Show #341 - #360

September 18, 2020

Friday 360


Happy Friday Music to all my friends and fellow music lovers! Especially my brother from the same mother Sean McCormack. Last Saturday was my baby brother‘s 62nd birthday and I am here to wish you the happiest of birthdays my brother. So Happy Birthday Sean!
Now I am truly psyched about today’s show! I’ve been thinking about doing this kind of a show for weeks now and finally agreed with myself that it was a good idea and today I will pull the musical trigger on that idea. Today’s show will be all about cover songs. Cool covers of cool cuts. I am stoked! Now I generally have at least a few weeks of shows done and in the queue. I layout out a template of a show and start to build sets and then I simply see how those songs lay out and how they fit and of course how they feel. That applies to today show except the difficulty for me this week was not putting together interesting cover songs, the difficulty was editing down to a manageable show. I believe I succeeded, but did add several more songs to this week show which puts a little more work on the shoulders of my truly gifted executive producer Collin McCormack. But he loves his uncle and we love working together to give you a musical oasis every Friday to bathe your auditory receptors in.
So let’s get to it shall we? First up today from Austin Texas a fine Texas swing band band with a wonderful name to start us off today. This is Asleep At The Wheel with the lush voice of brother Ray Benson on vocals singing the iconic composition by Eddie Arnold and Cindy Walker. This is You Dont Know Me.
From 1958 a true oldie Goldie from Link Wray And The Ray Men played by the great guitarist Bill Frisell on his album Guitar In The Space-age, that was Rumble. FYI they came up with this song Noodlin’ around at a gig that they were playing with the group The Diamonds who had a smash hit at the time called The Stroll. Before Rumble we heard Civil Wars doing their striped down version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Before Civil Wars we heard Creedence Clearwater Revival’s fine cover of Little Richards Good Golly Miss Molly from 1956. And we kicked off the day with Asleep At The Wheel doing You Don’t Know Me. So what y’all think? Enjoying the show? I hope you’re digging it as the mothership is about to take us to set number 2 and as we ease on into a new orbit let us give a listen to Tyrone Davis’s hit from 1968 sung by Boz Scaggs from his album Memphis. This is, Can I Change Your Mind.
Buddy Miles singing the first of two songs in a row by Neil Young. This was the 1969 classic, Down By The River. Before Miles we heard a truly unique rendition of Neils chart Harvest Moon sung beautifully by Cassandra Wilson. Before Cassandra was Michael McDonald thrownin’ down on Stevie Wonder’s 1970 composition of Signed Sealed Delelivered. Before brother McDonnald was Edda James take on Errol Garner and Johnny Burke’s great standard Misty. And the mothership launched set number 2 with Boz Skaggs singing Can I Change Your Mind. Damn, here we are already. just feeling that settled in feeling and we’re already at set number 3 of show 360. And so it goes. But we got a little more music in the mothership for you. So let’s start off with a uniquely interesting take on A Rolling Stones tune sung by a young woman that you may not be familiar with but of late, I’ve been digging on her sound. And when I heard her cover of this song I said hell yes this is in. This is in fact the song that gave me the idea for this week show. Young woman leading off set number 3 is Ituana, with The Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.
For What It’s Worth, A Steven Stills chart from 1966, a hit for The Buffalo Springfield and sung today by a native son of the state of Louisiana, Tab Benoit. Before Tab, Rickie Lee Jones singing the 1964 Drifters hit, that no matter your age you know it and I’m goin’ go with that you really dig it when you hear it. That of course was Under The Board Walk. A song written and recorded by singer-songwriter Fred Neil in 1966. The best known version of this song was performed by Harry Nilsson and became a hit for him in 1969 when it was THE song of the fine fine film Midnight Cowboy. We heard, the “like a hand inside a glove performance” by Diana Krall and Vince Gill, musically throwin’ down together on Everybody’s Talkin’. And Ituana rolled us on into that set with her take on the Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want.
Well Damn, even with adding a song to each set, we are up against the wall of time. I hope you all enjoy today show. I’m your host, Tim McCormack I surely did like spinning it for you and Im sure Collin loved producing it for you. By now you know the deal, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music! Untill seven more swings around the sun I wish you happiness and hopefully a little bit of normalcy. We go out today on one for me. Well, more exactly really, one for all of us. This is one fine funk album from one fine funk band gettin’ all up in it with their sweet sound on a sweet album titled American Songbook. Along with the voices of the great Larry Braggs and Joss Stone on a song written by Rodney Bryce and James Brown, best known and sung by Kim Weston and Marvin Gaye. this is Tower Of Powers It Takes Two. Until next time, Peace y’all!

