Show #061 - #080

November 7, 2014

Friday 080

Mornin' All:
Feelin' a need for a little old school love & funk. So lets jump back to 1981 with The Whispers with Love Is Where You'll Find It.Come on now, cuddle up with someone and tell them you love them!
Believe I've sent out a song or two by Spoon sometime back but I saw them do this one live on The John Stewart Show last week and they blew me away with how good they were playing live. And how young. So I share Inside Out from the Texas band Spoon's latest release, They Want My Soul.
I was up in Amherst Ma. visiting my darlin' girl Sarah a few weeks ago and she took me out to a bar called The O's where a young local band was setting up and they had their iphone hooked up to the PA system and this group caught my attention and I got their info and I share them with you today. This is from jazz trumpet player Roy Hardgrove's 2003 release Hard Grove and the cut is titled Poetry featuring Erykah Badu on vocals and Q-Tip laying down the rhyme.
Thought we'd finish up with a sad good bye to the legendary bass player Jack Bruce who passed last week. Thought it would be fitting to do a live version of Cream tearing it up on Crossroads. Eric, Ginger and Jack made some fine music together. RIP Jack.
Hey. Have a great Friday! Remember someone you knows needs a little kindness. So be kind my friends......

October 31, 2014

Friday 079

Happy Halloween!
Gonna do some musical treats to celeberate a day that many of us young and old simply love celebrating!How about starting off with Screamin' Jay Hawkins and I Put A Spell On You.
This is Bobby Pickett with Monster Mash.
Here's Jeff Beck from his first solo album featuring Rod Steward with Ain't Superstitious.
My favorite. Tom Waits with Whats He Building In There?
So lets finish up with Michael Jackson's Thriller.
Have a happy and scary Halloween, but be kind with your scariness.

October 24, 2014

Friday 078

Hey My Music Lovers:
Today we will begin with an artist that's been around for quite some time and I think it's time we give him a listen. This is a young Daniel Lanois with The Maker.
Now this is a newer artist to me and I'm really diggin' on her voice. I'm including two songs. The first is her live with Daniel Lanois from their album Black Dub. This is Trixie Whitley & Daniel Lanois with Surely.
Wasn't that fine? Here Trixie is singing the evocative Breath You In My Dreams.
This one is borrower from my own collection. This is Chuck Prophet with Ford Econoline.
And finally this is blue because I'm blue over the loss of such a great artist and singer. In moratorium, for the great Tim Hauser, the founder of The Manhattan Transfer I leave you with one of my most favorite pieces that they sang. From their first album this is Operator. Seems appropriate
You all have a kind and happy Friday. I expect to have a grand day and I wish you the same!

October 10, 2014

Friday 077

Mornin' All:
Let's jump right in with something old from The Doors. A live performance of 5 To 1 with some nice old footage from way back in the day.
Something new is from a brand new double album release from Lucinda Williams. Here's Foolishness from Where The Spirit Meet The Bone. Next up is another piece borrowed from Brother Jake. Here's the beautiful Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys doing The Power. Finally with something blue is an artist I really like. He's probably in his late 20's now and still singin' old school and just a tad like Sam Cook. Here's Ryan Shaw singing live Evermore.
Have a great Friday filled with music you love and as always.... Kindness

October 3, 2014

Friday 076

Happy Friday!
First thing up this week is that Brother Jake Publicover will be the originator of the "Something Borrower" segment of our Friday Music for the next several weeks. Jake sent me some interesting music and I will week by week send out the pieces he's chosen. Thanks Jake!
That said my first piece is a little diddy from back around, I believe 1965. A rather haunting composition by The Cryin' Shames, This is Please Stay.
Something new comes from my daughter Oona. This is a band that she's really into and I'm rather taken by,,, There is something engaging in there almost dysfunctional, atonal and dissident harmony's, but very interesting. Some of you may know Julian from The Strokes. Here's Julian Casablancas + The Voidz with Human Sadness.Long piece but worth the listen. Enjoy!
Now this is our first piece from Jake an artist I really like but I did not know this piece. This is Frank Turner with Good and Gone
This weeks installment of Something Blue comes to us by way of The Count Basie Orchestra with the great Joe Williams kickin' it live on Everyday I Have The Blues. Yes indeedy!!!
As always try a little kindness today. It couldn't hurt.

