Show #361 - #380

February 5, 2021

Friday 380


Good morning my friends and welcome to this week's edition of Friday Music. This is show 380. No matter where you live we are all working our way through some form of winter weather and I hope wherever you’re at you're either staying warm or if you are in the southern hemisphere staying cool. Our job on the mothership of Friday Music is to bring you some cool music that warms you up and serve it up to the delight of your ears and we shall do that starting right now. Set number 1 of show 380 drops into a cruising orbit with Jose James and Aloe Blacc with Turn Me Up. So Collin, turn it up!
Song best known done by brother Ray Charles is laid down quite nicely by the John Mayer Trio live. That was I Gotta Woman. Before John Mayer we heard Eric Burdon and War’s 1970 album titled Black Man’s Burdon with the cut titled, Pretty Colors. And before Eric Burdon we kicked off with Jose James and Aloe Blacc with Turn Me Up.
We move on to set number 2 of show 380 with another album from 1970. This time from The beautiful Bobbie Gentry with a cut titled He Made A Woman Out Of Me.
That my friends was Smooth Hound Smith with Get Low. Before Smooth Hound we heard the title cut from a Willie Nelson album that not only featured Willie Nelson but three other incredible singers along with him. Tony Joe White, Leon Russell and Jamie Johnson and the haunting cut, God’s Problem Child. And Bobbie Gentry started that set off with He Made A Woman Out Of Me.
Well we cooking now. Time to wrangle up and serve up some choice cut for set number three. And that begins with this tasty morsel from, A Great Big World, Featuring Christine Aguilera and the song is, Fall On Me.
Michael McDonald, Just Strong Enough , live from Wide Open. Before Michael we heard Black Pumas with Sugar Man from the 2021 single release. Before Black Pumas we heard Bill Withers from Live at Carnegie Hall in 1973 flat out throwing down on Friend Of Mine. And A Great Big World started that set off with Fall On Me.
Well that’s that for show 380 of Friday Music. Time to put our musical frying Pan back on the shelf for another week and Collin and I as always remind you to remain safe, be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music. We close out today with a cut from The Johnny Otis Show from a live album titled Live At Monterey with the great Ivory Joe Hunter on Since I Met You Baby. So until we all meet under the street light of music, Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Collin dropped that stylus one more time.

January 29, 2021

Friday 379


Well the orb we all reside on has arched its way around us all seven more time and here we all are for this weeks edition of Friday Music and show 379. In this country in the last three weeks we have been through an insurrection, an impeachment and an inauguration. Pretty significant goings on. Every day there’s a little bit more sunlight and we inch closer to what is the springtime of the year and the unlocking of the earth and renewal. Perhaps we might begin to hope for better days. I’m hoping for hugs and a properly poured pint of Guinness along with eye to eye conversations with my friends. Until then, Collin and I will supply you with a respite from the fray and continue to serve up some tasty tunes for y’all. So strap on in, the mothership is ready to launch us into our weekly music quest. First up today is a sweet live recording by Wilco and Fleet Foxes. This is their cover of Bobby Zimmermans song, I Shall Be Released. Collin, engage.
Gregory Porter, with Revival. Nice, don’t ya think? Before Gregory was John Hammond from his 2006 album Wicked Grin, with Shore Leave. And we dropped into orbit on this set with Wilco and Fleet Foxes with Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released. Set number two begins with a reimagined golden oldie best know done by The Righteous Brothers. This is She & Him along with the Chapin Sisters with Unchained Melody.
I just realized that we just heard our second cover of Dylan today. That was Beck with an exuberant cover of Dylan’s Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. Before Beck was The Peculiar Pretzelman with a strange little ditty titled Hammer-Nail. Before Peculiar Pretzelman was Son Little with neve give up. And the first drop of the stylus on that set was by She & Him with the Chapin Sisters on Unchained Melody. Gotta tell you, I’m digging the name, The Peculiar Pretzelman. Anyways let’s move right along to set number three that Andrew Bird leads off with a cut from his 2019 album My Finest Work Yet, with Bloodless.
Glenn Walters and The Strokeland Superband from the album King of Retro Cool, that was A Woman’s Touch. And ladies, I am down with the sentiments of this tune. Before A Woman’s Touch we heard Chuck Prophet’s Summertime Thing. Before Chuck was Daniel Agee with How’s The World Treating You. And Andrew Bird began that set with Bloodless. Well the musical ticky tick brings us to the end of show 379. And as always we remind you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. I’m your host for Friday Music, Tim McCormack and our show is executively produced in California by Collin McCormack. We finish up today with our third connection to Bob Dylan with one of his three sons, Jakob Dylan from his days with The Wallflowers, and I swear this whole Dylan thing was unplanned, but rather cool. At any rate this is a great tune that we finish up with today, One Headlight.
But until next time when the days are even a little longer my friends Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Let fly Collin

January 22, 2021

Friday 378


Good morning my friends and welcome to show 378 of Friday Music. The world dice game keeps rolling hard 8’s and 9’s and Collin and I continue to try to give you a few moments of auditory enjoyment and respite from the daily assault on all our collective psyches from a pandemic to impeachment. I know that putting theses shows together helps keep me from losing my shit and I hope hearing them helps keep you from losing yours. So on that note let the weekly healing begin. We launch the mothership and drop into orbit of set number one on the mellow side. This is Jesse Dee with Over And Over. Collin, administer the musical medicine.
Player with a new recording and take of their iconic hit Baby Come Back. Before Player was Leslie Odom Jr. with Under Pressure. And we began by applied some musical salve to our souls with Jessie Dee’s Over And Over. I’m feeling better already. Let’s keep on keepin’ on with set two that begins with Marty O’Riley & The Old Soul Orchestra. This is Smokestack Lightning.
That little ditty was a recommendation from our producer Collin, and clearly I agree with his choice. From the Hilltop Hoods we heard Leave Me Lonely. Before the Hoods was Fantastic Negrito with The Duffler and before The Duffler was the The Motet with That Dream and Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra kick off set number two with Smokestack Lighting. Well we at Cruising speed now and that means we’re at set number three of show 378. First up is a lady who’s voice I love and I love this tune. This is Catherine Russell with Aged And Mellow.
Awake My Soul. Mumford & Sons. Before Mumford & Sons was The Lone Bellow with You Never Need Nobody. Before the Bellows was Catherine Russell with Aged And Mellow. Well it’s time to dock the mothership and tie her down until next time. Thank you for lending me your ears once again. I’m Tim McCormack your host and archivist for Friday Music and as always our show is executively produced by Collin McCormack in Santa Clara California. And we remind you once again to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We lock down today with some brand spanking’ new music from Huey Lewis And The News! The cut is Remind Me Why I Love You. So until next time we wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all. Collin, hit it