September 11, 2020

Friday 359


Well well well here we are again, it’s Friday Music time. How ya all doing? Show 359 is on the front burner getting ready to heat up and serve up some tasty cuts of tasty tunes! Also a welcome aboard to all our new listeners, we all hope you enjoy the weekly ear whacking that you’re gonna get and although it is belated I’m sending out a happy birthday to my brother from another mother Tracy McEwen, Who has hit the big 50! Happy birthday brother! Alright then, time to launch the mothership, put it in orbit and do what we’re all here to do! Fry up some choice cuts of musical meat. And the first sizzle of the day comes to us from the album Traveler by Chris Stapleton and the cut? Outlaw State of Mind. spin it Collin!
From the 2016 album Wash It In The Water, we just heard Zach Deputy’s Put It In The Boggie. Before Zach was Dr. John from the album Lock Down and we heard Getaway and we launched With Chris Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Mind. For set #2, Leon Bridges is our lead off hitter in this musical lineup with his cut of Mrs.
That there is the son of Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson and his band Promise Of The Real with his song Pali Gap/Hey Girl. Before Lukas we heard JJ Gray & Mofro with Ten Thousand Islands. Before JJ was Alabama Shakes with a sweet tasty tidbit titled Sound & Color. And Leon Bridges started that inning off with his Song Mrs. as in MRS Mrs.
Well here we are already, set number 3 of show 359 of this weeks Friday Music. We kick this set off with one fine group of funky players. Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood, with Little Walter Rides Again. Hit It!
Candy Dulfer. That is one fine sexy saxophone player on her hot cut Please Don’t Stop. Before Candy was the group BoomBox jammin on Waiting Around. And we begin with Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood with Little Walter Rides Again.
In the words of Roberto Durant no Mas. We done. That’s it for show 359 except to tell you it’s executively produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose California and I’m your curator and host Tim McCormack here in New York and as always remember to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music! We end today’s flight with the great Taj Mahal. And the song? 21st Century Gypsy Singing Lovin’ Man.
So until next time have yourself a bodacious week and peace y’all! Go ahead on Collin

September 4, 2020

Friday 358


Well here we are again. Show 358 of Friday Music! We have a great show planned for you today and we hope it touches the part of you that makes music important to you and perhaps to let your ears hear something new or perhaps a reminder of something old that makes you go oh yeah. Remembers as listeners of Friday Music you have access to all our archives by simply going to and punching up Whatever you want, whenever you like. . So let’s put the mothership in orbit And launch our first set of show 358.
I love the feel of this artist 1950s sound that laces its way through his songs. From 2011 this is JD McPherson with Signs & Signifiers. Put it in the groove Collin.
Here Come The Girls by three kick ass artists. Stanton Moore, Cyril Neville and Trombone Shorty. Before our talented trio we heard heard Mike Anderson And The Bluebloods, with Pay Bo Diddley. That cut by the bye was a request from one of my favorite human beings, a fine gentleman by the name of Paul Root. I had the distinct pleasure of making a movie that Paul wrote back in the 1990s titled 603 Holiday Ln. but more importantly as I have mentioned more then once, if you have a request I will not only play it but build a set around it. So our opening set of today’s show, 358 is launched into orbit by Paul Root’s request for Pay Bo Diddley. Before we heard Pay Bo Diddley we opened with JD McPherson‘s signs and signifiers so that set is all thanks to brother Paul Root. So if you get me your requests we’ll take it from there and put together a choice set of cuts. All right, we move our musical mojo on to our next set. The year was 2000, the group was Magnum and the song, Evolution.
From 2015, The sweet sounds of The Brothers Landrith with Made Up Mind. Before the Brothers we heard The Japanese funk group, Osaka Monorail doing their instrumental cover of an oldie but a goodie, Soulful Strut. And before Osaka monorail we heard the group that for reasons I can’t even explain I just really dig. Out of Germany the Funk rap group Moop Mama with Geister. What can I say, I like em! And Magnum kicked that set off with Evolution. Well here we are in our third and final set of show 358 amazing how quickly time flies when you’re listening to music I got it in my head for today show to finish up with the sweet sounds, of well, sweet tunes. Our first cut of our last set comes from a live performance by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters with Pastoral.
Now Wasn’t that nice. Emily King finishing up a sweet set with her song, Georgia. Before Emily was an I Capello groove my daughter Mailli turned me onto. The group is named Nor’easters and the cut was Who’s That Girl and we began with the beautiful Pastoral by Ronnie Earl, which has left me feeling fine and mellow. Sadly we’ve come to that musical T in the road and it’s time to say our adues for this week show. So remember be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. I’m your host Tim McCormack and our show is produced by Collin McCormack. Dotting all our I’s and cross all our T’s we will finish up today with a song from 1967 from the group the Vanilla Fudge with People Get Ready. So until our paths cross again a week from now hope you have yourselves a spectacular week peace y’all! Go ahead Collin take us back to a different time.

August 28, 2020

Friday 357


Well my collegial musical cadets it’s Friday Music time again. That’s right another week has come and gone and it’s time to spin those stack of wax and make my feel good, feel good again! Today we launch show 357. You not only can find shows 357 but you can find a whole kit and caboodle on and listen to your heart desires and after today this show too shall pass into our ever expanding music library. I think we have a fun show today, I truly do, and I hope you like it too. We’re gonna kick off today with an album from 2009 titled Brain Cycles by Radio Moscow. And the cut? 250 Miles. Collin launch this puppy!
From 1978, the album Waiting For Columbus, by Little Feat, featuring the Tower Of Power horn section, we heard the live bodacious version of Spanish Moon. Before Spanish Moon we heard Legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker from the album Hook Em, with Serves You Right To Suffer. And Radio Moscow lead off with 250 Miles. I think that was a fine start to our day and I think we should kick it up a notch on our second set with a song that is already quietly playing in the background, by a Staggeringly gifted musician who is gone too soon this is Stevie Ray Vaughan with Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place In Town) Mercy.
They say he’s a country artist. I don’t know. All I know is I really like him and he never fails to entertain me with his musicianship and his interesting take on music. That was Sturgill Simpson with, Keep It Between The Lines. Before Sturgill, we had bluesman extraordinaire John Hammond with his striped down tight version of Backdoor Man. Before John was an artist I just flat out like. Lucinda Williams from her album Essence. And we heard Essence. And we led off with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Tin Pan Alley. Damn, boy could flat out play the guitar. We kick off our third set with an artist the back in late 60s or perhaps it was the mid 60s had himself a giant hit when he was 17 years old and was about to embark on a national tour but his mama was not having that and insisted he go off to start his freshman year of college at the University of Michigan. he did with mama told him And was still able to hit the road bit to promote his smash hit. Song? Green Onions and the Artist what is Booker T. Jones and his group Booker T And The MGs. Well Booker T is still throwin’ down some fine tunes and I thought you just might like to hear one. This is from his 2011 album, The Road From Memphis and the cut is Everything Is Everything.
My man Mayer Hawthorne from Philly with his 2011 album How Do You Do. We heard The Walk. Before Mayer we heard Amp Fiddler with Faith. Nice crew don’t you think? And we kicked off with Booker T Jones with Everything Is Everything. And that brings us to the end of our choice cuts of tunes today. Friday Music Is produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose California and I am your curator and host Tim McCormack. And as always with the bullshit of this pandemic I remind you be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We’re gonna put the final period on our musical essay today with an Artist we heard in the first set only this time we’re going to hear him featuring Van Morrison. Once again the stylings of bluesman John Lee Hooker with Don’t Look Back. So Until next time have yourself a great week and peace y’all! Collin do that thing you do so well.