September 19, 2014

Friday 075

Hey Guys:
Seems that somehow I lost my draft for Friday music so on the run I'll do it again!
This is the last week end of Summer so lets all enjoy it!
First up to day is a live version of a guilty pleasure of mine by 10CC I'm Not In Love. You know like Player Baby Come Back.
Because the Summer is quickly unwinding the newest from The Beach Boys with Summers Gone.
I'm borrowing this from Brother Chuck Pfrang The Groove Hogs with The Blues Is My Business! Lord YES!
That last cut certainly covers the blues but I used it as something borrowed. So today's blues cut comes from a live piece from Little Feat. From 1975 here's Spanish Moon with the Tower Of Power horn section. Sweet!
Hope your last week end of Summer is filled with sunshine and kindness. Me I'm off to do a fantasy and SiFi Convention this week end. Hope you enjoy today's selections!

September 12, 2014

Friday 074

Hey My Music Mavens!
First we welcome aboard 6 new fans of Friday Music and we say a fond farewell to the boys of The Mighty Stef. Stefan, Gary, Brian and Dan. Safe home to Dublin. It has been a grand Summer with you all personally in mine and Oona's lives. And all the music..... Stupendous!
So lets get started. As an homage to the Mighty Stef, here's The Spaniels with Goodnight Sweetheart.
Something new comes to you from a group called Kindness. I really like this group and there were several great cuts to choose from but I went with World Restart. Funkifize my soul.
Borrowed this from Scott Regan some time back. Our second Brother group in two weeks. Here are the Barr Brothers with Half Crazy. Love this group!
And finally something blue. How about Brother Ray Charles from a great 1961 album titles Genius + Soul = Jazz. Here's I've Got News For You.
And as a farewell to The Mighty Stef, from their newest CD Year of The Horse, here is a bonus track, Stella. Safe home boys!
As always, kindness, always kindness....

September 5, 2014

Friday 073

Hey Musical Friends:
First Friday in September. Where has another Summer gone. My oldest Honora is now matriculating at Niagara University and the other two are doing their thing. Mailli trying out for a school play and Oona becoming a DJ on her high school radio station. Me, I'm enjoying my old friends and one rather special new friend. Nice making a new friend when you least expect it.
Sooo, something old, How about we head back to what is considered by many as the first rock & roll song. From 1951 on Chess Records, Ike Turner with Rocket 88!
For something new I send you The Wood Brothers with Loaded.
This next selection is borrowed from my nephew Collin in California who is heading home along with my brother Mike in the near future and I can't wait to wrap my arms around them both. This is Odesza with Say My Name.
Finally, something blue. Here is Sharron Robinson with Leonard Cohen live in London with Ms. Robinson's singing Boogie Street.
Hope you have a beautiful late Summer Friday and that all is well in your world. Remember kindness is contagious.

August 28, 2014

Friday 072

Mornin' All
Inspired from Steph Murphy & The Mighty Steph, who for them are happily heading back to Dublin Ireland but sad for those of us who love their music and there kind friendship, Something old this week is something that they do so well is Jackie Wilson. Here is Jackie doing a live version of Higher & Higher.
I have lots of new music but I will go with an artist I really love. Fink from his new CD Hard Believer, here is Looking Too Closely. Great video as well....
Something Borrowed again comes David Dye & World Cafe. Here is Wheat with I Met A Girl.
Something Blue is provided from a new CD by Booker T Jones with Poncho Sanchez doing 66 Impala. Yeah Booker T from Green Onions. He's still around and kickin' out some fine music!
I am also adding an addendum to the last two weeks of Friday music with a Beatles cover by Delbert McClinton and a spiritual one by Johnny Cash. Have an outstanding Friday my friends! I will be in the wind first thing this morning taking my oldest and most beautiful daughter off to begin her college life at Niagara University. A bitter sweet day. So please keep a kind thought for me as I literally let go of my darlin' daughter. They don't tell you about these meloncolially feelings when they are babes. At any rate have a great Friday and God willing I'll send you some worthy tunes next Friday!

