Friday Music

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June 14, 2019

Friday 294

Happy Friday!
Thought I'd go all the way back to 1868 and play you a cut from the early Fleetwood Mac when they were all about the blues This is Love That Burns.
From the 80's, an artist thought of as a one hit wonder by many, but he made this amazing album titled Aliens Ate My Buick with great cuts and diversity.
This is Thomas Dolby and Budapest By A Blimp.
Here's one from Dr. John titled Rain, with Terence Blanchard with a sweet trumpet solo.
This is Big Gigantic featuring Griz with C'Mom.
Finally from my pal Stef Murphy, this is his new single about him and his best friend as boys in Dublin. Step calls it Dry Cider.
Have a grand Friday my friends!

June 7, 2019

Friday 293

Top of The Mornin'
First a reminder that any of the past music can be grabbed on

Also welcome aboard Jeff Nixon. Hope you dig the tunes. Gonna be a bit eclectic vocally today.
We are jumpin' back to an artist that most of you will know from his great song Honky Tonk Part 1&2. I'm talking about the great Bill Doggett, but this is a cut used in some 60's teen film and if I'm not mistaken it's Jeff Bridges who speaks at the beginning of this wacked video. This is Wow!
Because my youngest Mailli sings in an a cappella group and that I'm given to liking the more unique artistic use of voice my brother Mike send us this piece from the group Roomful of Teeth. This is an excerpt from Partila. Very creative use of voice.
Interestingly I had already decided to include this vocal piece this week and it will dovetail nicely with the last. I love this piece and have always wanted to be in a choral group that sings it. From A Space Odyssey 2001 and from the mind of a great composer Gyorgy Ligeti.
This is Lux Aeterna or Requiem For A Dream.
Now a little more current use of voice. This is the unique stylings of James Blake with Don't Miss It. Really love is music on headphones.
Yeah, we be dealing with the eclectic, and here 's one a little more actable. (Perhaps) This is Antony And The Johnsons with a Bob Dylan cover of Knocking On Heavens Door.
This came up on my headphones as I was doing yardwork and I thought damn, another great Lennon song. Give a re-listen to Woman.
Lets bookend this weeks music with a little more current funk vibe from the James Brown of Japan, Osaka Monaurail with Quick Sand.
Have a kick ass Friday!
May 31, 2019

Friday 292


So this last Monday, Memorial Day I drove Oona to NYC for her job with Grailed this Summer. As we inched our way through the Holland Tunnel she took over my music and played two cuts she wanted to hear. Both are great cuts so we will begin out music today with entering New York.City.
This is The Gypsy Kings and Un Amor.
Her second cut comes from the great composer Ennio Morricone from Once Upon A Time The West. This is the title song sung by Harmony.
I then asked her if she knew this cut and she didn't so I played it as we headed for Brooklyn. From Getz & Gilberto a song that still hold up beautifully. This is Quite Nights & Quite Stars.
Lets change gears a wee bit with Cosmosquad. This was the first song to come up on my playlist leaving NYC. This is Three A.m.
Feeling the need for a cut by John Cleary. One of the few he isn't tearing it up on keyboards. This is Hit, Git Quit, Split. Hit, Git, Quit, Split
Finally a rather different sound for my man Boz Scaggs. This is Last Tango On 16th Street. Have a grand Friday!

May 24, 2019

Friday 291

Good Mornin’!
So yours truly was all set for this week when it dawned on him that this coming Monday is the unofficial beginning of Summer and I thought, DAMN! let’s play some old summertime tunes!
No better place to jump off than with a few golden oldie stacks of wax and first up, from 1966 The Lovin’ Spoonful’s Summer In The City.
This song always evokes Summer to me. This is The Rascals with Groovin’.
Like that one? Then you’ll be up & movin' with Martha Reeves & The Vandellas with Dancing In The Streets!
Come on now, you didn’t think I’d leave out Old Blue Eyes with full live orchestration on Summer Wind.
How about The Drifters with their iconic version of Under The Boardwalk.
It’s not a Summer set without WAR and L A Sunshine.
I believe this is the latest album by the Beach Boys titled That’s Why God Made The Radio. This is the melancholy Summers Gone.
Finally, Janice Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company live with Summertime.
Let the sunshine shine on you all Summer!


May 17, 2019

Friday 290

Booya My Brothers & Sisters!
It's Friday Music Time and I've got some good shit today!
Wanna a hit? Well then let's do this!As some of you know Honora & I went to Buffalo to hear GRiZ and it was extraordinary! A wall of electronic funk and lights.
Here's a cut to give you a taste of who & what this dude from Detroit is all about. This is Hard Times.
So on the dark rainy ride home as Honora slept I dialed back my own music to give my soul a little break and this artist came on that I have loved since the first time he laid his heart on his keyboard, Keith Jarrett. I was listen to the amazing Part I from the Kolm Concert which I will not share with you and it's 26:00 minutes of beauty, but I will lay this cut from Live @ the Blue Note in NYC. This is No Lonely Nights.
Diggin' this jazz vibe so lets ride it a cut longer. This is the unique voice of Blossom Dearie from 1964 with I'm In Love Again.
Let's kick it up a little with Ghost-Note live from The Vogue Theatre with Swagism.
I played you a cut sometime back from this group out of Denton Texas know as Snarky Puppy. This is from the same live studio show. The cut is Lingus and check out the keyboard solo midway through the piece. Even the other musicians are amazed!
Finally from the soundtrack of Across The Universe, this is Martin Luther McCoy with his sweet rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Have a gentle Friday my friends!