August 21, 2020

Friday 356


Good morning my pandemic pals and welcome back to Friday Music and show 356. Like Proud Mary this pandemic keeps on rollin’ on, but I’ll do my best to serve up a heaping helping of musical distraction and get our collective minds off it and lighten the load with some tasty tunes. Sound good? So let’s get to it and launch the mothership. Lets give a listen to an artist relatively new to me, but I am absolutely intrigued by her lyrical attack and the use of her unique voicing to enhance her style. This is Hiatus Kaiyote with The Lung.
The Subdudes from their album Miracle Mule from 2004, that cut was Known To Touch Me. Before the Dudes was Fink, who’s actual name Fin Greenall out of London England from his album Hard Believer and the cut Pilgrim and we launched with Hiatus Kaiyote with The Lung. We’re now going to drop back to 1996 to give a listen to an album by Roomful Of Blues titled Turn It On, Turn It Up with Duke Robillard On lead guitar and vocals. This is Danger Zone.
Touch Of Your Hand, by the Nylons from their 1987 album Happy Together. Performing Live At Ronnie Scott’s we heard Jeff Becks take on Bill Doggert’s Honky Tonk. 1955 was the year that The Harptones hits the charts with this fine tune, Life Is But A Dream. And Roomful Of Blues bounced us off with the blues on their chart Danger Zone.
1970 was the year, Derek and the Dominos was the band and the cut? Have You Ever Loved A Woman? Oh yeah, indeed.
Take Six, featuring Brian McKnight from the album Standard with Brother Marvin Gaye’s Whats Goin’ On. Jack Slackin’ by The Pimps of Joytime was before that and Derek And The Dominos led off with Have You Ever Loved A Woman.
Well music recess is over for this weeks addition of Friday Music and as always Collin and I thank you for lending us your jug handles for a while so we can fill your heads with music. So remember, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
The Wood brothers are going to close us out for the day with an excellent idea as we navigate the rivers and tributaries of this pandemic. They believe if we get too worried all we need to do is sing. Hell I agree! So until next week when we all meet back up here at the mothership let’s take the Wood brothers advice and Sing About It. Until next time have yourselves a great week.
Peace y’all!

August 14, 2020

Friday 355


Good morning my fine Friday Music followers. This is show 355. I hope it’s a beautiful August day wherever you are listening to this and that you’re faring well as we all try to navigate ourselves through and around this pandemic. Shit ain’t easy. Whether we want to or not we are forced to dwell on it constantly, so I’m just gonna borrow your ears again for a while, try to lay down some tasty tunes and put our mothership into prime orbit so we can have a moment of musical respite and forget about the bullshit that we all know is there. Seem fair? Yeah I think it seems fair too. So what do you say we get to it? I think you’re gonna like this first cut. I not only like this girls singing and that the song itself is a sweet groove but it has a production arrangement of horns that just trips my trigger. This is Kat Wright with By My Side.
1968 is the year The Peddlers laid down the cut you just heard, which was On A Clear Day. Before The Peddlers we heard Ghost-Note featuring Nigel Hall on Swagism. And Kat Wright led the set off with By My Side.
Not only is the cut coming up from the last album recorded by this artist with some extraordinary players on it by the way, but upon its release this iconic artist died. Cut we’re gonna listen to is a little bit eerie to me. Makes one wonder what did he know. From David Bowie last album, the title cut of that album, Blackstar.
From 2011 we just heard Radiohead with Lotus Flower. Before that Modest Mouse with Little Motel. And we led that set off with the last album by David Bowie with the title cut Blackstar. Our third and final set features an album from2001 by Llorca and the cut The Novel Sound.
My my my. Live in studio that was José James with Do You Feel, couple is sweet solos on that don’t you think? Before Jose James we heard Cannonball Adderley with Joe Zabadoo’s chart of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. And Llorca led off with The Novel Sound.
Well that’s it for this week except a reminder that anytime you want to check out a show we’ve done just go to and listen to your hearts content. I’m host and curator Tim McCormack and the show is producing in the little hamlet of San Jose California by Executive Producer, Collin McCormack. And please remember things being what they are, to be safe be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music!
We go out today with a bang. From legendary Producer Don Was and his group Was (Not Was) this is Spy In The House of Love. Until next time have yourselves a great week, peace y’all!