August 22, 2014

Friday 071

Mornin' All:
So today we begin something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Only trouble is that the first "new" piece is also kinda blue. That said here is my first offering for this week.
Something old, an all time favorite of mine from 1956, on King Records, Bill Doggett with his smokin' hot hit, Honky Tonk Parts 1&2
Now this is the new artist to me and kinda blue, Ella Eyre singing and singing quite nicely, If I Go.
Borrowed from Smith College radio station in Northampton Ma. when I was up there last weekend doing a SiFi Con and met so many wonderful people including Sarah Bookman. So here is Toy with Lost My Way.
Finally something blue. Here is Bobby "Blue " Bland tearin' up with Double Trouble.
Have a smashing Friday filled with fun, friends and frivolity!

August 15, 2014

Friday 070

Lots of positive feed back fro the Beatles covers! I am working out a new lineup for future Fridays. Perhaps something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Something new could simply be something new to me. Something borrowed could be a tune someone else turned me on to or I heard and something blue could be the blues or R&B etc.
BUT this week I got it in my head to send out some ditties inspired by a song I recently ran across that has a rather interesting vedeo and point of view about God. Sooo I started thinking about songs about God or mentioning God and here are just a few.
Because we had the Beatles last week how about we start off with George Harrison's My Sweet Lord.
Here's a fav of mine by The Relatives titles Things Are Changing.
How about a little Tom Jones. Yep I said Tom Jones! Here is a live version of Burning Hell. Studio version is sweet too.
Just gotta have Joan Osborne with One Of Us.
Good God Almighty here's The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi with Why.
I really don't care what each of your belief systems are BUT if thise piece doesn't move you simply as a great piece of music, well then nothing will. This is Bishop Hezekiah Walker with David Hollister performing Grateful. Grateful by Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir with Dave Hollister
Ok, lets lighten it up with Bobby Bare with Drop Kick Me Jesus.
Just gotta have The Blind Boys Of Alabama with Amazing Grace.
Ben Harper & The Blind Boy of Alabama with I Shall Not Walk Alone. Enough said.
Another favorite artist of mine is Cody ChesnuTT. Here's Till I met Thee.
Finally the group and song that inspired me to this weeks Friday Music. XTC with Dear God.
I'm off to outside of Boston today with a fellow actor from The Star Trek franchise, JG Hertzler. He was a klingon on Deep Stase Nine and the first feature length Next Generation movie. We are both guests at a new convention called In-Con-seivable. Should be fun. I personally am in need of some light hearted fun. Hope you all have a FUN Friday!

August 8, 2014

Friday 069

So I was in Port Washington Wisconsin this last week and I always take along a goodly number of CD's with mp3 files so I have a lot to choose from and on the drive back I pulled out a compilation of Beatles tunes and got to thinking what are some of the covers of their music that I like.So here are more than a few. I'm sure you have some too. I hope you enjoy them.