January 15, 2021

Friday 377


Well good morning my friends from a chilly day on the Southern shores of Lake Ontario. Time for Friday Music. The mothership is fueled up, and we are ready for launch and you my friends are welcome aboard for our latest addition, show 377. Gonna kick things off today with a live cut by Portishead.
I’m ready if you are ready Collin. This is Only You.
My my my. That was Habbie Doobie. By The Texas Gentlemen.
Before the Texas Gentlemen we heard my man Mayer Hawthorne with Get You Back and before Mayer and starting off the day was Portishead with Only You.
We feelin’ good? Good. Then let’s move on to set number to show 377. Our 1st cut is done live in Holland or if you prefer the Netherlands either way this is Lucy Woodward out front with Snarky Puppy on
I Don’t Know.
That my friends was Vintage Trouble with Grateful. Before Grateful we heard Seth Walker on All That I’m Asking. Before Seth we heard Big Gigantic along with GRiZ on Good Times Roll. And set number two begin with Lucy Woodward and Snarky Puppy on I Don’t Know, live.
And that my friends leads us to set number three. And we begin Set number three By going back to 1972 and giving a listen to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes featuring Teddy Pendergrass on Miss You. Go ahead on Collin, take us on back to 72 and that mellow groove.
From Muscle Shoals Small Town Big Sound we heard the big sound of Keb’ Mo’ singing Road To Love. Before Keb’ Mo’ we heard John Fogerty with the title cut from his album The Holy Grail. And Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes along with Teddy Pendergrass lead that set off with Miss You. And there you have it, there it is. Time to turn up the house lights and send you on your way till next week but until then as always, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. I’m your host Tim McCormack and from Santa Clara California our show is executively produced by Collin McCormack.
We’re gonna finish up today with me breaking my own rule.
Sorry my friends, just gotta do it. These shows are recored in advance but in the 11th hour I’m going to finish up with a song by Lily Allen and it goes out as a dedication to the thank God outgoing inept criminal President of the United States. The show goes out across the world to listeners and I just want you to know that the events of this week of Insurrection and traitorous behavior by this president is an embarrassment to all of us in the United States. Well, not all of us that’s sadly true, but they are to me and many of you listening, so Lily Allan finishes up today with a poignant dedication to donnie. So on that note, until that time when you decide to press the play button on show 378 Collin and I wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! And donnie, piss off!

January 8, 2021

Friday 376


Good morning my friends of Friday Music and welcome to 2021. Mofo got to be better that 2020. Just hope 2021 doesn’t ask 2020 to hold my beer. That would surely exacerbate things!
We did a look back show on New Year’s Day of some of the cuts I liked during 2020. So I kinda think today is the first show of 2021 and it happily begins with launching the mothership and giving a listen to my very talented nephew Will Pfrang out of beautiful Port Washington Wisconsin.
From his latest album titled The Good Land Part II. And backed up by his band, The Good Land Gand. This is Coming Home.
Mary Gauthier with her touching composition, Mercy Now. God knows we could use some right now. Before Mary we heard Everything Apart by Foxwarren and we Launch the mothership with Will Pfrang and his beautifully Coming Home.
I think you’re gonna like set number two, went a tad quiet and eclectic with this group of songs and I hope you approve. The first choice cut for set number two is by Michelle Gurevich and her chart I’ll Be Your Woman. Come on Collin let’s go a little bit sideways and find out where it leads us.
That man has a truly uniquely interesting voice, don’t you think? That was Tindersticks with Another Night In. Before Tindersticks we heard Lord Huron with a very hot young artist sitting in by the name of Phoebe Bridgers on The Night We Met. Before Lord Huron we heard a group that scratches an itch I didn’t even know I had. That was the wonderfully odd and interesting sounds of Tiger Lillies with Danced All Night. And we began set number two with Michelle Gurevich with I’ll Be Your Woman.
Set three of show 376 dropped us into our final orbit of this week show with Mavis John and and her little ditty titled, Use My Body.
That was, Santa Fe And The Fat City Horns kickin’ it with I’ll Pack It Up. Before The Fat City Horns was cleveland jones on Until I Met You. And Mavis John got us started with Use My Body.
Well there it is my friends, there you have it we’ve come around the final turn of our musical track and it’s time to put this Philly back in the barn until next week. So until next time my friends, you know the deal. Be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We wrap it all up today by dropping back into 1974 and giving a listen to the always fine offerings of William DeVaughn. This is Be Thankful For What You Got. Indeed. So until all our ears are in proximity to each other for show 377, I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator for Friday Music and executively produced, now out of Santa Clara California, Collin McCormack. We wish you a bodacious Friday and peace y’all! Go ahead on Collin serve up that final choice cut of the day.