August 7, 2020

Friday 354


Trailerbites, chickeebites, and mosquitoes! It’s time for Friday Music my friends! So step on board the mothership as we launch show 354! And I remind you, especially those folks who are new to Friday Music, that if you go to our website we have archived every show that we have produced so far. Tons of enervating music and cuts to soothe your soul or activate your inner beast. Or just fine tunes to whack your ears with while you’re working or doing whatever you do when you need a little music in your head.
Let’s get to our first set of the day shall we?
We’re coming out of the musical starting gate with a winner. From Hozier featuring the great Mavis Staples this is a song that pays tribute to the musical greats that showed an extraordinary level of musical and social justice translated into power. This is Nina Cried Power.
From 2018 Labrinth, we hear the title cut Mount Everest.
From the album Young Sick Camellia from 2018, we heard St. Paul And The Broken Bones.
With the powerful Bruised Fruit. and we launched with Hozier featuring Mavis Staples with Nina Cried Power.

We start off our second set with a cut that came up in a random shuffled playlist of mine that I wasn’t even sure who it was but it was an interesting take on an iconic song that is associated with BB King which is, The Thrill Is Gone. When I checked out who I was listening to I was surprised because I did not recognize the singing voice and in point of fact, was never a fan of the man singing voice or music but I rather like this take on this song. From the album that was released back in 1991 this is Jerry Garcia And David Grisman with their version of, The Thrill Is Gone.
Orquesta Del Plata with Campo and The Bajofonda Tango Club that was Perfume.
Before Bajofonda was Boogie Belgique with All Over The World.
From Unclassified by Robert Randolph & The Family Band we hear I Need More Love and we led that set off with Jerry Garcia and Tom Grisman with The Thrill Is Gone.
We’re going to low ride ourselves back to 1973 to hear a cut from the iconic East LA band, War. From Platinum Jazz, this is War Is Coming! War Is Coming!
That was Beth Hart bringing it hard with Bad Woman Blues.
Before Beth we heard The Souljazz Orchestra poppin’ it with Life Is What You Make It.
And we jumped into that set with War, with War Is Coming! Damn we’re already done for the day. Remember if you dig in Friday music let your friends know. You know where to send them. I know sometimes it’s hard, but with the state of life being what it is remember to be safe and be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music! Friday Music is executively produced by Collin McCormack and hosted by myself, Tim McCormack and I’m also your curator.
Gonna drop the final needle today on an oldie. From the iconic funk band Earth Wind & Fire this is Gotta Get You Into My Life. So until we all meet up here next Friday at the mothership have yourself a great week, and Peace y’all! Collin, let it fly!

July 31, 2020

Friday 353


Well we made it. We made it to another seven turning of the earth to another week of Friday Music! Mothership is ready to put us in orbit for show 353! So without further ado let us get to it. We’re going to Start this weeks musical journey on the quiet side with an incredible artist with a fabulous voice. From 2017 her album Slowz Remix, this is Laura Mvula with Ready Or Not. Collin, spin it.
From 2002, from the album Next we heard Soulive featuring Dave Matthews on vocals with the sweet cut, Joyful Girl.
Before Soulive was Charlie Hunter from Baboon Strength, released in 2008, we heard Fine Corinthian Leather.
And we launched with the lovely Laura Mvula with Ready Or Not. Girl can flat out bring it.
All right let’s shift gears just a bit, and give a listen to a cut off an album entitled The Remixes. It’s a compilation of the music of Paul Simon from Graceland. Different artists and producers reimagined and put their own twist and spin on the cuts from this great album. This is Gui Boratto and his interesting take on That Was Your Mother.
That was Lettuce, laying down their take on Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up. Before Lettuce we heard a group I’m becoming a big fan of, The Grayboy Allstars. They dropped a groove on us titled Still Waiting.
Before Grayboys, was GRiZMATiK with As We Proceed. And GUI Boratyo let that set off with his take on That Was Your Mother by Paul Simon from his Graceland album.
Well we finished our last set up with a cover of Curtis Mayfield what do you say we start the next set off with the real deal Curtis himself. From Superfly, Curtis Mayfield having at it on Pusherman.
Sham Time. By Medeski Scofield Martin And Wood. Before these boys we heard Marc Broussard’s soulful cover of I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know and Curtis Mayfield let that set off with his iconic cut Pusherman.
Well time to dock the mothership for the week and again thank you for all listening in we do appreciate it. Friday Music is executively produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose California and I’m your curator and host Tim McCormack coming to you from New York.
And as always please remember to be safe be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
We’re gonna close out this week’s music with The Cash Box Kings throwin’ down on "Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit’s Got The Gun" so until we borrow your ears again next Friday have a great week. Peace y’all!

July 24, 2020

Friday 352


Good morning my friends, welcome back aboard the musical Mothership. Time for Friday Music! This weeks show is kinda like your child that did something extraordinary in school and it made you rather proud. I love putting all these shows together for Y’all, but like that parent I’m really proud of this weeks show. We’re going to launch this morning with gettin’ right with The Lord. And to lead us down the path of musical righteousness this morning, is Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Precious Memories. Amen Sister, amen.
From 1999, the album entitled Mule Variation we heard Tom Waits with Chocolate Jesus. Before Tom, we all got right with The Blind Boys of Alabama singing Jesus Gonna Be Here. And we led off with the wondrous Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Precious Memories.
Next up from one of the great jazz vocal stylists that I’ve ever heard, Little Jimmy Scott. This cut was laid down when Jimmy was very close to the end of his time with us and the producer literally had to prop Jimmy up in a wheelchair so he could sing. And sing he did. The man knew how to wrap himself around a lyric and knowing that his time was short here on our spinning orb, this turns out to be a rather prophetic rendition of the timeless Motherless Child.
Tripped Out Slim by Trombone Shorty From his 2017 album, Parking Lot Symphony. Before Trombone Shorty,Babdulu Jazz by Audio Lotion featuring Alex Gamma and Rene Luther. Before that, from Live At Monterey, The Johnny Otis Show, Featuring Margie Evan’s on Margie’s Boogie. And we kicked off with The great Little Jimmy Scott and Motherless Child. Our next musical orbit features a relatively new act to me, but I rather like the sound they put out into space. This is Blue Light Bandits with Sarah.
That was Kyle Thornton and The Company with Talk Is Cheap. Before that, State Line by The Dip. Lake Street Dive from Fun Machine enlivening our spirits with I Want You Back. And Blue Light Bandits led off with Sarah.
Time to turn off our turn table for this weeks Friday Music. I’m Tim McCormack, your curator and host of Friday Music and the show is executively produced in Northern California by Collin McCormack. You know the deal. As always remember, be safe be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music!
Wrapping things up today is Philthy and thats filthy with a P. This is Take A Ride. Until next week my friends, peace y’all!