First up is KJ Denhert with Help
Really like this version of Let It Be from Across the Universe sung by Timothy Mitchum and Carol Woods.
Here's a really nice take on Don't Let Me Down by The Stereophonics.
Junior Parker with an interesting rendition of Taxman.
Nice cover of I'm Only Sleeping by The Vines.
Or how about The Stone Temple Pilots doing Revolution.
Love this one! Jake Shimabukuro doing As My Guitar Gently Weeps on the Ukulele.
Then there's The Kaiser Chiefs doing Getting Better.
How about the Black Crows with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
Here is Rufus Wainwright with Across The Universe.
From The Transatlantic Sessions Emmylou Harris with For No One.
A long time favorite artist of mine is Richie Havens. Here is a live version of Here Comes The Sun.
Back to Across The Universe with Joe Cocker doing Come Together and Joe Anderson singing I Want You/She's So Heavy.
Across The Universe - Come Together
Finally a very young Joe Cocker at Woodstock wailing on a silly, fun video of With A Little Help From My Friends. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then, well you don't have a face!
Have a kind Friday my Friends!

July 31, 2014

Friday 068

Lots of positive feedback from the Icelandic set of music. I have had several of you suggest music and I'm down with that! Opening new musical doors for us all to learn and love!
I have two rather new pieces and one old one for you today and several from my daughter Oona who has turned me on to several groups that I really like.
And how cool is that!
So lets get started with the very talented Laura Mvula with Green Garden.
This is from the new Ray LaMontagne CD which was produced by Dan Auerback of The Black Keys, and is rather reminiscent of psychedelic 60's music.
This cut is Lavender.
This is a Van Morrison song that I dusted of from a GREAT CD Hymns To The Silence titled Take Me Back. You fans of Van (and who isn't) know how he can keep a song going and take you to that special place where hair stands up on your neck. Well this is one of those songs. You know, I think I will add another piece from the same CD because he tells you so beautifully about growing up in Ireland. That piece is Hyndford St. An absolute favorite of mine!
Here is the first piece Oona turned me on to, it's by Temples. Very much reminds me of The Beatles, especially the beginning of Ticket To Ride. Here is Shelter Song
This one is from a bit like John Lennon from Tame Impala with Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.
Finally from Bad Suns, Cardiac Arrest. You too can add to the weekly tunage. Just send me some favs.
As always have a great Friday. I'll be sending this out late Thursday because the girls and I will be on a wee road trip to Port Washington Wisconsin to see family! Remember kindness is about treating others the way you want to be treated. Have a sweet Friday!!!

July 25, 2014

Friday 067

Top Of The Mornin':
I have been of late, intrigued by the music coming out of Iceland. And yes we all know Bjork and I will play her, but there seems to be a movement of music coming from this small country. And having spent some time with it there is an eclectic, aerial quality running through out all of it it. There is simplicity and challenging complex abstraction, darkness, and a feel of electronicia, even when the musicians are playing straight up. And it has taken me a while to wrap my head around some of it, but the more I listen the more I like what these massively bold and talented and sometimes very oddly abstract artists from this tiny country are attempting and I think succeeding at. It also seems to me that these artists must have access to some kick ass weed! Or maybe it's just the climate that nurtures this music. It also seems to be a desired destination for many travelers. Anyway I'm sending you some of what I have distilled down to a manageable playlist. Sooo here we go.
Yeah, Bjork was the first artist I ever heard from a country that everyone seems to want to visit of late. You can play anything of hers and she sound like no one else. So here is "Army Of Me." Next is Gizmo with "We Made God." Rather like this group and I include a live performance by Mono Town of "Two Bullets" complete with a string quartet and choir. Here is Olafur Arnalds with his composition of "Old Skin." I think this is a pretty little tune by Asgeir with "King And Cross. This is one of the hottest artists from Iceland right now, so I give you a live performance of Mammut with "Leggdu Mig I Salt." This next group has been featured on Game Of Thrones. Here is Sigur Ros with "Olson Olson."
So by now that whole abstract ethereal thing must be clear. Yes? Well now check out Solstafir with "Fjara." More light happy music from Vigri with "Sleep." We will finish up with a wildly popular group, Of Monsters And Men with "Little Talks." Hope you enjoyed the music coming out of Iceland and that you have a spectacular Friday with smiles and laughter and of course kindness.