January 1, 2021

Friday 375


Good morning my music mavens and welcome to 2021! This is show 375 and our first show of the New Year! We all hope and pray that the ripping off of the last page of 2020 brings a renewal of our lives beginning by simply being safer. Kinder and normal and a return to choice would be cool too. All those little things we took for granted and miss. For me it’s hugging and a properly poured pint of a Guinness at Cavalry’s Irish Pub with kisses and conversations with my friends. Oh how I miss hugging! So the mothership moves into a new year where we will continue to push away from our locked down moorings delivering you more Choice cuts of music and be the vehicle that will continue to give us all a collective weekly moment of enjoyable ear whacking. And I want to thank you all for continuing to strap up and take this musical ride on the mothership. For today’s show I dipped my hands back into last year‘s Archives and grabbed a few of the songs that I really enjoy and of course I hope you did too. It’s kind of like grabbing a handful of sand. Some grains remain in your hand and some seep back out. So these are a few of the sand crystals my hand held on to as we look back musically on Friday Music, 2020. We begin with Hozier, featuring Mavis Staples on the beautiful, Nina Cried. What do you think Collin? Let’s drop the stylus in the first cut of 2021.
Turkuaz, live with Everyone’s A Winner. Before Turkuaz was The Teskey Brothers with Hold Me and we dropped into orbit with a tasty cut by Hozier featuring Mavis Staples on Nina Cried.
Now that the mothership has hit cruising speed we move on onto set number two of this week show and it begins with an artist that just trips my Trigger, this is Labrinth with Mount Everest.
Jon Cleary and The Monster Gentlemen out of New Orleans with Help Me Somebody. Before brother Cleary we heard The Derek Trucks Band with This Sky. Before The Trucks Band we hear the amazingly beautiful Long Way Back by Young Gun Silver Fox and set two led off with Labrinth and Mount Everest. We flying now right into the front edge of 2021. That flight takes us to set number three of show 375 Which opens with Lucas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson and his band Promise Of The Real and Forget About Georgia.
The massively talented Brittany Howard with a cut from her 2019 solo album, we heard Stay High. Before Ms. Howard we heard Emily King and her touching song Georgia. And we launch set number three with Lucas Nelson and Forget About Georgia.
Well there you have it my friends A look back and a little taste of Friday Music, 2020. Time to wrap this week show up look down the long road 2021 and collectively hope that shit gets better! But until we know that to be the fact, remember to continue to be safe, be kind and we hope all your Fridays are filled with music! Before we hear our last cut of the day I just want to stop for a moment and thank my brilliant executive producer of our weekly get-togethers to collectively enjoy a little taste of music. That would be my amazing nephew Collin McCormack. He not only weekly makes this a better show but he has always made my life flow better by simply being in it. And I thank him for everything he does for you and me.
We finish up today with a cut from the latest album by Tower Of Power, Step Up with an appropriate message to begin the year.
This is Any Excuse Will Do.
So until next time my friends I’m your curator of Friday Music, Tim McCormack and as I’ve already mentioned it is executive produced in Northern California by Collin McCormack and until we do meet up again, We wish you all a bodacious Friday!
Peace y’all!
Collin, step it up!

December 25, 2020

Friday 374


Good morning my fellow music lovers and welcome back to Friday Music and show 374! We are fast approaching the series finale of 2020 and I hope there aren’t any more “gotcha surprises” coming at us all! I think we all done with this jacked up year!
But the Mothership is fueled up and ready to be pushed away from its moorings to launch us into this weeks show, which engages with a cover of an old song by Mickey Newberry. This is Just Dropped In. OK Collin, do that thing that you do so well.
One of the best names for a group in all of music, we just heard Bid Head Todd And The Machine with Hey Delila. Before Big Head Todd was The Shouting Matches laying down I Had A Real Good Lover. And we launched with Micky Newberry and his cover of, Just Dropout In.
We now turn to set number two and it kicks off with an artist that I not only like a great deal but have seen him in person and he does not nor does his band disappoint musically or visually. This my friends is Pokey Lafarge with When Did You Leave Heaven.
Jason Isbell with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and his take on an oldie written in 1929 by Jimmy Cox titled Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out. Before Jason we heard Frank Sinatra singing with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra in 1939 with We Three. And Pokey Lafarge started this set off with his lovely rendition of, When Did You Leave Heaven.
All right my friends we are staring one of the last set number threes of the year squarely in the eye so let’s get to it. We kick this set an off with the Quincy Jones Orchestra featuring Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles on his album Jook Joint with the cut Let The Good Times Roll.
Now there’s a group we have not heard in a while, thought it was time. That was Snarky Puppy, featuring Chris Turner on the live version of Liquid Love. Before Snarky Puppy we gave a listen to an amazing rendition of When The Saints Come Marching in by Max Rebinic, better known as Dr. John and sometime still refer to Dr. John The Night Tripper, featuring the brilliant Mavis Staples. Before the doctor we heard Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver on their cover of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. And Quincy Jones kicked off set number three of show 374 with, Let The Good Times Roll.
Well damn, I got to tell you I really enjoyed putting the show together this week and it went through a couple of changes but it was all enjoyable to play around with and get it to where it sits laying on your ears right now. But once again we are at the point where I will remind you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. As always I am your host and curator of Friday Music, Tim McCormack and as always the show is brilliantly executively produced by Collin McCormack soon to have a new address in Northern California.
We end show 374 with a special shout out to someone in Utah and that someone know why I’m shouting out! Any how it’s time to tie down the mothership with a cut from Philthy. That’s Philthy with a P. And the cut? Well that would be Party Crashers. So until right about this time seven turnings of the earth later we will meet back up here together for show 375. Until then have yourselves a bodacious Friday! Peace y’all!

