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October 1, 2021

Friday 413


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.
Whatever time of day it is, in fact whatever day it is welcome back to Friday Music, show 413. It’s the last show of September which will move us to a Seminole day for Friday Music.
Collin informs me that to the best of his ability our archives indicates that we are about to celebrate nine years of doing Friday Music.
And we will celebrate that moment on the 8th of October. So we will be doing a show that we, me and Collin will referred to as 9 On The 8th.

We will keep you in the loop of the upcoming celebration.
And let me say thank you for taking the musical ride with us week in and week out and we deeply appreciate you joining us every Friday.
So let’s get to today’s first song of set number one.

From 1994, from the album Cool and Steady and Easy, This is the Brooklyn Funk Essentials with The Creator Has A Master Plan. Indeed.

From Having A Good Time we jumped back to 1964 to give a listen to Huey “Piano” Smith on Don’t You Just Know It. Gooba gooba gooba gooba.
Before Huey Smith we heard, Dr. John along with the Blind Boys of Alabama from Ske-Dat-De-Dat The Spirit of Satch on Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams With one fine fine trumpet solo by Terrence Blanchard.
And we launched the mothership into orbit this morning with the Brooklyn Funk Essentials on, The Creator Has A Master Plan.
Now this lady has been wandering around my brain pan for the last week or so and I was lucky enough to call her a friend and to also be able to call her grandma.
From one of the great song writing duos of all time Rodgers & Hart this is Grandma Ella Fitzgerald with Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered.

That was John Legend along with Gary Clark Jr. on guitar throwin down on Wild.
Before Wild we heard Zach Gill and Michael McDonald on Joy (Goodbye Guilty Pleasure) Before Zach Gill from Live To Love was The Nylons with Secret Part Of Me.
And before The Nylons was grandma Fitzgerald with an outstanding rendition of Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered.
Now let’s see if we have the ability to bother you with the first song of set number three.
This is The Gaddabouts.
And yes that is Edie Brickell singing.
And the song, River Rises.

Brother Strut with Right Track.
Before Brother Strut was Aretha Franklin with the alternate recording of, Chain Of Fools.
Before sister Franklin was Dreamliners out of South San Antonio High School from 1964 singing Just Me And You.
And The Gaddabouts led off orbit three of show 413 with River Rises. And that my friends is our show for today.
I’m Tim McCormack your host for Friday Music along with our executive producer in California Collin McCormack reminding you as always to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
Delbert McClinton gonna put a period on this musical paragraph today from the album Room To Breathe, with the song The Rub.
So until we do this all over again next week, have yourselves a bodacious Friday and peace y’all!

September 17, 2021

Friday 412


Sail on my musical sailors and welcome back to the Friday Music’s Mothership and show 412.
We drop into orbit today as the last embers of Summer fade away and Autumn sparks to life.
Gonna start off set one by playing an artist for you that I have not yet played on Friday Music and I have no defense for not having played him yet.
Let’s rectify that situation right now with a right fine rendition of Sam Cooke’s 1962 hit Bring It On Home To Me sung by Lou Rawls. Get it Collin.

From 2007, that was Flow Dynamics with Live In The Mix.
Before Flow Dynamics was Cory Wong along with Dirty Loops out of Stockholm Sweden with vocals by their keyboard player, Jonah Nilsson covering Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
And we begin today’s first set with the lush-base baritone voice of Lou Rawls on, Bring It On Home To Me.
And that brings us on home to set two to show 412.
From 1969, from the album Five Leaves Left this is the haunting voice of Nick Drake on his composition Three Hours.

From his 2015 release, Duets: Re-Working The Category we heard Van Morrison teaming up with Mark Knopfler on, Irish Heartbeat.
Before Morrison and Knopfler we heard, Young Gun Silver Fox with the beautiful Long Way Back and Nick Drake let off set two with, Three Hours.
Set three takes us to the teaming of two legendary jazz players, Ron Carter on base and Houston Person on sax. This is Fools Rush In.

That my friends was the daughter of Van Morrison, Shana Morrison, with Sometimes We Cry.
Before Shana Morrison we heard, Going To California by Pressing Strings.
Before Pressing Strings was YEBBA and according to my youngest daughter Mailli is finally about to release a full album.
We just heard her new single titled Distance.
And Ron Carter and Houston Person began set three with a sweet rendition of, Fools Rush In.
And with that we lock it down for show 412 and look forward to next Friday.
Until then I’m Tim McCormack your host of Friday Music apply and happily aided by Collin McCormack and we once again remind you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
From the fantastic 2006 release by Boz Scaggs titled Dig we finish up today with the chart You’re Not.
So until next week when we meet up ear to ear have yourselves a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Collin, pop it.

September 10, 2021

Friday 411


Summer is winding down and Autumn is just around the corner, but Collin and I will be here to bring you your weekly dose of music no matter the season or time of year.
So what say we get on board the mothership and drop it into it’s first orbit of the day for show 411 of Friday Music.
Pushing us away from our Moorings is the vocal group Thirdstory, from their 2018 album Cold Heart.
This is I’m Coming ‘Round.

With a musical nod to The Zombies that was Melanie Fiona from her album The Bridge with Give It To Me Right.
Before Melanie was Jess Glynne with Hold My Hand.
And Thirdstory kicked off set 1 with I’m Coming’Round.
Set number two take us to the land down under to give a listen to the Teskey Brothers.
From Half Mile Harvest this is Pain And Misery.

From 1956 fried up for us sizzlin’ hot by Andre Williams, we heard Bacon Fat.
Before Bacon Fat was Slim Harpo with Shake Your Hips.
Before Slim was Otis Redding doing what only he can do so fine on I’ve Got Dreams To Remember.

And before Otis the boys from Melbourne Australia, The Teskey Brothers breaking our hearts with, Pain And Misery.
Set number three begins with a cut from sister Mavis Staples 2007 release of We’ll Never Turn Back.
This is Down In Mississippi.

Tom Jones from Pain & Blame that was Burnin’ Hell.
Before Tom was Leonard Cohen with just a slightly dark piece from his slightly dark mind we heard You Want It Darker.
Before Leonard was T Bone Burnett with Palestine Texas.
And Mavis Staples started off our third set of the day with Down In Mississippi.
And as they say my friends that is that.
Time to remoor the mothership and go into chill mode until we reconnect next week.

I’m Tim McCormack your host for Friday Music and the delicate flow of the show is done through the fingers of our executive producer Collin McCormack.
And we remind you as we remind you every week to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
We go out the back door today listening to a live rendition of Is This Love by Bob Marley and The Wailers.
So until you lend us your ears again next week have yourselves a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Collin, show our friends a little love.