July 18, 2014

Friday 066

I sent you a collection of coffee songs last week but began with the two artists I saw at The Big Rib Blues Festival, James Hunter Six & Shemekia Copeland. Well here are two more that I unfortunately couldn't get to and one I did hear, but at Sheridan's Irish Pub, The Might Stef from Dublin Ireland. Their new CD "Year Of The Horses" is outstanding so I will include a favorite of my darlin' middle daughter Oona, Vampire Hold Me Tight.
But first, Playing For Change with Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground. And Ben E King's Stand By Me. Next we have the sweet styling of Kelly Hunt with Sad Cafe.
Now The Mighty Stef's Vampire Hold Me Tight! From the CD Blues Lounge, a remix of an old blues standard. Here's Tangle Eye with Parchment Blues. Finally, we go old school with a sweet sweet rendition of Billie Holiday singing Getting Some Fun Out Of Life.
As always have a grand Friday filled with kindness.

July 11, 2014

Friday 065

As I'm sure you know I put this music together in advance so I had a set groove for today, but I just got in from the opening night of The Big Rib Music Festival here in Rochester. And I saw two favorite artists of mine Thursday night. The Jams Hunter Six and Shemekia Copeland, so I've added a cut from each before the set that is already cued up. James Hunter doing Walk Away and Ms. Copeland doing In My Own Tears. Both knocked it out of the park last night!
Not something I usually do, but we will have a Friday Music which is thematic. This Friday because I was inspired by a Rose Mary Clooney song, which led me to three other songs songs that I love and hope you do too. So today I share them with you.
First up is Black Coffee In Bed by The Squeeze. Another favorite artist of mine and a guy you can't ever go wrong with, Otis Redding. From 1966 Cigarettes & Coffee. I have always been a fan of this group and when she was a toddler my oldest Nora would sing with me to their sweet, hot tune, Java Jive. Here are The Ink Spots. Go ahead sing along, "A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, boy." Finally from Rose Mary Clooney around 1964, here she is singing her amazingly haunting bluesy rendition of a song titled Black Coffee. Great baritone sax to boot. Hope you enjoy the coffee set and have an grand Summer Friday! And Jeff, welcome aboard,,,,finally!

July 4, 2014

Friday 064

Happy Independence Day!
First, not to fear, I will end Friday Music with a 4th of July patriotic tune, but let's start with a song that was inspired by my Brother Mike. Mike was the originator of Friday Music and then I would send him my Friday responses. He has since stopped doing ever Friday but I have continued and have been for several years sending out music to a growing number of music lovers.
This first piece was inspired by him sending his "Occasional Music" out to friends of which I'm sure there are more than several of you that get them. He sent a piece this week of The Jazz Crusaders that reminded him of Summer nights, and he mentioned how Steely Dan would have been a great choice and I as a lover of this iconic group chose to send you a live version of a fav of mine that always reminds me of Summer in LA. I've lived the opening line. "Drive West on Sunset to the sea." Here's Babylon On Sisters. Next is a new artist to me. Reminds me a wee bit of the lead singer of The Kings of Leon. He is a musical discovery of Paul McCartney. Check out the beautiful build of the the harmonics. Dan Croll with Home, a concept that we all relate to one way or another. I wonder how many of you know this sweet piece from Van Morrison. From Too Long In Exile, I'll Take Care Of You.
This next cut is from the sound track of the first movie Mick Jagger acted in back in 1970, Memo From Turner. Among the players on this cut are Ry Cooder on steel guitar, Steve Winwood and Randy Newman on keyboards. So I thought we finish off with two more favs on mine by Ry and Randy. Here's Down In Hollywood and as I said earlier we would finish up with something patriotic. Randy Newman fits that bill with Let's Drop The Big One.
Happy 4th!