December 18, 2020

Friday 373


Well good morning my Friday Music followers. It’s show 373 on your music score cards and the mothership is ready to launch, and make your feel good feel really good!
Up first in set number one is a group from Melbourne Australia. This is the Teskey Brothers with Til The Sky Turns Black. Go ahead on Collin, spin that vinyl.
Hey Hey, by the group MEUTE.
Before MEUTE we gave a listen to Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me To The End Of Love done quite nicely by The Civil Wars. And we dropped into orbit with The Teskey Brothers with Til The Sky Turns Black. That moves us to set number two and a sweet piece by the even sweeter Blossom Dearie with
Try Your Wings.
The Cool School, sung by Leo Sidran and Michael Franks. Before Sidran and Franks was Lua by Jacob Collier featuring a young woman we played a few weeks back named MARO.
My youngest daughter Mailli may be sitting in on a master class in composition that Jacob Collier will be Zooming for Ithaca College. I’d like to sit in on that class and listen to this young musical genius compositional insights. Before Jacob Collier we heard As My Guitar Gently Weeps sung by India Arie, and backed up by Yo-Yo Ma on Santana’s album, Guitar Heaven. And set two of show 373 began with the delicate vocals of Blossom Dearie on Try Your Wings.
We have now reached set number three of Friday Music and it is begun by My Morning Jacket with Tyrone.
Gillian Hills with her kitchey cut of Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut. Before Gillian was The Mills Brothers from 1937 with Asleep In The Deep. Before The Mills Brothers was Liane Carroll live at Ronny’s with Lou Reeds Perfect Day done perfectly. And My Morning Jacket started us off with Tyrone.
Well my friend, another show chalked up and parked in the music archives where you can take it or any other show you want out for a spin anytime you want. I’m your host for Friday Music Tim McCormack and our show is executive producer by Collin McCormack. So remember, be safe, be kind and may all your Friday’s be filled with music!
We close out today’s show by kicking it up a notch with The Strokeland Superband with Must Be Love. So Until next time my friends have yourself a bodacious Friday. And peace y’all!

December 11, 2020

Friday 372


Aah, here we are again my friends for another addition of Friday Music! This is show 372, and week by week the stacks of wax pile up to give us an archive of music that we could all do a road trip together across America and back again without hearing every song! So let’s launch the mothership for this weeks edition and jump on into the music that we're all here for. We open today with a cut from the movie, Across The Universe, the group is Secret Machine and the song is the Beatles, Flying.
Collin, Kick this mother into gear.
From the album Medusa produced back in 1995, that was Annie Lennox with, It’s A Thin Line. Before Annie was Alvin Youngblood Hart with his fine cover of the Rolling Stone‘s Moonlight Mile. And we dropped into orbit today with Flying by Secret Machine.
I’m stoked to start set number two with a song I have loved for years which is a composition by the now too long gone Nick Drake. What we’ll hear today is an inspired rendition of it by guitarist Lee Ritenour with several incredible musicians helping him out. Will Kennedy, Nathan East, Dave Grusin and on vocals, Kurt Elling. This is, River Man.
That my friends was Trigger Hippie with Rise Up Singing. Before Trigger Hippie We gave a listen to Hollis Brown on Oh Sweet Nothin’.
Before Hollis was Bruno Major on Just The Same. And Lee Rittenour launch that set with River Man. Set number three begins with an oldie reimagined by the always interesting musical takes of Ricky Lee Jones. This is her take on I’ll Be Seeing You.
JD Souther covering The Eagles with Sad Cafe. Before JD was Leslie Odom Jr. with Standards. FINNEAS before Leslie with Break My Heart Again and Ricky Lee Jones got us started with I’ll Be Seeing You. And that my friends is that Time to wrap it up say my a-dues remind you that I am your host for Friday Music Tim McCormack, and our show is executive produced by Collin McCormack. Before we get to our final cut of the day I remind you as I remind you every week to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. So until we meet up again this time next week whatever that time may be for you we finish up with the James Hunter Six with Mollena. So until next time I wish you an amazing Friday and peace y’all!

December 4, 2020

Friday 371


Good morning my music friends and welcome to this weeks edition of Friday Music. We’re about to launch the mothership and head into the musical orbit of set number 1 of show 371.
Now as I have discussed with you I do these shows in advance, And by the time I’m finally ready to voice them over and take a look back at the show that I have laid out for the week I begin to see a certain pattern and feel for the show and this week show has a rather mellow feel to it (mostly) and it feels right and I’m liking it and I’m thinking we should get to it.
We ease on into this set with a composition by Pat Matheny, from his 1982 album Offramp. The title of this song is a question I guess I ask you every week, and that is, Are You Going With Me. We good Collin? If so, let it go and push us away from the dock.
The Record Company with Feels So Good. Before the Record Company we heard Sting with Hounds Of Winter from his 1996 album Mercury Falling. And we launch with a cut by Pat Matheny titled, Are You Going With Me.
And that takes us to set two of show 371. First cut up is already playing in the background all we’re gonna do now is turn it up and just let it seep into your souls. The chart you’re listening to is Together by All Good Funk Alliance. Turn it up Collin.
Soul Sugar by the group Afternoons In Stereo. Before Afternoons we heard The Haggis Horn featuring Lucinda Slim on the vocals of On The Edge. Raphael Saadig before that with Stone Rollin’ and All Good Funk Alliance got us started with Together.
And just like that here we are again at set number three. Not going to Whine today about getting here too quickly just gonna play the music. And that music begins with the Subdudes with a sweet cut titled, One Word (Peace).
From the album Joni 75 a tribute to the song writing of Joni Mitchell. That was Norah Jones with a beautiful version of Court & Spark. Before Nora we heard a guitar player that I really like and you can find playing with lots and lots of people including The Fearless Flyers. That was Cory Wong with his composition of Home The alternate take from his 2019 single Home. And we began with the Subdudes with the song One Word (Peace)
Time to dust off the stylus and put the cover down on Friday Music‘s show 371. So until we all meet up here again and warm our hands at the Friday Music fire pit, I’m your host Tim McCormack coming to you from the southern shores of Lake Ontario And as always magnificently produced in San Jose, California by Collin McCormack. So until next time remember please be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
We go out today with a cut recorded in 1960 by Big Joe Turner. It’s on the 2005 album titled Joe Turner Rides Again. This is Switchin’ In The Kitchen. Go ahead Collin, let it roll!
And Peace y’all

