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August 7, 2020

Friday 354


Trailerbites, chickeebites, and mosquitoes! It’s time for Friday Music my friends! So step on board the mothership as we launch show 354! And I remind you, especially those folks who are new to Friday Music, that if you go to our website we have archived every show that we have produced so far. Tons of enervating music and cuts to soothe your soul or activate your inner beast. Or just fine tunes to whack your ears with while you’re working or doing whatever you do when you need a little music in your head.
Let’s get to our first set of the day shall we?
We’re coming out of the musical starting gate with a winner. From Hozier featuring the great Mavis Staples this is a song that pays tribute to the musical greats that showed an extraordinary level of musical and social justice translated into power. This is Nina Cried Power.
From 2018 Labrinth, we hear the title cut Mount Everest.
From the album Young Sick Camellia from 2018, we heard St. Paul And The Broken Bones.
With the powerful Bruised Fruit. and we launched with Hozier featuring Mavis Staples with Nina Cried Power.

We start off our second set with a cut that came up in a random shuffled playlist of mine that I wasn’t even sure who it was but it was an interesting take on an iconic song that is associated with BB King which is, The Thrill Is Gone. When I checked out who I was listening to I was surprised because I did not recognize the singing voice and in point of fact, was never a fan of the man singing voice or music but I rather like this take on this song. From the album that was released back in 1991 this is Jerry Garcia And David Grisman with their version of, The Thrill Is Gone.
Orquesta Del Plata with Campo and The Bajofonda Tango Club that was Perfume.
Before Bajofonda was Boogie Belgique with All Over The World.
From Unclassified by Robert Randolph & The Family Band we hear I Need More Love and we led that set off with Jerry Garcia and Tom Grisman with The Thrill Is Gone.
We’re going to low ride ourselves back to 1973 to hear a cut from the iconic East LA band, War. From Platinum Jazz, this is War Is Coming! War Is Coming!
That was Beth Hart bringing it hard with Bad Woman Blues.
Before Beth we heard The Souljazz Orchestra poppin’ it with Life Is What You Make It.
And we jumped into that set with War, with War Is Coming! Damn we’re already done for the day. Remember if you dig in Friday music let your friends know. You know where to send them. I know sometimes it’s hard, but with the state of life being what it is remember to be safe and be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music! Friday Music is executively produced by Collin McCormack and hosted by myself, Tim McCormack and I’m also your curator.
Gonna drop the final needle today on an oldie. From the iconic funk band Earth Wind & Fire this is Gotta Get You Into My Life. So until we all meet up here next Friday at the mothership have yourself a great week, and Peace y’all! Collin, let it fly!

July 31, 2020

Friday 353


Well we made it. We made it to another seven turning of the earth to another week of Friday Music! Mothership is ready to put us in orbit for show 353! So without further ado let us get to it. We’re going to Start this weeks musical journey on the quiet side with an incredible artist with a fabulous voice. From 2017 her album Slowz Remix, this is Laura Mvula with Ready Or Not. Collin, spin it.
From 2002, from the album Next we heard Soulive featuring Dave Matthews on vocals with the sweet cut, Joyful Girl.
Before Soulive was Charlie Hunter from Baboon Strength, released in 2008, we heard Fine Corinthian Leather.
And we launched with the lovely Laura Mvula with Ready Or Not. Girl can flat out bring it.
All right let’s shift gears just a bit, and give a listen to a cut off an album entitled The Remixes. It’s a compilation of the music of Paul Simon from Graceland. Different artists and producers reimagined and put their own twist and spin on the cuts from this great album. This is Gui Boratto and his interesting take on That Was Your Mother.
That was Lettuce, laying down their take on Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up. Before Lettuce we heard a group I’m becoming a big fan of, The Grayboy Allstars. They dropped a groove on us titled Still Waiting.
Before Grayboys, was GRiZMATiK with As We Proceed. And GUI Boratyo let that set off with his take on That Was Your Mother by Paul Simon from his Graceland album.
Well we finished our last set up with a cover of Curtis Mayfield what do you say we start the next set off with the real deal Curtis himself. From Superfly, Curtis Mayfield having at it on Pusherman.
Sham Time. By Medeski Scofield Martin And Wood. Before these boys we heard Marc Broussard’s soulful cover of I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know and Curtis Mayfield let that set off with his iconic cut Pusherman.
Well time to dock the mothership for the week and again thank you for all listening in we do appreciate it. Friday Music is executively produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose California and I’m your curator and host Tim McCormack coming to you from New York.
And as always please remember to be safe be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
We’re gonna close out this week’s music with The Cash Box Kings throwin’ down on "Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit’s Got The Gun" so until we borrow your ears again next Friday have a great week. Peace y’all!

July 24, 2020

Friday 352


Good morning my friends, welcome back aboard the musical Mothership. Time for Friday Music! This weeks show is kinda like your child that did something extraordinary in school and it made you rather proud. I love putting all these shows together for Y’all, but like that parent I’m really proud of this weeks show. We’re going to launch this morning with gettin’ right with The Lord. And to lead us down the path of musical righteousness this morning, is Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Precious Memories. Amen Sister, amen.
From 1999, the album entitled Mule Variation we heard Tom Waits with Chocolate Jesus. Before Tom, we all got right with The Blind Boys of Alabama singing Jesus Gonna Be Here. And we led off with the wondrous Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Precious Memories.
Next up from one of the great jazz vocal stylists that I’ve ever heard, Little Jimmy Scott. This cut was laid down when Jimmy was very close to the end of his time with us and the producer literally had to prop Jimmy up in a wheelchair so he could sing. And sing he did. The man knew how to wrap himself around a lyric and knowing that his time was short here on our spinning orb, this turns out to be a rather prophetic rendition of the timeless Motherless Child.
Tripped Out Slim by Trombone Shorty From his 2017 album, Parking Lot Symphony. Before Trombone Shorty,Babdulu Jazz by Audio Lotion featuring Alex Gamma and Rene Luther. Before that, from Live At Monterey, The Johnny Otis Show, Featuring Margie Evan’s on Margie’s Boogie. And we kicked off with The great Little Jimmy Scott and Motherless Child. Our next musical orbit features a relatively new act to me, but I rather like the sound they put out into space. This is Blue Light Bandits with Sarah.
That was Kyle Thornton and The Company with Talk Is Cheap. Before that, State Line by The Dip. Lake Street Dive from Fun Machine enlivening our spirits with I Want You Back. And Blue Light Bandits led off with Sarah.
Time to turn off our turn table for this weeks Friday Music. I’m Tim McCormack, your curator and host of Friday Music and the show is executively produced in Northern California by Collin McCormack. You know the deal. As always remember, be safe be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music!
Wrapping things up today is Philthy and thats filthy with a P. This is Take A Ride. Until next week my friends, peace y’all!