June 27, 2014

Friday 063

Good Mornin' My Friends:
Sadly we have yet again, several artist to bit a fond musical farewell.
First "occasionally" I get music from my Brother Mike in LA and he like many of you is an amazing wealth of history and music. So I actually expected to hear from him about two of these artists. Little Jimmy Scott and Horace Silver. Both musical icons in the jazz genre and ones I loved. Jimmy Scott never got the recognition I thought he deserved, but perhaps if you don't know him, you too may discover his unique voice and phrasing. So I thought I'd give you a taste of him as an older ripe vintage. Here is a live rendition of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. And as a much younger man with I Wish I Knew. God I loved Horace Silver and there are soooo many to charts to chose from, but I think Brother Mike nailed it with Senor Blues. Here is a video from 1959 of the sweet sweet sound of "The Cool Jazz" of The Horace Silver Quartet. Well we now take a hard turn to an artist I really like with a unique rendition of a Beach Boys tune. Here is Dave Alvin with Little Surfer Girl. Please excuse the gratuitous pictures of beautiful young woman in bikinis! BTW how many of you are familiar with Dave Alvin? Perhaps mentioning The Blasters will refresh your memories. Sweet singer and guitarist and a great Summertime tune. I sent this Blasters tune out some months ago, but its worth another listen for musical juxtaposition. Hell download it and get it on your car system. This is a road trip tune!The Blasters Dark Night. This last piece comes from a fellow Friday Music Member Mike Holm, also with extensive and varied music knowledge. He's the kind of guy who can tell you who the third chair players name was in a 1939 Duke Ellington sax section! We were talking over a pint and he asked me if I knew the album Rough Cut and I said I didn't, which surprised Mike. He assured me it was worth my time and needless to say he was right. So from Rough Cut, a labor of love between Ronnie Lane & Peter Townshend our final piece is April Fool.
Enjoy the day. Remember it isn't that hard to be kind.....

June 20, 2014

Friday 062

Today I ask your indulgences, as I am going to play some music for my oldest daughter Honora who will graduate from Brighton High School this coming Tuesday and then her mother and I will be sending her on her way to Niagara University to get started on the next phase of her life and enjoy her getting started on new memories. So today's music is for you Nora, I hope you enjoy these songs. I hope you all enjoy these songs. Any and all of you that have raised a child, knows the bitter sweet knowledge of letting go. BTW there are at least two of you that are apart of Friday music that are alumni of Niagara and one an official currently at Niagara University. Go Purple Eagles!
My first offering is from Loudon Wainwright III titled That's My Daughter. Next is an obvious choice, but smack dab on the money. Joni Mitchell with The Circle Game. Okay, what can I say, this one makes my heart ache a wee bit. Next is a favorite of mine from the now distant past when I was first leaving home resonated with me. So we come full circle and I offer it to my darlin' daughter. This is Tom Rush with Child's Song. And finally, if this doesn't tug at your heart strings (and it tugs hard at mine) well then you have no heart! Suzy Bogguss with Letting Go. A hard thing, letting go, but forever inevitably.
To you Honora, with love from your Da.
Have a grand Friday filled with kindness and love.

June 13, 2014

Friday 061

Bon Jour:
Gonna begin and end with two from back in the day. Both were sixteen when they recorded huge hits. First is Alex Chilton who had a wonderful career as a singer songwriter. He didn't write this one and he recorded it when he was barely 16 and it was a HUGE hit. Here is The Box Tops with The Letter. Good God Almighty what a voice! We follow that with some new music from St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Is there a more unlikely lead funk singer? Gonna be sharing my love of electronic techno blues from time to time. And this is one of those times. Here is Little Axe from The Wolf That House Built with Ride On. Another young-blood is Alan Stone. Here he is at 21 with Daryl Hall doing Unaware. Finally this artist started with the Spencer Davis Group when he was 14! Recorded and sang this hit at 16! Stevie Winwood singing Gimme Me Some Lovin'. An old video version to boot! Hell lets finish with Stevie years later with another classic hit Roll With It. ENJOY! Till next Friday, try a little tenderness....