November 27, 2020

Friday 370


Well, good morning my friends and welcome back to our weekly gathering of ears for Friday Music. The Mothership is fueled with new and old tunes for you and we are ready to cut loose the mooring lines and set sail on the winds of music with set number one.
We begin today with a woman who became a friend of mine back in the days when I ran a limousine business in Los Angeles and she insisted that I call her grandma, and so I did. From the music of Rogers and Hart this is Ella Fitzgerald with her ever do lush rendition of Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered.
That pretty little ditty was March, April, May sung by Wouter Hamel. Before Wouter was JD McPherson with Fire Bug and the Great Ella Fitzgerald or grandma, began with Bewitcher Bothered & Bewildered.
That my friends moved us to set number two which is kicked into orbit by Alt-J and their cover of Dancing In The Moonlight.
From Morph The Cat that was Donald Fagen with, Its What I Do. Before Donald was an artist that I thought was going to be a much bigger musical presents in the business for years to come but that does not seem not be the case, but I love her anyways. That was Duffy with her cover of Live And Let Die. The Spencer Davis group was before Duffy with a really nice rendition of Georgia On My Mind with Steve Winwood on vocals and the Hammond B3 organ. And Alt-J began the set with Dancing In the Moonlight.
And here we are once again standing on the edge of set number three. So be it. Let’s get to it.
We open with an artist and cut that I really like. This is Jacob Banks and his chart, Dear Simone.
Booty Call by G Love And Special Sauce. Before G Love was a cut by Tower of Power from their 1993 album T O P. We heard Come To A Decision with Tommy Bowes, my favorite Lead singer of the band and fortunately for me a personal friend. Before TOP was Snog Aglegra with Fool For You and we began with Jacob Banks and his heart wrenching rendition of Dear Simone.
Well It’s three o’clock and the dismissal bell is ringing and it’s time for everyone of us to head home until we meet up with each other next week. So until then good God Almighty remember to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. I’m Tim McCormack your host of Friday Music, which is executively produced by Collin McCormack and together we end today by going back to The year 1966. The group is Cream from their album, Fresh Cream with the cut I Feel Free. So until we gather our ears again for show 371, have yourselves a magnificent week and peace y’all! Go ahead on Collin finish it up and file away show 370!

November 20, 2020

Friday 369


How are all my fellow music friends doing as we launch the mothership for show 369. Today’s show was done just after America’s national presidential election and we have a changing of the guard, and I thought I would start the day off with some songs that speak to (at least in some fashion) to the much-needed tender mercies we could all use now.
We begin with one of the most unlikely pairings of singers I could imagine, but the execution of this piece is stunningly beautiful. This is a live performance with Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti.
This is Holy Mother.
The amazing Hezekial Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir with Grateful. Before Grateful was the great Sam Cook’s composition of A Change Is Gonna Come and Eric Clapton along with Luciano Pavarotti gave us their live beautiful rendition of Holy Mother.
Those beautiful moving pieces moves on to a new orbit of music for set number two. As members of Friday Music you have fellow members all over the globe and this morning I am sending out a song to one of our most dedicated listeners of Friday Music. She’s not only a listener and lover of Friday music but she and I have become wonderful personal friends and I learned from her that she has a music fantasy of seeing a certain artist at Madison Square Garden’s in New York City. She told me she doesn’t think she fits the demographics of this artist but she just loves him and in particular the song we are about to play for her is her personal favorite. So we are all sending this piece of music to Salt Lake City Utah to Sierra Madden and the artist she loves? Billy Joel. And song she loves? Vienne. Go ahead on Collin play it for Sierra.
Damn that girl can flat out bring it. That was Lake Street Dive with What Am I Doing. Before Lake Stree Dive was De-Phazz featuring Pat Appleton on Spoiled. And Billy Joel started us out with Vienna for our friend Sierra Madden.
Impulse power will fly us into set number three which opens with a group with one of the better names I’ve ever heard. Rates right up there with Drowning Not Waving. This is Space Jesus and Honeycomb with Sycamore.
That my friends was Kail Baxley with Light That Nevet Dies. Before Kail was The Derek Trucks Band with This Sky. Before Derek was the fabulous Nat King Cole singing Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish’s beautiful Stardust. And we began with Sycamore by Space Jesus and Honeycomb.
Well we up against it for another Friday Music, time to lock it down and remind you, particularly in these perilous times, to be safe, be kind, and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We put the shrink wrap on show 369 with a cut from the Marcus King Band titled This Ol’ Cowboy.
So until we meet up down the line I am your curator and host Tim McCormack and our show is executively produced in San Jose, California by my nephew and friend Collin McCormack. Go ahead Collin pop the cork on our final song of the day and peace y’all!