July 17, 2020

Friday 351


Good morning good morning good morning! And welcome back to Friday Music! We have crossed that magical benchmark at 350 shows and we move on today to show 351. So strapped on your seatbelts on the musical mothership and we shall launch! Our first cut of the day comes from a band out of East L A. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a very long time this is from their 2001 release, on album titled Embrace The Chaos. You know your basic chart dealing with social justice and social change. This is Ozomatli with the Title cut Embrace The Chaos. Roll those musical bones!
From Edinburgh Scotland one find funk band. We heard, All Fussed Up by The Haggis Horns. Before the Haggis Horns we heard GRiZ out of motor city with Get Down featuring Sunsquabi and Manic Focus. And we launch that set with Ozomatli featuring Common from their album Embrace The Chaos. We heard the title cut Embrace The Chaos.
We kick off this set with an album from back in 1989 By Quincy Jones titled Back On The Block which features on this cut among other Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane and a 12-year-old Tevin Campbell. This is Back On The Block. Time to launch.
Hit it!
Tower Of Power from their latest release we heard the title cut Step Up. Before that Charles Bradley along with the Menahan Street Band we heard I hope You Find A Good Life. Before that a band my daughter Honora turned me onto recently named Koan Sound, we heard 80s Fitness. And we began that’s set with a Quincy Jones production titled Back On The Block.
And now kicking off our last set from the album Contra released back in 2010 this is Vampire Weekend with White Sky.
Leonard Cohen A 1000 Kisses Deep from his album 10 New Songs, Produced back in 2001. Before that also from Leonard Cohen from his concert which I think is one of his last live concert he did and was recorded in Dublin Ireland live on stage. What we heard is simply titled Recitation. I don’t know about you but hearing him recite the words that have flowed through his creative mind is pretty amazing. Before that Paul Simon from his album Graceland with the title cut Graceland. And we let off with Vampire Weekend’s White Sky.
Well my musical cadets that our show for this week I thank you for once again joining us on our weekly musical journey this is a production that takes place in upstate New York and is executive produced in San Jose, California by Collin McCormack. And I’m your host and archivist, Tim McCormack saying until next week, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
We finish up today with one of the bands that’s become a favorite of mine over the last year or so, players that pound for pound, horn for horn are among the finest musicians I’ve ever heard. As a group they can range from seven or eight players up to... well as many as they feel like putting on stage including harpists and strings. Out of Denison, Texas, this is Snarky Puppy with Sleeper. Until next week, Peace ya'll!

July 10, 2020

Friday 350


Good morning my whackable ears and musical cadet of Friday Music! The mothership has been detailed and it is ready to launch for show 350! That’s right show three-five-zero! And what fun we have had getting to this point musically and dear God Almighty in every other way.
Today I’d like to look back a bit on a few cuts that I rather like myself, if that’s all right with y’all? Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. I hope y’all cool with that. We’re going to launch this puppy today with not only my favorite group but also my favorite tune by that group and a version of it that is my absolute favorite. Usually this band has five horn players on stage a drummer and bass player a guitarist keyboards and a singer nice complement, but this version of this particular song there are 17 horn players on stage two drummers three guitarists two bass players three keyboardists and the brilliant song stylings of Larry Braggs. From their 40th anniversary live concert celebration at the Fillmore West, this is Tower Of Power with You’re Still A Young Man! Collin, now!
A song that always reminds me of my days living in Los Angeles taking that sunset drive down Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific ocean. Glorious memory. From Gaucho that was Steely Dan and Babylon Sister. Citizen Cope before that with Let The Drummer Kick and kicking us off with style was Tower Of Power with You’re Still A Young Man.
Oh I just love this cut. It puts two iconic blues artist gather live on stage. This is Bobby “Blue” Bland and BB King with I’m Sorry.
My, my, my, my, MY!
Delbert McClinton live with Rebecca Rebecca! Damn fine tune! And A favorite cut of mine by Jon Cleary also live, with some find guitar playing, along with his excellent voice and geographical understanding of a keyboard, we heard Help Me Somebody. And we’re kicked off with BB King and Bobby “Blue“ Bland on I’m Sorry. Couple of nice sets if I do say so myself and I believe I just did.
Our last set is going to kick off with a cut from an amazing album titled Rhythm, Country & Blues. This is the great Brook Benton song sung by Sam Moore of Sam and Dave and the iconic country stylings of Conway Twitty. This is A Rainy Night In Georgia.
Kenny Vance. Kenny Vance & The Planetones with the beautiful This I Swear. Before Kenny was turkuaz with Everyone’s A Winner, live. And we started off with Sam Moore and Conway Twitty on Brooke Benton’s A Rainy Night In Georgia.
Well that’s it my friends. Shows 350. Imagine that. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed bringing it to you. I’m your host and curator for these shows Tim McCormack and the show is executively produced by the talented Collin McCormack out of San Jose California and we want you to remember this until we meet up next week. Be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
Been saving this one for a while because it’s a bit long but it’s worth the ride to listen to it. Another live cut, this time from a brilliant artist. This is Boz Scaggs with Loan Me A Dine. Until next week, peace y’all!

