Friday Music

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May 14, 2021

Friday 394


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.
No matter what time of day you have chosen to plug-in, it’s Friday Music time again!
The mothership is polished up with tunes a plenty and we ready to drop into set number one of show 394.
We set sail today with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. From Strong Like You, this is (I Know) I’m Losing You.
Collin let’s put this mothership into gear and pop the shrink wrap off this puppy.

From his 2020 album, Have You Lost Your Mind, that was Fantastic Negrito with Chocolate Samurai.
Mayer Hawthorne before that with M.O. Before Mayer was JD McPherson with Steal Away and The Fabulous Thunderbirds launched today’s tasty tunes with (I Know) I’m Losing You.
Well that was a rather nice ride. Let’s see where we ride to in set number two.
It begins with Cage The Elephant from Unpeeled and the cut? Whole Wide World.

The Hardest working man in show business, James Brown and his tail shaken cut, I Feel Good.
Before brother Brown we heard from GRiZ out of Detroit City, featuring Mike Avery on The Anthem.
Before GRiZ was Grandmagneto Layin’ down Let’s Dance and Cage The Elephant started off set number two with Whole Wide World.
Set number three takes us back to the year 2007 from the album We Were Dead Before The Boat Sank.
This is Modest Mouse with Little Motel.

From 2011 and the album El Camino that was the Black Keys and Lonely Boy.
Before the Keys was Soul Coughing and Super Bon Bon. Before Soul Coughing was The Kaiser Chiefs and their tune Everyday I Love You Less. And Modest Mouse began set three with Little Motel.
And that is that for show 394.
From the western part of New York State I’m Tim McCormack your host of Friday Music and in the north country of California we are executive by produced Collin McCormack and as always we ask you be safe be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
We finish up today to going back to 1968 and the roots of a group known by most folks as Chicago but when they first appeared on the music scene they were the Chicago Transit Authority and I thought I’d take you back so you could see how deep the roots of that musical tree grew and give a listen to the song Beginnings.
So until next time my friends Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Go ahead Collin let it begin.

May 7, 2021

Friday 393


Our first show of the beautiful month of May for Friday Music where the days are longer, the nights gentler and our hearts fill with hope and renewal.
The mothership is shined up waiting for you to climb aboard to lend your ears to show 393. We begin today on the mellow side.
I hope you luxuriate in it and it suits your sensibilities. Set one begins with Nathaniel Rateliff and his 2020 single, Redemption.
Come on Collin, baptize us all in sweet redemption.

Alison Krauss, from the Steven Tyler 2018 album, Muscle Shoals: Small Town, Big Sound, that was Come And Go Blues.
Before Alison was a short but sweet accustom ditty by the very versatile artist Daniel Lanois and we heard Desert Rose.
Before Daniel was Marc Broussard covering Aretha Franklin‘s hit, Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.
And we dropped into our first musical orbit with Nathaniel Rateliff with Redemption.
Now that we’re all comfy cozy and hopefully in a Mellow place, I’m going to continue on the soft side and play for you a favorite of mine from an album that would make it into my top 10 list of albums and it’s simply titled John Coltrane Johnny Hartman.
his is My One And Only You. Indeed.

From A New World Record, produced back in 1976, that was the Electric Light Orchestra with Telephone Line.
Before ELO we heard two pieces from Van Morrison.
The first piece was from a stunningly beautiful album titled Hymns To The Silence and Van Morrison reciting Hyndford Street and then Van singing Into The Mystic.
Before Brother Morrison was Tab Benoit with Nothing Takes The Place Of You.
And John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman started us off with their beautiful rendition of My One And Only You.
Where to now? Well set number three begins with a chart by the father of the Cool Jazz sound. Live from 1986 at Redlands University, this is Stan Kenton with Here’s That Rainy Day.

From a 2018 single release by James Arthur, that way You Deserve Better.
Before James we heard from out of the Rust Belt of music and the city of Detroit Bob Seger with Like A Rock.
And Stan Kenton got set three of show 393 started beautifully with Here’s That Rainy Day.
Time to take a big sigh and say goodbye until next time.
I’m your host for Friday Music, Tim McCormack camped out in New York and our executive producer Collin McCormack is hunkered down in Northern California and as always we implore you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
We go out today listening to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers featuring Tom Walker on vocals of a cut titled Leave A Light On.
So until next time my friends, Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Go ahead Collin, take us home.

April 30, 2021

Friday 392


Well, well, well, here we all are again.
Time for Friday Music and show 392.
Time to shove off and let the mothership set sail on today’s musical journey.
So let’s journey back to 1971 and an excellent intricate cover by Ms. Roberta Flack from her album Quiet Storm and her brilliant take on To Love Somebody.
Collin let’s show our friends a little love.

My, my, my. Thats was Bruce Springsteen from his 1973 album Tracks and we heard the studio outtake of The Fever.
Before the Boss was a 2018 single from Los Lobos titled The Fear and Roberta Flack launched this week show with To Love Somebody.
We now slip slid into set number two with a tasty little tune by Olu Dara titled Rain Shower.

The year was 1969, the artist was John Mayall and the cut, So Hard To Share.
Before John, Brian Auger with his excellent cover of Inner City Blues.
And Olu Dara got set number two started with Rain Shower.
We havin’ fun yet?
I surely do hope so because up now to smooth out your musical wrinkles is an absolutely beautiful cut from two legendary jazz artists.
Houston Person on sax and Ron Carter on bass with their amazing cover of My One And Only You.
Come on Collin let’s apply that musical iron.

From the 2000 release by Morphine we heard Top Floor Bottom Buzzer.
Before Morphine we lent our ears to The Jojo Effect featuring Anne Schnell with Scarlett.
And Huston Person And Rod Carter let fly with My One And Only you.

And there you have show 392. v Time to redock the mothership for another week.
I am your host of Friday Music, Tim McCormack and we are brilliantly produced by Collin McCormack and as always, always, always we remind you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. v We button up today’s show by funkafize your soul with some soul that goes back to the year 1967 with the great Otis Redding ably aided by Carla Thomas and cut is, Tramp. v So until next time round the musical block, Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Come on Collin, let it fly.