November 13, 2020

Friday 368


Well here we go again my music friends. Show 368. You may or may not know that I do our weekly shows in advance and this one you're listening to right now was prepared several days after our American Presidential election and we are very close to declaring victory for the presidency. And if it goes the way it appears it’s going by the time you listen to show 368 we will have a new president and it will be time for this country to come together, heal ourselves and find our way out of this dark forest of a pandemic.
And that’s as close to making a political statement for a weekly music show that I am likely to ever do. So let’s launch this mothership and put it into a musical orbit which of course is the reason why we are all here. First step today a young lady by the name of Heidi Newfield with a guest that there is more than a few of us who love. That would be the great Delbert McClinton on a song titled, The Blues Are My Business. Collin, let her rip!
Lord wasn’t that nice? Christian McBride with Earth, Wind and Fire’s 'I’ll Write A Song For You.' Before Christian was Gov’t Mule qith Sarah Surrender. And we dropped into the first orbit of the day with Heidi Newfields The Blues Is My Business with her special guest artist Delbert McClinton. Fine little set of music to start off our day, don’t you think? Good enough reason to move on to set number two. From the year 1977 the song I’ll bet a lot of us haven’t heard in quite some time. Mrs. Jackson Browne with, 'The Pretender.'
It’s almost exactly a year ago to the day that I saw this band live in concert and it was stunningly brilliant and that was still the time when things were normal. That was Turkuaz with Pickin’ Up live.
Before Turkuaz was Jim James with Why Can’t We Live Together. Before Jim was a fine Irish artist, Glenn Hansard with When Your Minds Made Up. And Jackson Browne lead off that set with The Pretender.
It always surprises me how quickly we arrive at set number three of every week‘s Friday Music. Perhaps because it’s so enjoyable to get here. So let us allow that enjoyment to continue and give a listen to an artist I’ve really been enjoying over the last year or so. For me, there’s an interesting complexity to the simplicity of her sound. This is MARO with her haunting composition title Still Feel It All.
Nice to go old school every once in a while. From the 1971 album Sky’s The Limit, The Temptations, with Just My Imagination. Holds up beautifully doesn’t it? Before the Temptations we gave a listen to Kalash with Mwaka Moon. Really rather like that cut. Before Kalash we heard Black Pumas with Colors. And we started that set off with MARO’s Still Feel It All.
Well here we are again, time to say our adios to ya'll until we put our ears together again next week. So remember until then, be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator and on the other edge of the country is our highly capable executive producer, Collin McCormack doing that thing that he does so well. We cross our T’s and dot our I’s for this week show with a Mingo Fishtrap chart titled, Baby Money. So until next time my friends have yourselves a grand week. Peace y’all!
Go ahead on Collin kick the tires on this final cut...

November 6, 2020

Friday 367


Well it’s Friday Music time again and we have stacks of wax to listen to, so let’s untether the mothership and drop her into a musical orbit that begins show 367.
Gonna start with a quiet groove today by Leifur James titled Mumma Don’t Tell. Engage Collin.
From their 2013 album, Second Opinion we heard Doctorfunk with Back In Black. Before the dock we heard Humble Pie from there 2006 release titled the Definitive Collection. We heard Black Coffee. And Leifur James launched is today with Mumma Don’t Tell.
We turn to our second set with a piece that makes my feel good. This is Nils Landgren Funk Unit. We gonna ride the title cut from this release which is 5000 Miles. All I can say is mercy.
From 1974 live, we heard Marvin Gaye’s beautiful Distant Lover. Before brother Marvin we heard Bastien Keb with Shoe Girl. Before Bastien we heard my boys from Germany, Moop Mama with Wildnis. What can I tell you, I like em. Before Moop Mama we kicked off with Nils Landgren’s find composition of 5000 Miles.
In the on deck circle about to move to the plate is set number three of show 367. It begins with a group I haven’t yet played for you. I think you’ll approve. This is Dirty Loops with Hit Me. So Collin, hit me.
Ahh yes, Kenny Vance and The Planotones with their take on For Your Precious Love. Before The Planotones we heard Michael Franks from his 2006 album titled Rendezvous In Rio, with Scatsville. And Dirty Loops began that set with Hit Me.
Well another Friday Music is now in the archives. Hope you enjoyed show 367. I’m Tim McCormack your host and archivist along with our executive producer Collin McCormack and as always we ask you to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We finish today show with a hot take from Tim Akers And The Smoking Section titled Hello. Until the next time we all get our ears together I wish you a bodaciously fine week! Peace y’all!

October 30, 2020

Friday 366


It may or may not be a rainy night in Georgia but it is a rainy day in Upstate New York and it has been raining critters for days, but that will not keep the mothership from launching into its musical orbit and bringing you show 366. We gonna engage the conn with the cool jazz movement from the West Coast and a live album from 1957 by Stan Kenton and his Orchestra including The Four Freshmen and June Christy. This is September Song.
Call My Name by Prince from his 2004 album Musicology and for my money the best album he ever laid down. Before Prince we heard Reduction by Ghost-Note. Before Ghost-Note we heard Cory Wong from his 2018 album The Optimist, we heard Jumbotron Hype Song. And Stan Kenton kicked the mothership away from its moorings with September Song.
This is an artist I love singing a truly beautiful song that never fails to move me. From Cuba, This is Ibrahim Feerer with Perfume De Gardenia.
From 2009, the album Strange Arrangement by Mayer Hawthorne we heard, Just Aint Gonna Work Out. Before Mayer we heard the soulful musings of Bonnie Bramblett from her albums title cut, I’m Still The Same. And Ibrahim Feerer sweetly let that set off with the beautiful Perfume De Gardenia.
We now turn to set number three of show 366 which is a vocal piece based on Samuel Barber’s beautiful adagio for strings. I chose this piece for todays show because of the deepening dark path we’re meandering down called COVID-19. It never wanders far from my thoughts that we, the human collective, have not been able to grieve collectively for the massive lose of so many souls.
This piece by Samuel Barber is in Memoriam to all those lost souls and those who love them. This is Voices8 with Agnus Dei. Go ahead Collin send it out to the universe.
Two legendary artists teaming up together on an album titled The Bosses. That was Big Joe Turner and Count Basie with Honeydipper. Before Honeydipper we heard The Talking Heads and David Byrne from 1980. That’s right 1980! That makes this iconic song 40 years old. Damn! We heard Once In A Lifetime.
And we started with Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei by Voices8, And I feel at peace for including it today.
Well my friends, it’s time to bring the mothership back to port and wrap up show 366.
And although we all grow weary of the extraordinary precautions we must all take in these trouble times to keep ourselves and others out of harms way, please remember to be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We wrap up show 366 with Marcus Miller and Trombone Shorty and their chart titled, 7-T. Until next time I wish you all wellness and have yourselves an outstanding week. Peace y’all! It’s all yours Collin.

