Friday! Sure the hell hope it warms up soon!
Oh, and welcome aboard Tim Ireland! Now that's a great name!

February 13, 2015

Friday 090

Hey All!
I was watching TV several weeks ago as a documentary on American sex slavery began on PBS and this song by Magnetic Man opened the presentation. It is sung by John Legend and is titled Going Nowhere. I find it to be a very moving piece.
This is a relitively new group to me and I really like what they're puttin' down. So I will send you two cuts by them. This is St. Germaine with Rose Rouge. Opening reminds me of Dave Brubeck's intro to Take Five.
Also from St. Germain this is Sure Thing with sampeling from John Lee Hooker. Righteous sound.
And here are a couple of tunes from a wonderful little film titled Chef. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you do. First up is A Message To You Rudy by Grant Phabao.. Go ahead don't dance. Really try not to dance!.
Finally a really nice instrumental version of Sexual Healing by The Hot 8 Brass Band. And I found a raw live version of it. Enjoy and kindly have a stupendous Friday!

February 2, 2015

Friday 089

Hey All:
I'm sure by now you've all become aware of certain artists that I have strong leaning toward and some of the music that particularly moves me. Well first up is an artist that moves me singing a tribute cover of Jackson Browne's great song from Looking Into You. This is The Pretender sung by Lucinda Williams.
Also from Looking Into You a pretty sweet rendition of These Days by Don Henley with Blind Pilot.
Rather like this one. Richard Thompson with Dad's Gonna Kill Me.
Let's finish up with two cuts from an under appreciated artist, especially from this album, Famous Blue Raincoat.All songs are Leonard Cohen's and on this cut some pretty tasty guitar by Stevie Ray Vaughn, This is First We Take Manhattan. We will end with the haunting A Singer Must Die. I'm sure there are more than a few of you that can relate to Cohen's lyrics. I recommend you give a listen to the entire CD.
Have a great Friday!

January 30, 2015

Friday 088

I made up a new mp3 disk for my car and here are a few of the songs I've been enjoying.
This is Big Jay McNeely with There Is Something On Your Mind.
Here's The Red Light Kings with Bullet In My Hand
This group is KONGOS with Come With Me Now.
How about The Head and The Heart with Down In The Vally.
Really like this one by The Dirty Dozen titled The Corner Of The Block
My nephew Collin send me this artist but not this song but I send it to you . This is Sean Rowe with Thunderbird.
Finally Robert Randolph with Ain't Nothing Wronf With That.
Have a great Friday.

January 23, 2015

Friday 087

Let's start the day off with a fine piece by The Subdudes titled I've Got All The Time In The World.
Next up today is a piece from the up coming new release by JD McPherson whom many of you liked from his debut CD Signs & Signafiers. This is the title cut from Let The Good Times Roll.
This JD live with a cut from his debut CD. This is North Side Gal.
To stay in a similar groove this is Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Some of you may remember them from a great little film titled Swingers. This is the Daddy's wailing on Diga Diga Doo!
Finally my darlin' friend Ariadna Kryazheva and her honey David Harewood with a new composition titled Another. If you dig this cut go to their web site and you can check out other cuts, pics etc. Enjoy!
Hey, have a kind and productive Friday! This one's for you Willie!

January 16, 2015

Friday 086

Mornin' All:
I'm gonna start off with asking you all to go to the link and check out Will Pfrang, the son of one of ytwo of my best friends Chuck & Julie Pfrang. Type in Will Pfrang or All Figured Out and check out this young mans unfaltering love of music and if you are moved to do so, well hell, lend a hand. Kids got chops and has the heart of and angel.
Here's another by Will. He is releasing this song and if I can get into a studio here in Rochester I will lay down a harmonic track for Will. This is Hit Or Miss.
I heard this last week end sitting in my car waiting for my daughter Oona to come out from a doctor's appointment. The show was Afro Pop and this is a group put together by Yo Yo Ma called The Silk Road Ensemble. This stunning piece of a mixture of European classical musicians and folk artists make a magical mix for a Persian folk song entitled Ascending Bird. Hope you like it as much as I did!
This is a young woman that can flat out kick old school country. This is Ashley Monroe live at The Grand Old Opry singing The Morning After.
This is the lead singer from The Carolina Chocolate Drops Rhiannon Giddens with a cut from her upcoming new release. Her rendition of an iconic Nina Simone song. This is Black Is The Color
Finally we hear from the very interesting Austin singer song writer, Shakey Graves at home with Esme Patterson singing Dearly Departed and a piece titled Late July.
Kindly have a great Friday my friends.

