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November 20, 2020

Friday 369


How are all my fellow music friends doing as we launch the mothership for show 369. Today’s show was done just after America’s national presidential election and we have a changing of the guard, and I thought I would start the day off with some songs that speak to (at least in some fashion) to the much-needed tender mercies we could all use now.
We begin with one of the most unlikely pairings of singers I could imagine, but the execution of this piece is stunningly beautiful. This is a live performance with Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti.
This is Holy Mother.
The amazing Hezekial Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir with Grateful. Before Grateful was the great Sam Cook’s composition of A Change Is Gonna Come and Eric Clapton along with Luciano Pavarotti gave us their live beautiful rendition of Holy Mother.
Those beautiful moving pieces moves on to a new orbit of music for set number two. As members of Friday Music you have fellow members all over the globe and this morning I am sending out a song to one of our most dedicated listeners of Friday Music. She’s not only a listener and lover of Friday music but she and I have become wonderful personal friends and I learned from her that she has a music fantasy of seeing a certain artist at Madison Square Garden’s in New York City. She told me she doesn’t think she fits the demographics of this artist but she just loves him and in particular the song we are about to play for her is her personal favorite. So we are all sending this piece of music to Salt Lake City Utah to Sierra Madden and the artist she loves? Billy Joel. And song she loves? Vienne. Go ahead on Collin play it for Sierra.
Damn that girl can flat out bring it. That was Lake Street Dive with What Am I Doing. Before Lake Stree Dive was De-Phazz featuring Pat Appleton on Spoiled. And Billy Joel started us out with Vienna for our friend Sierra Madden.
Impulse power will fly us into set number three which opens with a group with one of the better names I’ve ever heard. Rates right up there with Drowning Not Waving. This is Space Jesus and Honeycomb with Sycamore.
That my friends was Kail Baxley with Light That Nevet Dies. Before Kail was The Derek Trucks Band with This Sky. Before Derek was the fabulous Nat King Cole singing Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish’s beautiful Stardust. And we began with Sycamore by Space Jesus and Honeycomb.
Well we up against it for another Friday Music, time to lock it down and remind you, particularly in these perilous times, to be safe, be kind, and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We put the shrink wrap on show 369 with a cut from the Marcus King Band titled This Ol’ Cowboy.
So until we meet up down the line I am your curator and host Tim McCormack and our show is executively produced in San Jose, California by my nephew and friend Collin McCormack. Go ahead Collin pop the cork on our final song of the day and peace y’all!

November 13, 2020

Friday 368


Well here we go again my music friends. Show 368. You may or may not know that I do our weekly shows in advance and this one you're listening to right now was prepared several days after our American Presidential election and we are very close to declaring victory for the presidency. And if it goes the way it appears it’s going by the time you listen to show 368 we will have a new president and it will be time for this country to come together, heal ourselves and find our way out of this dark forest of a pandemic.
And that’s as close to making a political statement for a weekly music show that I am likely to ever do. So let’s launch this mothership and put it into a musical orbit which of course is the reason why we are all here. First step today a young lady by the name of Heidi Newfield with a guest that there is more than a few of us who love. That would be the great Delbert McClinton on a song titled, The Blues Are My Business. Collin, let her rip!
Lord wasn’t that nice? Christian McBride with Earth, Wind and Fire’s 'I’ll Write A Song For You.' Before Christian was Gov’t Mule qith Sarah Surrender. And we dropped into the first orbit of the day with Heidi Newfields The Blues Is My Business with her special guest artist Delbert McClinton. Fine little set of music to start off our day, don’t you think? Good enough reason to move on to set number two. From the year 1977 the song I’ll bet a lot of us haven’t heard in quite some time. Mrs. Jackson Browne with, 'The Pretender.'
It’s almost exactly a year ago to the day that I saw this band live in concert and it was stunningly brilliant and that was still the time when things were normal. That was Turkuaz with Pickin’ Up live.
Before Turkuaz was Jim James with Why Can’t We Live Together. Before Jim was a fine Irish artist, Glenn Hansard with When Your Minds Made Up. And Jackson Browne lead off that set with The Pretender.
It always surprises me how quickly we arrive at set number three of every week‘s Friday Music. Perhaps because it’s so enjoyable to get here. So let us allow that enjoyment to continue and give a listen to an artist I’ve really been enjoying over the last year or so. For me, there’s an interesting complexity to the simplicity of her sound. This is MARO with her haunting composition title Still Feel It All.
Nice to go old school every once in a while. From the 1971 album Sky’s The Limit, The Temptations, with Just My Imagination. Holds up beautifully doesn’t it? Before the Temptations we gave a listen to Kalash with Mwaka Moon. Really rather like that cut. Before Kalash we heard Black Pumas with Colors. And we started that set off with MARO’s Still Feel It All.
Well here we are again, time to say our adios to ya'll until we put our ears together again next week. So remember until then, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator and on the other edge of the country is our highly capable executive producer, Collin McCormack doing that thing that he does so well. We cross our T’s and dot our I’s for this week show with a Mingo Fishtrap chart titled, Baby Money. So until next time my friends have yourselves a grand week. Peace y’all!
Go ahead on Collin kick the tires on this final cut...

November 6, 2020

Friday 367


Well it’s Friday Music time again and we have stacks of wax to listen to, so let’s untether the mothership and drop her into a musical orbit that begins show 367.
Gonna start with a quiet groove today by Leifur James titled Mumma Don’t Tell. Engage Collin.
From their 2013 album, Second Opinion we heard Doctorfunk with Back In Black. Before the dock we heard Humble Pie from there 2006 release titled the Definitive Collection. We heard Black Coffee. And Leifur James launched is today with Mumma Don’t Tell.
We turn to our second set with a piece that makes my feel good. This is Nils Landgren Funk Unit. We gonna ride the title cut from this release which is 5000 Miles. All I can say is mercy.
From 1974 live, we heard Marvin Gaye’s beautiful Distant Lover. Before brother Marvin we heard Bastien Keb with Shoe Girl. Before Bastien we heard my boys from Germany, Moop Mama with Wildnis. What can I tell you, I like em. Before Moop Mama we kicked off with Nils Landgren’s find composition of 5000 Miles.
In the on deck circle about to move to the plate is set number three of show 367. It begins with a group I haven’t yet played for you. I think you’ll approve. This is Dirty Loops with Hit Me. So Collin, hit me.
Ahh yes, Kenny Vance and The Planotones with their take on For Your Precious Love. Before The Planotones we heard Michael Franks from his 2006 album titled Rendezvous In Rio, with Scatsville. And Dirty Loops began that set with Hit Me.
Well another Friday Music is now in the archives. Hope you enjoyed show 367. I’m Tim McCormack your host and archivist along with our executive producer Collin McCormack and as always we ask you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We finish today show with a hot take from Tim Akers And The Smoking Section titled Hello. Until the next time we all get our ears together I wish you a bodaciously fine week! Peace y’all!