October 23, 2020

Friday 365


Well we back Jack. Show 365 of Friday Music coming to you simultaneously from the southern shores of Lake Ontario and San Jose, California as we get ready to untether the mothership with some prime cuts of music and launch this weeks show. Remember if you have a request let us know. Simply go to fridaymusicgroup.comenter the request and it will be sent to me directly and I will work it into our weekly show.
First up today for your listening pleasure is a live rendition of the song by a very interesting artist named Sylvan Esso. This is her composition titled, Coffee.
From 1965 the group Them featuring a very young artist who has had a massive career we heard Dont Look Back featuring Van Morrison on the vocals. Before the prolific Irish singer Van Morrison we heard Delbert McClinton with The Blues As Blues Can Get, from his 1992 album Never Been Rocked Enough. And Sylvan Esso led us off with her live rendition of Coffee. Nice sweet set to start us off, but now we’re gonna switch it up just a little bit. The only thing I can think to call what you’re about to listen to is Metal Funk. Don’t know how else to describe it. From the group Brownout, this is Sweet Leaf. Go ahead on Collin let it rip.
That was The Fabulous Thunderbirds with I Know I’m Losing You. Before the Thunderbirds was an interesting take on the classic chart Motherless Child sung by Avi Cohen from 1970. Before Avi we heard Come In From The Rain by Marc Broussard. When I first heard this cut knowing that it was Marc Broussard I still thought it there was a good chance that it was Stevie Wonder. Did you hear that too? I bet you did. And we launch set number two of show 365 with Brownouts, Sweet Leaf.
And now we’re staring set number three square in the face so without any further ado let’s get to it. First up is an artist who sounds like he’s right out of the early 1970s Motown mold, but he’s not. This is Ryan Shaw from his 2012 album and the title cut Karina.
2016 was the year, the artist Nathan East, featuring Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson on Earth, Wind, and Fire’s, Serpentine Fire. Before Nathan was the fabulous Solomon Burke with Don’t Give Up On Me. Brother Burke was preceded by G. Love And Special Sauce with Can’t Go Back To Jersey and Ryan Shaw led us off with Karina.
Well partners, time to hang up our musical spurs and park the mothership until we can all meet up here again next week. Until then, remember be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
We go out today with a group from New Orleans Louisiana known as The Youngblood Brass Band with their rendition of Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly. So until next week as your host and curator of Friday Music, along with our talented executive producer Collin McCormack in San Jose, California, we wish each and everyone of you a great week. Peace y’all!
Go ahead on Collin don’t leave the folks waitin’

October 16, 2020

Friday 364

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Heidi Heidi ho Friday Music listeners. Time to strap into your seat on the mothership as we launch show 364.
Got some tasty tunes for you today and in the words of James Brown, “don’t start none won’t be none.“
So let’s get started. First up is a sweet composition from the boys out of Denison Texas, from their latest album Immigration, this is Snarky Puppy’s Coven.
Swing away Collin.
From the 1987 album Voices from The Crusaders we heard Soul Shadows Featuring Bill Weathers on vocals.
Before the Crusaders We heard the a cappella group, The Real Group with their cover of The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever and we launch the mothership with Snarky Puppy’s Coven.
Kicking off set number two is St. Vincent from her 2017 album Massuduction this is Los Angeles.

From 1970 and their very first album we heard the Manhattan Transfer’s That Cat Is High.
Before the transfer we heard Dennis Coffey’s Moon Star.
That’s coffee like the drink but spell different.
From her album Medusa was the fabulous Annie Lennox with Train In Vain (Stand By Me) and we kicked off with St. Vincent’s Los Angeles.
The musical roulette wheel has spun us into set number three of this weeks show of Friday Music.
From his 2007 Lady’s Bridge album this is Richard Hawley’s Serious.

That was the Grayboy Allstars from What Happened To Television we heard their cover of How Glad I Am.
From Tajmo we heard the legendary Taj Mahal along with a singer whose voice I just love, Kebmo and we heard Don’t Leave Me Here and we popped the seal on that set with Richard Hawley’s Serious.

Time to dock and lock it down for the week but we sure are glad you joined us for show 364 of Friday Music.
I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator here in Upstate New York and the show is executively produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose, California.
Remember be safe, be kind and may all your Fridays be filled with music.
We send you off today to do whatever it is you’re gonna do with a cut from 2017’s Live From The Fox, Oakland.
This is the Tedeschi Trucks Band with I Pity The Fool.

So until we hook up again a week from now I’m gonna let Collin do what he does so well and wish you an excellent and safe week.
Peace y’all!

October 9, 2020

Friday 363


That’s right my music mavens, it’s Friday Music time once again. We here in the northeast have taken our first steps into the most magical time of year. The hills & valleys in upstate New York are ablaze with color as we are knee deep in Autumns' yearly explosion of color and along with that autumnal beauty I have some choice select cuts for your edification to begin show 363 of Friday Music! Time to launch the musical mothership and get this party started.
I am stoked to start today's show off with this cut. It’s from a live concert from the Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Center, Jazz Ensemble, featuring Eric Clapton on guitar. On another cut from this concert Eric speaks to how excited and humbly frighten he is to be sitting in, but the boy absolutely holds his own with these magnificent musicians. This is Joe Turner’s Blues. Come on Now Collin smother our listeners with this sweetness,
X Ray Ted with Mirror Ballin’.
Before X Ray Ted, from 1971 was The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions with a couple of pretty ok players helping him out on Little Red Rooster. The second appearance of Eric Clapton along with Steve Winwood, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Hubert Sumlin.
And Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Ensemble along with Eric Clapton kicked us off and put us into orbit with Joe Turner Blues.
There is an absolute boatload of fans waiting for this artist to finally release some more music and yet we wait anticipating her amazing voice. Well I was able to find her voice on a Robert Glasper cut so I’m gonna share that with you right now. This is Robert Glasper along with the fine vocal stylings of Yebba, on Fuck Yo Feelings.
From 1992 that was Bella Fleck and the Flecktones with Sex In A Pan. Before Bella, we gave a listen to Daniel Radcliffe and the Night Sweats on Say It Louder. Before Daniel was brand spanking new music fresh out of the box by the group Lettus with a cut entitled Ziggowatt. And Robert Glasper and Yebba kicked off that set with Fuck Yo Feelings.
And bingo bango bango bongo we are at set number three of show 363. Now, I’ve been a fan of this man voice for years and it’s nice to know he still around throwing down musically from his 2014 album entitled Hoodoo, this is Tony Joe White with Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now.
The year was 2002, the artist was Chuck Prophet and the cut Summertime Thing. Before Chuck we heard an album that goes back to the early 70's by Lonnie Mack and his chart Bicycle Anne. And Tony Joe White was in the lead off Spot with Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now.
Well it’s time to park the mothership and take a musical siesta until we meet up here again next week. I’m Tim McCormack your host and curator and as always brilliantly produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose, California. So remember, be safe, be kind and let all your Fridays be filled with music. We close out this weeks' show with a little thing titled Pockets Malone by The Floozies. Until next time, I hope we put a little bounce in your boogie and we hope you have a brilliant week! Peace y’all! All right Collin drop a dime on em,