December 26, 2014

Friday 085

Dear Friends:
Sadly once again we suspend Friday music. For the second time in less than a month we pause to broken hearty remember another fallen brother, husband, father and friend. My grand friend of almost 30 years, Jim "Youngblood" Becker, who suddenly and tragically left us on December 5, 2014. Youngblood was one of the first people I wanted to become apart of Friday Music and he loved getting the music every Friday and often commented to me on what pieces moved him. In life what moved Jimmy was his wife Tammy and his three beautiful children Collin, Mallory and Gavin.
I met Jim working on Star Trek:TNG and we instantly became friends and have remained so all these years later. I will miss him with all my heart. A reminder of the fragility of life, the delicate balance between here and there. So hug someone you care about and tell them that you love them. This goes out to you Youngblood and to your family who you loved so completely.
Again, find a little kindness in your hearts and share it with someone in need.


December 19, 2014

Friday 084

Merry Christmas!
Yeah, that right, time for some Christmas music for Friday Music. Hell, we all have favorites so here are few of mine to all of you.
Nothing more need be said except Marry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and may peace and kindness abound and surround us all in our's and our families lives! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

December 12, 2014

Friday 083

So today we will start off with a tribute to two legendary artist who passed recently. Many of us were fans but the first artist was a particular favorite of my brother Mike and Stef Murphy as was the second artist for Stef. They are saxophonist Bobby Keys who played on many of the great tunes for The Rolling Stones and the keyboardist for The Small Faces Ian McLagan. I choose this Stones song because brother Mike rather likes it as do I and I love it's simplicity. This is Sweet Virginia from Exile On Main St.
From Small Faces I give you a very old live performance of Itchycoo Park
My friend Sarah Bookman has gotten me into watching Sons Of Anarchy and sent me this fine tune used in the series. This is Ed Sheeran with Make It Rain. Thanks Sarah!
Finally from me to you this is Eilen Jewell with I Remember You. Love this woman's voice!
So have an excellent Friday! I personally was anticipating an exceptionally excellent one and I still plan on a great day but shit happens and exceptional, as of this writing, would seem to be off the board, but hey, you adjust. Adjust to the ever changing nature of the unpredictability of life. I choose to adjust with kindness. Hopefully you will to my music friends. Have a great day!

November 28, 2014

Friday 082

A Sad Good Morning My Music Friends:
I have chosen to suspend our usual Friday Music for this week out of respect for the passing of a grand friend to me and many of you, Brian O'Reilly. Brian passed early Monday afternoon after a titanic fight against the ravages of that insipid fiend,Cancer. He was one of the finest men I ever had the privilege of calling my friend and my Brother. For those of you around this now diminished spinning marble I've included a picture of him from merely two months ago at the Rochester Irish Festival. How quickly life can and will change. BUT look at that smile! If you didn't, you should have know him.
We will remember him and all his kindness and charitable ways with one of his favorite songs. A prophetically accurate reflection of his passing. Tis an Irish drinking song to end an evening and yet today it speaks better than anything I could ever say about him as a man, a husband, a father and the best friend one could ever be fortunate enough to been honored to have and hold. This is The Parting Glass sung by The High Kings.
Brian you will be missed and loved as long as one of your friend can draw a breath. And you had so many many friends. In moratorium to Brian O'Reilly. Sail home and be at peace with all those near and dear to you who have gone before you. I hope this song finds it's way to you one last time and that you're tipping a glass of Guinness with St. Patrick!
Oh yes, and as I always do I remind and employ you all to be kind.

November 14, 2014

Friday 081

Mornin' All:
Figured out I hit SEND by accident the other day! Well lets rewind and do this again and forgive me the screw up from Wednesday! Soooo as I said from the incomplete Friday music you got I did a performance of my show "An Evening With Mark Twain on Monday and on the ride home I got to thinking about Twain as a pilot on the Mississippi and him in New Orleans and all that great music that I love so very much. So I thought let's give a listen to just a few that I like and I hope you find worthy of a listen.
First up with the anthem of New Orleans is Professor Longhair with Mardi Gras In New Orleans
One of my most favorite artist of any music genre is Jon Cleary. Here he sings the paint off of Frenchmen Street Blues. My my my.
another iconic Big Easy artist is John Boutte. This is him singing Sam Cook's A Change Gonna' Come
Be foolish to leave this guy out! Fats with Walking To New Orleans.
Again New Orleans own Louis Prima with Buona Sera.
Ain't New Orleans without The Big Easy's Lloyn Price with Stagger Lee.
Same with Louis Armstrong Here's Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
Bringin' a little funk with Bonarama doing Whipping Post.
More funk with The Rebirth Brass Band doing Rebirth Groove.
Gotta have some Dr, John! Here's Max with The Band from the Last Waltz doing Such A Night. Sweet....
Can't be The Big Easy without Sidney Bechet. Here is the haunting Creole Blues.
How about James "12" & Trombone Shorty with Ohh Poo Pah Doo!
Gotta have a little Creole music. So here's Buckwheat Zydeco with Tee Nah Nah.
Well a little tour of the Big Easy. Hope you enjoyed it.
Be happy be kind. Have a great Friday! Bon Ton Roula!