July 3, 2020

Friday 349

Hot diggity damn! It’s Friday Music time again! Welcome back aboard the Mothership for show 349. We are fast approaching show 350. 350 shows, damn that’s a lot of shows! Hell it's a lot of music!
I told Collin recently that now that the show is really more of a podcast and that Collin’s expertise in refining it to make it slicker and easier to use, it seems to have brought my muse a callin’. I told him she has been hangin’ out in the shadows, keeping her distance, but she has finally showed her face and let me know with a glad eye that she was ready to play and I am of the option that you strike while the muse is hot and I’m hoping that translates into our time together every week as something that just gets better and better. We truly hope you are enjoying the new changes and that if you have any thoughts or ideas that you’d like to share, hip is up. You know the place to go, Shoot us a note, but most definitley let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make that happen.
Alright let’s put this mothership in orbit and get right to our first set of the week which launches with a cut by The Derek Trucks Band from his album Songlines from 2006 with This Sky. Collin drop the needle.
Take It Slow. Boozoo Bajou, with Joe Dukie and U-Brown from Dust My Broom.
Before that was Son Little with Lay Down.
And we launched with This Sky by The Derek Trucks Band.
Up next from 1993 from the album Practice What You Preach, this is The Poets of Rhythm with More Mess On My Thing.
Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings with Midnight Rider. Sweet take on that old an old Allman Brithers chart.
Before that was Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley by Robert Palmer from 1993.
Just before Sneakin’ Sally was The Meters with Fire On The Bayou.
And we jumped in today with with More Mess On My Thing by the Poets of Rhythm.
Now that we are nicely settled in let’s drop the show into a new orbit for the final set.
This is a cut from an album released back in 1976 by the great flutist Herbie Mann. Holds up real fine too. Has a groove that could’ve been laid down yesterday. From the album titled Surprises, Featuring Cissy Housten on vocals, this is Cajun Moon.
The Wilhelm Scream by The Bamboos featuring Megan Washington on vocals.
Live Learn by The California Honeydrops was before that and we kicked off with Cajun Moon by Herbie Mann featuring Cissy Housten on vocal.

Well that’s it folks. That’s this weeks show. I truly hope you enjoyed it and until we meet back up together next week at our musical mothership for Friday Music remember be safe, be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music!
I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator for the show and it’s executively produced by the amazingly gifted, Collin McCormack. Today we’re gonna take you out with a cut by Rodney Hunter from his album Hunterfiles with Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart.

June 26, 2020

Friday 348


Good morning my multitude of growing Friday Music fans. This is show 348 and I once again look forward to whacking your ears with some tasty tunes. The mothership is fueled up and ready to launch but before we do that I want to remind you that anytime you have a tune you’d like to hear let us know. We not only will play it but I’ll build a set around it. Cool right? Right. And We must be doing something right, I got a call last week from a woman who is a producer for NPR public radio in Concord New Hampshire who heard from a friend in Chicago who heard f Friday Music and she sent it on to New Hampshire and the producer in Concord decided to check it out and then figured out how to get a hold of me just to let me know she was diggin’ Friday Music! My my. Makes keeping on worth keepin’ on! All right enough said. Let’s launch our first musical pod with a slow pretty jam by an artist who calls himself Young Gun Silver Fox this is his soulful song titled Long Way Back. Collin, Engage.
That was Who Know Who by Orgone with Fannie Franklin on vocals. She ain’t playin’
Before that was the sweet grove of Jamie Lidell with All I Wanna Do.
And we kicked off with Young Gun Silver Fox and Long Way Back.

I believe we’re going to take a bit of a left turn to start this set. I’m down with imagining driving into the twilight of Death Valley full glide with this playing in the background. This is Bahama Soul Club with No Words.
Aah yes, Fred Wesley and JB’s laying down a live groove titled
Same Beat. Works for me.
Dojo Cuts led us to the JB’s with I Don’t Wanna Wait.
Before that Lawrence with Cold.
And we kicked off with The Bahamas Soul Club with No Words.

A few years back there was a tour that included Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler and this is a cut from the tour. Sadly no Emmy Lou Harris but Mark Knopfler throws down quietly and beautifully on Romeo and Juliet.
Clarity by John Mayer. I truly believe John is one of the finest guitar players around, but I sometimes find his songs to be somewhat pedestrian, but not on this chart. I really rather liked it.
Before John was Crosby Stills Nash and Young from déjà vu with a favorite song of mine by Neil Young titled Helpless. And Mark Knopfler let us off with Romeo and Juliet.

Well my friends that’s our show for this week and as always Collin and I are thrilled bring it to you It’s a production that’s put together in upstate New York and Executive produced in San Jose California by Collin McCormack and I’m Tim McCormack your host and archivist. Remember, if you think it’s a good idea to let your friends know about our growing family, remember just tell them go to and there we’ll be! So until next week be safe be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music!
Taking us out today is Azymuth with Dear Limmertz . Alright Collin, do that thing you do so well. Peace!