October 2, 2020

Friday 362


Well hot Diggity damn, here we all are again for Friday Music. The mothership is rigged for launch and it’s time for us to give a listen to the latest edition of Friday Music. This is show 362 and always remember if there’s something else you want to hear go to the website which is and low and behold a bountiful of musical morsels awaits you.
That said let’s take the mothership out of dry dock and get ourselves up to speed and give a listen to set number 1 of this weeks show. From the 2005 album, Some More Horizons, this is Mo’ Horizons with Ai mi moreno.
2015 is the date on that disc by The Marcus King Band from their album Soul Insight with Dyin’. Before brother Marcus we heard the The collaboration of Grayboy & Jeremy Ellis on their chart Color In Between The Lines. And Mo’ Horizons launched us with Ai mi moreno. And that moves us to set number 2 of this weeks show. From 1974. From Roy Buchanan’s In The Beginning let us glide on into his soft & soulfully sweet cut Wayfaring Pilgrim.
A magnificent man and artist sadly gone far too soon. Charles Bradley’s mournful voice on Let Love Stand A Chance. Before Charles was The Neville Brothers from their fine disc Yellow Moon, we heard Voodoo. Before the Brothers was a sweet cut sung even sweeter by Madeleine Peyroux on River Of Tears. And that orbit was begun by Roy Buchanan on Wayfaring Pilgrim.
Well here we are already cruising on into set number 3. And we’re goin’ back to 1992 for this one. From The Barenaked Ladies album Gordon, this is Brian Wilson. That was PJ Harvey from the album Is This Desire with The Wind. Before PK we heard The Staunton Lick by Lemon Jelly. Yep Lemon Jelly. And we begin that orbit of a three song set with the Barenaked Ladies, Brian Wilson. So that’s it, there is no more, time to close up shop and re-dock the mothership and remind you that todays show was executively produced by Collin McCormack in San Jose California and I’m your host and curator Tim McCormack on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. We remind you, as we remind you every week to be safe, be kind, and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We finish up today with a cut from an album titled The Godfather laid down by the hugely talented in both stature and style, playing his Hammond B3 organ and finishing up today show is Joey DeFrancisco with a cut titled Whack Em.
So until we meet up again next week have yourselves a positive and productive week. Peace y’all! Lay it on down Collin!

September 25, 2020

Friday 361


All right, all right, all right. The swinging of the sun has again brought us around to the right time and right day for show 361 of Friday music. How are y’all doing? I hope your personal reality is filled with some sort of happiness and comfort as we navigate our way through the waters of A global pandemic. I just hope bringing you music once a week lightens the load and gives us all a short respite from a jacked up time. We’re gonna launch the mothership today with a group that I truly do like and a song in particular that just always makes me feel good when I hear it. From the 2014 album, They Want My Soul, this is Spoon with Inside Out. What do you think Collin? Time to cut loose the bow and stern lines on the mothership and launch set number one. Go ahead on.
Hardest working man in show business, James Brown. From the year 1974, from the album Hell, we heard Coldblooded. Before brother Brown we heard the New York Voices rendition of Billy Fain’s 1938 composition of I’ll Be Seeing You and the mothership left port opening up with Spoon’s Inside Out. The album is Shake The Spirit, the artist is Elle King and the cut is Good Thing Gone.
From the album Rich Man We heard Doyle Bramhall II with Mama Can’t Help You. Smoove Joined in with Brenda Boykin on her chart of Hard Swingin’ Travelin’ Man. From 1966 Irma Thomas from Take A Look we heard Anyone Who Knows Love Will Understand. And we began that set with Elle King,’s Good Thing Gone. Well here we are once again at set number 3 of show 361 of Friday Music. So why dillydally. Let’s give it a listen to a group I haven’t played in a while. Bon Iver from their 2016 album 22 A Million. this is 8 (circle).
From 2000 the title cut of Donna the Buffalo’s album, Positive Friction. Before Dianna we heard a group which is one of the last groups I’ve seen live as the opening act to Turkuaz and what me and my friends quickly realized is that this is not an opening group for anyone and then the pandemic hit and well they aint opening for anybody are they? That was Wild Adriatic with Same As It Ever Was. And leading off was Bon Iver with 8 (circle). I don’t know where the big hand is, and I don’t know if the little hand is wherever you’re listening to Friday music but I do know its Time to go. So as always, be safe, be kind, and may all your Fridays be filled with music. We cross our T’s and dot our I’s today with a live performance from a concert in Austin Texas performed by the group the Mavericks, with Raul Malo on lead vocals And Flaco Jimenez on the squeezebox. This is All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. So until next time I hope you have a safe and secure week. Peace y’all! Hit it Collin!