Friday Music

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January 22, 2021

Friday 378


Good morning my friends and welcome to show 378 of Friday Music. The world dice game keeps rolling hard 8’s and 9’s and Collin and I continue to try to give you a few moments of auditory enjoyment and respite from the daily assault on all our collective psyches from a pandemic to impeachment. I know that putting theses shows together helps keep me from losing my shit and I hope hearing them helps keep you from losing yours. So on that note let the weekly healing begin. We launch the mothership and drop into orbit of set number one on the mellow side. This is Jesse Dee with Over And Over. Collin, administer the musical medicine.
Player with a new recording and take of their iconic hit Baby Come Back. Before Player was Leslie Odom Jr. with Under Pressure. And we began by applied some musical salve to our souls with Jessie Dee’s Over And Over. I’m feeling better already. Let’s keep on keepin’ on with set two that begins with Marty O’Riley & The Old Soul Orchestra. This is Smokestack Lightning.
That little ditty was a recommendation from our producer Collin, and clearly I agree with his choice. From the Hilltop Hoods we heard Leave Me Lonely. Before the Hoods was Fantastic Negrito with The Duffler and before The Duffler was the The Motet with That Dream and Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra kick off set number two with Smokestack Lighting. Well we at Cruising speed now and that means we’re at set number three of show 378. First up is a lady who’s voice I love and I love this tune. This is Catherine Russell with Aged And Mellow.
Awake My Soul. Mumford & Sons. Before Mumford & Sons was The Lone Bellow with You Never Need Nobody. Before the Bellows was Catherine Russell with Aged And Mellow. Well it’s time to dock the mothership and tie her down until next time. Thank you for lending me your ears once again. I’m Tim McCormack your host and archivist for Friday Music and as always our show is executively produced by Collin McCormack in Santa Clara California. And we remind you once again to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We lock down today with some brand spanking’ new music from Huey Lewis And The News! The cut is Remind Me Why I Love You. So until next time we wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all. Collin, hit it

January 15, 2021

Friday 377


Well good morning my friends from a chilly day on the Southern shores of Lake Ontario. Time for Friday Music. The mothership is fueled up, and we are ready for launch and you my friends are welcome aboard for our latest addition, show 377. Gonna kick things off today with a live cut by Portishead.
I’m ready if you are ready Collin. This is Only You.
My my my. That was Habbie Doobie. By The Texas Gentlemen.
Before the Texas Gentlemen we heard my man Mayer Hawthorne with Get You Back and before Mayer and starting off the day was Portishead with Only You.
We feelin’ good? Good. Then let’s move on to set number to show 377. Our 1st cut is done live in Holland or if you prefer the Netherlands either way this is Lucy Woodward out front with Snarky Puppy on
I Don’t Know.
That my friends was Vintage Trouble with Grateful. Before Grateful we heard Seth Walker on All That I’m Asking. Before Seth we heard Big Gigantic along with GRiZ on Good Times Roll. And set number two begin with Lucy Woodward and Snarky Puppy on I Don’t Know, live.
And that my friends leads us to set number three. And we begin Set number three By going back to 1972 and giving a listen to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes featuring Teddy Pendergrass on Miss You. Go ahead on Collin, take us on back to 72 and that mellow groove.
From Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound we heard the big sound of Keb’ Mo’ singing Road To Love. Before Keb’ Mo’ we heard John Fogerty with the title cut from his album The Holy Grail. And Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes along with Teddy Pendergrass lead that set off with Miss You. And there you have it, there it is. Time to turn up the house lights and send you on your way till next week but until then as always, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. I’m your host Tim McCormack and from Santa Clara California our show is executively produced by Collin McCormack.
We’re gonna finish up today with me breaking my own rule.
Sorry my friends, just gotta do it. These shows are recored in advance but in the 11th hour I’m going to finish up with a song by Lily Allen and it goes out as a dedication to the thank God outgoing inept criminal President of the United States. The show goes out across the world to listeners and I just want you to know that the events of this week of Insurrection and traitorous behavior by this president is an embarrassment to all of us in the United States. Well, not all of us that’s sadly true, but they are to me and many of you listening, so Lily Allan finishes up today with a poignant dedication to donnie. So on that note, until that time when you decide to press the play button on show 378 Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! And donnie, piss off!

January 8, 2021

Friday 376


Good morning my friends of Friday Music and welcome to 2021. Mofo got to be better that 2020. Just hope 2021 doesn’t ask 2020 to hold my beer. That would surely exacerbate things!
We did a look back show on New Year’s Day of some of the cuts I liked during 2020. So I kinda think today is the first show of 2021 and it happily begins with launching the mothership and giving a listen to my very talented nephew Will Pfrang out of beautiful Port Washington Wisconsin.
From his latest album titled The Good Land Part II. And backed up by his band, The Good Land Gang. This is Coming Home.
Mary Gauthier with her touching composition, Mercy Now. God knows we could use some right now. Before Mary we heard Everything Apart by Foxwarren and we Launch the mothership with Will Pfrang and his beautifully Coming Home.
I think you’re gonna like set number two, went a tad quiet and eclectic with this group of songs and I hope you approve. The first choice cut for set number two is by Michelle Gurevich and her chart I’ll Be Your Woman. Come on Collin let’s go a little bit sideways and find out where it leads us.
That man has a truly uniquely interesting voice, don’t you think? That was Tindersticks with Another Night In. Before Tindersticks we heard Lord Huron with a very hot young artist sitting in by the name of Phoebe Bridgers on The Night We Met. Before Lord Huron we heard a group that scratches an itch I didn’t even know I had. That was the wonderfully odd and interesting sounds of Tiger Lillies with Danced All Night. And we began set number two with Michelle Gurevich with I’ll Be Your Woman.
Set three of show 376 dropped us into our final orbit of this week show with Mavis John and and her little ditty titled, Use My Body.
That was, Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns kickin’ it with I’ll Pack It Up. Before The Fat City Horns was cleveland jones on Until I Met You. And Mavis John got us started with Use My Body.
Well there it is my friends, there you have it we’ve come around the final turn of our musical track and it’s time to put this Philly back in the barn until next week. So until next time my friends, you know the deal. Be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We wrap it all up today by dropping back into 1974 and giving a listen to the always fine offerings of William DeVaughn. This is Be Thankful For What You Got. Indeed. So until all our ears are in proximity to each other for show 377, I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator for Friday Music and executively produced, now out of Santa Clara California, Collin McCormack. We wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Go ahead on Collin serve up that final choice cut of the day.