June 19, 2020

Friday 347


Good morning my musical cadets and welcome back to the mothership for show 347! Time for some tasty tunes! And remember all are welcome aboard, So tell your friends, hell tell your dog! You wanta check out anything in our catalog? Well we got it for you! Just go to and check out our catalog or a favorite show!
Alright lets launch this ship. We have a request this morning all the way from Port Washington Wisconsin from brother CJ Pfrang, or Chuckster or just call him Charlie. CJ asked for a chart from 1980 by The LA 4. Four great musicians. Laurindo Almeida, Jeff Hamilton, Roy Brown and the great flute stylings of Bud Shank. This is ZACA. Let it rip!
Turkuaz. Live Nightswimming. Before Turkuaz was Victor Wooden with Funky D Before that we heard Mark Littieri with Naptime. Cory Fry before that from Socially Distancing we heard Thinking About You. And oh my Macio Parker with Blues For Short Bill And we launched with a request from CJ from the LA 4 from 1980 with ZACA.
Gonna slow it down with a cut from a great singer and a most interesting woman. She gonna supply us with something we could all us a little of right now. This is Mary Gauthier with Mercy Now., my. Poco with Magnolia. Damn. Dawes before that with Just Below The Surface reprise. Man do I love this guys music and voice. That was Ryan Bingham with Weary Kind. Wild The Coyote jammed on The Boondocks. Before that was Blackberry Smoke with Up In Smoke. And we started off with Mary Guathier with Mercy Now. Allrighty now that it for today except out closing tune, but before that remember, be safe, be kind and have a grand Friday!
All right Collin lets take em out with a cut from sister Mavis Staples with a shitload of guest artist on a live rendition of The Weight. See you all back here next Friday! Hit it!

June 12, 2020

Friday 346


Good morning my friend and fans of Friday Music. The mothership is in countdown at to launch show 346, Can you dig that? So lets get to it. Our first cut for this week is from the misty past. From way back in 1968 this is Mac Rebennack, better know as Dr. John from his album Dr. John The Night Tripper with all that good gris gris on Walk On Gilded Splinters.
Marcus Miller, from Laid Back featuring Trombone Shorty on 7-T's Before that was a cut recommended by our engineer on this musical mothership, Colin McCormack. That choice cut was Mura Masa with What If I Go? Jumpin' in before that was St.Germaine with Sittin' Here. And with launched with Dr. John who can cure all yours all ill's. with Walk On Gilded Splinters.
And now for some brand spanking new music. My great friend and a fellow passenger on our weekly music ride, Dennis Barnett let me know his oldest son just laid down a new album and I thought you all might like to check it out. This is Mumbles featuring featuring Blu and Floria Purim, with Never Ending.
We started this set with a friend and we end this set with not only a friend but a wonderful artist. This was from back a few years ago when Stef Murphy performed as The Mighty Stef with a group of great Irish musicians and wonderful lads. The cut you heard was Death Threats FYI, Stef is riding this weekly music rocket with us as well. Before Stef was Matt Duncan with Chutes & Ladders. Before Chutes & Ladders was Bahamas. Love everything about this man's music. We heard Alone. A favorite album of mine is Famous Blue Raincoat by Jennifer Warrens .All songs composed by Leonard Cohen and he even lends his voice on a few cuts .We heard the haunting A Singer Must Die. And we let that set off with Mumbles and Never Ending. We are going to close out todays show with The Temptations. THat's right, a little bit more ols school! But before we go remember, be safe, be kind and have a grand Friday! This is Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Mercy!

June 5, 2020

Friday 345


Good morning good morning good morning! It's Friday Music time and It's yours truly Tim, coming to you from the mothership at This is show 345 and we begin today with a tasty tune from Duke Ellington & John Coltrane, titled My Little Brown Book,
That was John Scofield along with John Mayer with a cut from John Scofield's album Scofield Plays The Music of Ray Charles, with I Don't Need no Doctor. Before that was the amazing musings of Sturgill Simpson on All Around Me. Metropole Orkest hit us up before Sturgill with Cold Duck featuring the amazing Jacob Collier on keys and Kurt Elling on vocals. And of course we kicked it off with Duck Ellington and John Coltrane with My Little Brown Book.
Next up an oldie that holds a certain significances for me today. Perhaps you too. This is Elton John from his 1970 album Your Song, with 60 Years On.
Ahh yes The Stones from Let It Bleed with Let It Bleed. Kurt Elling was up before the Stones, live, tearing up a song most associated with Nat Cole, Nature Boy, composition by Eden Ahbez, but a wonderful version by Kurt none the less. Before Kurt we heard Jeff Beck, also live with Cause We Ended As Lovers. A wonderful version of Gershwin's Summertime by Ella & Louie. As in Ella Fitzgerald & Louie Armstrong. And we began that set with Sir Elton John's beautiful piece, 60 Years On.
Our last cut today is a piece in memoriam for Mr. George Floyd who was tragically murdered a week ago in Minnesota, I think we can all at least agree a change has got to come. So to George, his family and friends this is my way of remembering this tragic event. So until next week, be safe, be kind and have a grand Friday, This is Michael McDonald & Billy Preston with Marvin Gaye's What's Going On.

May 29, 2020

Friday 344


Good morning my friends and welcome to show 344 of Friday Music, coming to you from the mothership at and I am thrilled to have you on board again lending me your ears for some tunes from here, there and perhaps a little bit from everywhere. We are jumping off with a cut from an all time favorite album of mine. From back in 1961.
The album, Genius + Soul = Jazz, this is Birth of The Blues with Ray Charles on the keys. That was Dave Alvin and friends with Redneck Friend.
Before Mr. Alvin was Brittany Howard from her debut album Jamie, we heard Stay High.
Before Brittany we heard live in studio Wolf Eats Wolf by music legend Tony Allan.
And from back in 61 we heard from Brother Ray Charles with Birth of The Blues.

