Friday Music

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April 9, 2021

Friday 389


A happy spring day to all you listeners of Friday Music. This is show 389.
The mothership is locked and loaded with tunes a plenty.
Another show of tasty tunes for Y’all and we launch into orbit today with London’s Eastend sensation, Stormzy aided by the talented Yebba. This my friends is Don’t Forget To Breathe. Collin, breathe a little life into today’s show.

Fiona Apple from her 1996 album Tidal. We heard Criminal.
Before Fiona was Marc Cohn with a fine rendition of Walking In Memphis.
2Cellos before Marc with their cover of The Police’s Every Breathe You Take and Stormzy got us started with Don’t Forget To Breathe.
And that takes us to set #2 with a 1966 great old standard of Eddie Floyd done right finely by Seal this is Knock On Wood. All I can say is, Mercy!

It Ain’t Fair hooks up Aretha Franklin with Duane Almond from the 1974 album An Anthology Vol. 2.
Before that was Eddie Cleanhead Vincent with Cleanhead Blues.
Mingo Fishburn was before Eddie with Back It On Up.
And Seal got that set started with Knock On Wood. Well we cooling it now.v So let’s let Eric Lindell heat up set #3 a bit with his chart titled It’s My Pleasure.

Diamonds. From the talented married duo that calls themselves Johnnyswim.
FYI, the young woman of this dynamic duo is the beautiful daughter of Donna Summers.
Before Johnnyswim we heard Thomas Dolby from his 1988 album Aliens Ate My Buick with Hot Sauce.
Before Thomas we heard Nick Waterhouse from his album Times All Gone and the song was Say I Wanna Know.
And Eric Lindell launched set #3 of today’s show with It’s My Pleasure.

Damn, we be done. Another addition of Friday Music in the books.
Well that leaves me to remind you to be safe, be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music.

I am your faithful host of Friday Music, Tim McCormack and as always our show is executively produced in the highly capable hands of Collin McCormack.
We finish up today with new music from an old and favorite funk band of mine.
Tower Of Power from their just released album, 50 Years of Funk & Soul, Live at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, the band’s hometown.
The cut, On The Soul Side of Town with their latest young lead singer, Marcus Scott.

So until next time my friends, have yourselves a bodacious Friday and peace y’all!
Collin, press the play button one more time.

April 2, 2021

Friday 388


April showers will bring May flowers and a Friday full of music. Welcome to April and show 388 of Friday Music showering down on you.
We promised you choice cuts of music and we have prime grade A cuts for you today. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. You’re here, I’m here, Collin is here and the mothership is ready to launch. So let April showers pour down on us with music. First up today, Paul McCartney and tiny little ditty titled Ram On. If you please Collin,
That my friends was TAUK and a cut titled Without Honor Or Humanity, live. Before TAUK we heard the lush tenor voice of the great Luciano Pavarotti singing Caruso. Before Luciano was Brandi Carlile live singing Creep. And Paul McCartney led off our first set with Ram On. A rather nice musical start to the month of April. Set Number two take us back of the year 1968 and an outstanding groove of a great standard. This is Blood Sweat & Tears with their rendition of God Bless The Child.
From the year 2000, Ryan Shaw giving us his Jackie Wilson vibe on I Do The Jerk. Before Ryan was Fat Night from the 2015 release titled Lazy Days. And the cut was On The Run. And Blood Sweat and Tears Cruise us on into set two with God Bless The Child.
Set three kicks us into a new orbit with a catchy little cut by Pink Martini titled Eugene.
Good gracious mama. That was the Pimps of Joytime with Jack Slackin’.
Before the Pimps was Smoove & Turrell throwin’ down on Slow Down. Before Smoove was Charley Crockett with Travelin’ Blues and Pink Martini served up a music cocktail titled Eugene.
Well it’s time to dock the mothership until this time next week. But remember to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with Music.
I’m your host for Friday Music, Tim McCormack coming to you from the city of lilacs and from the land of high tech and wine we are executively produced by Collin McCormack. Closing us out today are the nimble fingers of bassist Marcus Miller on his chart titled Detroit. So until next time my friends have yourself a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! If you would Collin, lock us down.

March 26, 2021

Friday 387


John Gardner the great writer who was from around these parts in his book Autumn Light referred to springtime as the “unlocking of the earth.“ Well my music friends we are unlocked. So poke your heads out, rub your eyes give a little stretch and feel springtime on your face. I love this time of year. So full of rebirth, renewal and hope. And for yours truly, soon the scent of his favorite flower, lilacs. So as we launch the mothership and set it into orbit I guess I’ve chosen a rather odd titled choice to begin show 387 on Friday Music after speaking of hope and renewal. But then life is full of contradictions isn’t it. So if Collin would so kindly dust off our first disc and drop the stylus we’ll give a listen to Harry Manx and the Sydney Lyric Quartet from the album Faith Life. This is Death Have Mercy.
From the movie soundtrack of Across the Universe we heard Dana Fuchs, Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood on Dear Prudence. Before Dear Prudence a dear friend I dearly miss hearing and seeing.
Stef Murphy from his days with his group, The Mighty Stef. From the album The Sins Of Saints Catherine, we heard the cut God Knows Theres A Mountain To Climb. Before Stef from the album Blues With Friends we heard Dion. Yeah Dion singing Once In August with Rory Block and the great John Hammond on guitars. And we hit our orbital entry with Harry Manx on Death Have Mercy. And that leads us directly to set number 2.
We begin with The Lone Bellow on a rather nice cover of The Buffalo Springfield. This is For What It’s Worth.
The Teskey Brothers from Half Mile Harvest we heard Reason Why. The boys from Melbourne Australia do not disappoint. Before the brothers we heard Bahamas on the touching chart All I’ve Ever Known. No disappointment here either.
And Lone Bellow soured with For What It’s Worth.
Set 3 get a fine jolt from Lyle Lovett on a live choice cut with his Large Band and most Ably assisted vocally by Francine Reed. This is What Do You Do.
From his album Dino-Mite, from New Orleans Jon Cleary with 21 Century Gypsy Singing Lover Man. Before Jon was Ray Bonneville on Cool Cool Rain. And we kicked off with Lyle Lovett live on What Do You Do.
And there you have it my friends, our first show of springtime 2021. Remember, continue to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We close out todays offering with a song who’s title belies the Happy groove that it is. This is The Mavericks with Raul Malo on vocals singing All You Do Is Bring Me Down. So until next time where I promise not to bring you down, I’m Tim McCormack your host of Friday Music and of course as always the show is beautifully executively produced by Collin McCormack. So until next we meet, have yourselfs a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Collin, do your electronic magic.