Kicking off the second set is a sweet piece from the daughter of Lloyd George of Little Feat, Inara George with a song she wrote for he Dad, titled Release Me.
Old Love, written by Eric Clapton & Robert Cray, but sung by Richie Havens with his always beautiful voice.
Before that, The Subdudes with Need Somebody.
And just couldn't resist throwin' in Lloyd George and Little Feat with Willin' from 1977 after hearing Lloyd's daughter Inara George open up the set with Release Me.

Before we get to our last cut of this Friday, I want to thank you all for hangin' in with Collin & me as we retool our format for you. It's a pleasure doing business with you all! So until next week be good, be kind and have a grand Friday!
We gonna finish up where we began today. Same artist, same LP but a little bit more of a kick ass grove to finish up with.
Ray Charles from Genius + Soul = Jazz. This is Gonna Move To The Outskirts of Town. Do it Ray and we'll see you right back here next Friday!

May 22, 2020

Friday 343

Good morning and a good Friday Music to you all. This is show 343 of Friday Music and I am thrilled to have you all aboard for our latest edition of tasty tunes. Our first cut of the day is already playing. Its Coleman Hawkins from his 1957 album titled The Hawk Flies High. Lets give it a listen shall we?
That my friend is the fine sound of Mingo Fishtrap from his album Yesterday.
Before that we checked out JD McPherson with the title cut from his first album Signs & Signifiers.
Before JD was Brother John Lee Hooker with Serves My Right To Suffer. But throwin' down with some mighty fine sweet suffering.
And we opened with Coleman Hawkins with Laura from way on back in 1957 with some amazing sidemen. Barry Galbraith on Guitar, Jo Jones on drums. J.J. Johnson on trombone, Hank Jones on piano, Oscar Pettiford on bass and of course Coleman Hawkins on tenor sax.
Now we move on to an oldie all dressed up with a new feel. This is Disclosure with Where Angels Fear To Tread.
Spoon, from They Want My Soul with Inside Out.
Before that, Fleet Foxes with the beautiful voicings on White Winter Hymnal.
Father John Misty was just before Spoon with Everything Is Free.
And we started out with Disclosure with Where Angels Fear To Tread.
Before we hear our last cut of the day I remind you to tell your friends where they can catch Friday Music anytime they want. So before we hear our final track of the Day by Little Ester Phillips with her cover of Bill Withers Use Me, As usual, stay safe & healthy and I wish you a Grand Friday!
Little Ester, use us up!

May 15, 2020

Friday 342

Good morning my musical mavens! We are coming at you, from now on, in a new live format.
Yours truly, actually DJ'ing Friday Music. Time to hip up this endeavor, put on my best pork pie hat and lay down some tasty tunes.
And if you like what you're hearing, tell your friends, send them on over to our website, all one word and have them check us out.

Now, we're starting out today with a tribute piece to the now in the wind, Little Richard, one of the true geniuses of rock and roll.
This is from 1957, live with Little Richard singing, Lucille.

My, My, My, a fine short set of a little funk. You just heard King Curtis from 1967, with Memphis Soul Stew.
Before that was Tower of Power live in Germany with a fun rendition of Me and Mrs. Jones.
And of course we started off with Little Richard from 1957 singing Lucille.

Next up is Ms. Joan Osborne with Spider Web from her first album Relish. Mercy.

That my friends is the amazing Boz Scags doing Look What You've Done To Me.
Before that we heard a group thats well relatively new to me they're from Germany.
They're what I call a funk rap band and they call themselves Moop Mama.
The song you heard is titled Shitstorm. I rather like this song, but I chose it because I can actually say Shitstorm and most of their titles are in German and well, I really don't have a clue how to pronounce any of those.
Before that was Vulfpeck with a couple of iconic artists sitting in, you had James Gadson on drums and Charles Wright on guitar, doing their rendition of Running Away.
And of course, we started off with Joan Osborne from her first album, Relish with Spider Webb.
And now we finish up today with the amazing Snarky Puppy.
This is a group that's originally out of Denison, Texas, that had, I believe, six members and has grown to over 100 musicians, well when they need them.
This is from their live sessions that they call, We Like It Here, and this is Lingus.
Well there you have it, out first DJ session a Friday Music.
I sure hope you enjoyed listening to it, I sure enjoyed doing it.
So, until we meet back here again next Friday, I want you to all stay healthy and safe. v And as always, I wish you a grand Friday.


May 8, 2020

Friday 341

Mornin' All
So we join each other for another week of Friday Music with no real end in sight from this life altering event we've all been forced to endure. At least I can continue to serve up tasty cuts of musical meat. So our first piece is a sweet rendition of Don't Give Up On Me by PS 22 and Andy Grammer. You gotta be dead for this to not bring tears to your eyes.
We have all been confined to our homes, but here is a reminder of what a good place that can be. This is Michael Buble with Home.
All our schedules have been thrown to the wind and here 's a tune to bring it home. This is Lawrence playing for World Café kickin' it on Probably Up.
Jumpin' back in time for these boys from New Jersey. This is The Young Rascals with Lonely Too Long.
Another shout out to New York by the one and only Dion, Yeah, he's still throwin' down. This is King Of The New York Streets with an intro from Billy Vera.
Rhiannon Giddens with Iron & Wine doing Bobby Dylan's Forever Young.
The late great Levon Helm singing When I Go Away.
From The Musical MOJO of Dr. John, this is Rain.
Finally we have Elle King live in London singing Good Thing Gone. Indeed.

Until next Friday be safe & healthy and have a grand Friday.